Sunday, March 26, 2006

Researching In Thoughts Of What I Am Looking For AND?!!

Researching In Thoughts Of What I Am Looking For and Credibility getting there ~ has of late BLOWN my mind.

I spend a great deal of my valuable time and effort on research, whatever the subject may be that I am interested on or about, and I click all the links thinking I will find something valuable in regards to what I am researching, (I am a sucker for this, and for good reason, as I never know what the next link might bring to me, and hope to learn something new by the click of my mouse). But, as of late, I am a little disturbed and frustrated, as many of the links I have clicked in my excitement of search, have nothing to do with the subject at hand at my first glance upon my click of the mouse, and I do not have the time to explore the site given in the link, (to question if I am lost, or what gives) as there are other places to visit on my journey, with other hopeful clicks to explore.

In other words, a word to the wise (or unwise), if you are trying to make or express a point, and use links to describe or express certain things on your blog, or your site (whatever the case may be), per your links that computer users click, on your examples of links given, it might be a good idea to give some explained history, or adequate information before you give a link where the viewer has to search for the plot and story in place, especially if they are looking for the information via your words, which leads to your credibility.

I guess right now I am just a little perturbed with this, as I do a great deal of research on the Internet so available to me, and when I click a link, I want it to tell me something, or lead me to think and learn more, and become excited on pressing another link to expand further on what I am looking or searching for. I get so frustrated at links that do not lead me anywhere, and waste my time on trying to figure out "WHERE THE HECK AM I. AND WHY DID THIS LINK APPEAR, AND WHERE IS IT SUPPOSED TO TAKE ME NOW?" Thank goodness I know how to use the BACK BUTTON!

Considering other things in relationship to this, if you are going to write on something and try to prove your point, please take the time to give adequate links (and refrain from giving duplicate and redundant links) in efforts that lead your viewers on a lost journey in following your story, and while at it, make sure since you DID spend a great deal of time in providing these links, that you check the links yourself to make sure they follow through with what you are trying to say, and make sure they upload right and with no problems for viewers. Try and make sure the folks that follow these links can find your reasons of why you placed your links with care.

So, in closing, and this is just my personal opinion, it is a good idea to give only a few well researched and valuable links to get your point across (especially if chosen well in what you are trying to get across), as to many links requires to much reading in one spot, and even the good readers have a problem of picking and choosing which one to click next, especially if the links go nowhere on readers, viewers journey.

Just some thoughts on my night research and thoughts, and once again, my considerations for who wants to hear them.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Keeping Children Safe Via Internet Blogs

Recently I have read a great deal of blogs and articles concerning the dangers with children and teenagers, who are now becoming more and more of the vast majority of Internet bloggers, and their safety being at risk. And to a degree, I agree with this, especially the fact that we must protect our children until they reach legal adulthood of age to make their own decisions.

Bloggers and blogging has become very popular in the past few years, and it is a great way to release what we think about, write about, and give our views, thoughts and ideas on and about. Teenagers are not really that different from us, as they do have their own thoughts developed from their unique personalities, and within their personal blogs, they have found away to express a great deal of this.

MySpace, a very popular expanding and constantly growing blog spot, has been "under the gun" a great deal as of late in relationship to statements that they are exposing teenagers to pedophiles and predators, leading to problems with trolling and cyberstalking the underage youth group. So with my interest peeked on this, I had to know more and when I researched MySpace and all it had to offer on setting up a blog, (easy to do, easy to navigate, options available) I was not surprised why the younger group choose this particular blog site. And because it is such a popular blog spot, this age group (and keep in mind, adults as well) are navigated to this site, explains why, if you do the math, it is so successful, well known and productive now. Anytime something grows to be so expansive and large, there is going to exist an alarm of problems, yet we need to keep in mind that there are other real problems on many other blog spots, located in many chat rooms, forums, etc., but they are not "under the gun", in a matter of speaking, as they are not as large, or well known as MySpace.

Take this into consideration that the majority of the Internet public does not even know that Yahoo has an online auction, and it is free to list and sell, and if you google it concerning problems, you will find very little on the subject. Now, compare that to eBay, which is now a household word, and if you google it for problems, thousands of sites will appear. Why? Because they are well known and HUGE! That is the price you pay when you grow out of your britches while you count your millions.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand concerning children and teenagers on the Internet. This is not a new problem, but one that thankfully in the past few years, has finally been recognized, explored and addressed to a much larger degree. In reality though, this has been a problem since the Internet became the superhighway, and the younger underage crowd were found in many chat rooms and forums and inappropriate web sites.

Parents I believe, have a great responsibility in protecting their children concerning the Internet if they are going to let their children be available to the computer for long hours. I mean, get real, you would not leave a loaded gun lying around the house would you? If a gun is in the house, it is locked away or hidden or no bullets available due to dangers, yet at the same time, parents still let their older children have bb or pellet guns, and sometimes rifles for the sport of hunting. The point I am trying to express is that as parents and responsible adults, we must take responsibility on any and all dangers concerning our underage children. If you have concerns about them, snoop to see what is going on in their life, if that is what it takes. (yet be ready, if and when you do snoop, as you might find things about you and what they reflect and think on and about parents, both good and bad.) Talk with them on the dangers of the Internet, and point out real things that have happened and can happen to bring your point across. Check their computer time to where they have navigated, and the time they spend at certain places. Keep the computer in a safe room, and allow only certain times and reasons to be on the computer if you are concerned or feel there is a need. Try and get them involved in outside activities or give them a good book to read. Promote and expand their interest with your involvement and enthusiasm, and instill discussions on and about things concerning the Internet. But, do let them blog, yet try to set rules concerning blogging, and explain why giving personal information in blogging is a "no no" and is a safety concern for many reasons. Better yet, if they show an interest on setting up a blog, go over the policies that the blog site in question has implemented, and make sure both of you understand the rules and regulations, policies and guidelines.

For example,
MySpace has gone to great lengths from all I have researched and read to point out that the age limit to become a member of their blog, is 14 years of age. They also have safety tips here and here and other excellent links connected to them concerning safety at Netsmartz and Safeteens to protect your children. It appears to me that MySpace realizes there is a problem, and have gone to great lengths to address the problem.

In closing, my whole point is that we, as parents and adults need to play a vital and important role in making sure our children are safe. It is so easy to blame MySpace for problems that have been happening concerning the younger crowd, and as far as I am concerned, not a fair assessment. MySpace became a large community because much time and effort, good business decisions and much more was involved into what it has become today. Also, with a site this large, they cannot (and should not be expected) to police all the blogs. And unfortunately, many of the young bloggers are also to blame for the problem, by posting certain pictures (for example, their boobs hanging out, or mooning their butt), and saying inappropriate things. By doing so, they are seeking a certain type attention, (that needs to be addressed) and this does and should cause red flags and alarm. Yet, we should keep in mind that the majority of the younger bloggers display common sense, and use MySpace only as an outlet to meet new friends and share ideas and thoughts and become part of a group, as well as many other reasons. So, if blame is going to be placed on this particular subject at hand, lets make sure we have all the information before placing blame. This last link is also a very informative read
Wikipedia Concerning MySpace .


Friday, March 24, 2006

Writing And Research Resources & Guides

The other day I got an email from a Mr. Paul Bocij, in response to an email that I had sent him on advise on the book I am working on concerning Cyberstalking, and other matters. He has written several books, as well as papers that deal with this subject, and as far as I am concerned, he is pretty much an authority on this, and he was kind enough to give me some excellent advice and pointers. (You can visit one of his sites here, and an example of some of his many papers Victims of cyberstalking: An exploratory study of harassment perpetrated via the Internet by Paul Bocij

Also, he gave me two important sites to visit that I was not familiar with, and I wanted to share these, since the majority of my readers are writers and I thought this might be valuable for you also. Especially if you have to do a lot of research.

Biblioscape appears to be an excellent program for researchers, writers, students, and much more. While the program does cost, it looks like something I might be interested in at one point. And I could not help but notice the other programs on the sidebar that look also to be very valuable programs, especially for serious writers, and I do intend to look closer at these.

Copernic Agent, also seems to be a great program that deals with writing and research, and it has 3 different programs to offer. One being a free download (which I now have) and 2 other that are premium download programs.

For the last 2 years I have used Journal 3, which has been and continues to be a valuable tool for me. I would be lost without it, and before I ever put anything on the Internet, it goes into the Journal first. I did a more in depth review on this at Wild Mind here. (You need to scroll down the comments to my second comment to get my full review on it.)

Anyway, I wanted to share these resources to my readers, as it might be something you are looking for, fits your style, or might be up for your consideration.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Butterfly Wings Of Love And Comfort

Today, I rushed through my day as fast as I could, making sure I took care of all the things that was on my "to do list", as I could hardly wait to get to the end of last TO DO. Yesterday, was in close relationship to Christmas Eve to me, as I got to open a wonderful gift of my new blog template that Indigo Black made especially for me. (When I was very young, my sister and brothers and I were allowed to open one present the night before Christmas before we went to bed, and when I finally drifted off to sleep as an innocent child, my excitement, and then dreams were of the opportunity of playing with the gift the next day.) And, so today, while I did all the necessary things I had to do, I thought the entire time "When I am done, I can play with my new present." Just like Christmas. Oh, Boy!!

The thing about blogs, is that you do not want to bombard them with so many things in one day, (which is not an easy task, I have discovered since the addiction of blogging has hit me), so, I finally decided to write on the subject at hand, my new template blog concerning butterflies, as there is a history at hand with me concerning this. And I thought I would share it.

My mother collected anything to do with butterflies, and after she died, I continued her hobby. And it turned out for me to be so rewarding, uplifting, and in its own right, very inspirational. Butterflies come is so many different sizes and with so many beautiful colors, and as this blog will show, also different personalities. While my mother was alive, we spent a great deal of time together going through books, watching programs and any information we could find concerning butterflies. (we did this also with hummingbirds, but that is another story.) It was totally amazing and an education I will never forget. Butterflies, with all their colors, and each one totally different, like a finger print, speaks to my soul. Their colors can be bright, dark, or pastel, and the way they just seem to float, sometimes on still air, somehow just brings a wonderful good feeling of comfort. It is no wonder why so many artist and poets incorporate butterflies into their sentimental emotions of their work to get their point of view across to the public.

So, with that said, I am dedicating my blog today on butterflies, and will share thoughts I have written on butterflies, and many of these concern remembrance of my mother. I know, another long blog, but it just feels right to do this today, and I hope readers enjoy it. The poems or stories, right now might not be in a particular order, but I wanted to at least get them down while I had the thoughts and the opportunity to do so. I also hope to show certain pictures taken of my butterfly collection, in hopes that it adds to the poems and stories. (Not sure how to do this, and I might have to scream HELP to Indigo Black for assistance, so keep checking back on this blog.)


Being A Butterfly~Missing You Mom

I really never thought I would write this story, (yet, I wanted to so much) and found the strength to do so, for some reason, who knows why. It seems so outrageous to do so. Who would, or could believe that I still think you might come back this way, as a butterfly, or is it just my way of remembering you? Was it just because I knew you loved the butterflies so much. Or was it really you?

Was it you playing with my grand boys, teasing them while they recognized the beauty of the colors of your wings? Or was it just a butterfly that did not care, and perched so they could touch you, with no fear, or was it you? I have never seen a butterfly that stood so still while the entire clan of family could caress the beautiful colored wings of black and gold and blue, and the butterfly did not move. What a brave butterfly, so unafraid of the human touch. Was it you?

It really does not matter, the thought was there. The things you represented, the care and love shared. From you, no longer here, but near. At least my mind goes there. Maybe I need to go there, with you, wherever you are. It was probably just a brave butterfly, sharing nature and love. And while it did, I was thinking of you. It was so much like you. Do you know we miss you and love you, and always will?

My butterfly Mom, whom you always said you would be, if you came back to this life to see. I see you better now than ever before. The beauty of the butterfly wings, the delicate of flights, and colors on flowers that bring us joy. So many stories you tell, with your Butterfly Wings of Love.
August 27, 2005


Butterfly Window
By Katie Fairchild

Butterfly window
It is you each day that I will see
And will make a point to do so.
Your colors bring smiles and glory and thoughts
And things to my heart.

I need to see you each day
As sometimes my smiles are astray, and I need your colors
To remind me, to smile, love and understand.
Only a few dollars brought you here
And smiles on seeing you
Is worth so much more.

Jim, my heart, my string, my everything
Placed you in my heart so well
Glued you to make your colors glow,
With books and days to make you grow
And placed you on the window
With the sun shining through,
So that I would not forget.

And there you are, so inviting
Colors so thrilling, so loving.
Something I so needed, and so many others do to.
My butterfly window. So special and
New to me, yet old to remind me.
Reminding me to never forget and
To remind myself
Of beauty of red roses I used to know, in childhood.

(This poem was written as my husband found a beautiful stained glass butterfly, and placed it in a frame, and placed it inside a window where the sun always bright and hit it in a certain way. And each morning, this is pretty much the first thing I see.)


The Butterfly Box

Cacoon to butterfly
And then amazing colors~
The butterfly!

Colors of mood, expression, depressions
Colors of what we know in life~
Colors of just so much~Butterfly~Colors

My butterflies are in a box
My collection~My inspiration~My Life
My world of colors.

Wings on a soul, wings reaching
Wings of colors and expressing
Wings in a box releasing.

Katie Fairchild
April 24, 2005

I Saved Your Things

I saved your Things~
All letters written to you,
From Us~
Your Five Children
You loved so much.

I saved your Things
Your words
Your works,
You will go down in
History Vision!
At least in my eyes.

I saved your Things
Even your butterflies!
And your hummingbirds!
I did save your things,
Your words
That teach us wise.

I saved your things,
And while I did, I saved mine.
Thank you for teaching me this.
I love you Mom!
Katie Fairchild
Jan. 2005

Butterflies and Hummingbirds
Mothers Day 2005~

Mothers Day, and I still look for gifts for you, knowing you will never see them!
I guess me seeing them and buying them for myself brings me some comfort.
Childhood, emotions and even adulthood reaches one at some way in my mind.
I guess scattering you among butterflies was not enough for me. Yet, hoped it would be and I am sure later it will be, just not right now.

I miss you so much, and my heart seems to break on Mother's Day, as you are not here with me but except only in memories. They say time will wound loss of parents, but it does not with me, not yet.
Especially with you.
All my life I wanted a special relationship with you, and for a brief while,
I had it. And you did too. We both got our wish, which makes it so hard for me,
As I miss you so much, and wanted so much more time with you. And then you were gone.

I want my tears to stop falling on days that remind me of you. Birthdays, Holidays
And especially Mothers Day. And yet, while I beg the tears to stop, I know they are
Important to keep in tack with emotions. As they are tears that remind me of you and
Your love as a wonderful mother. I love you Mom and you are missed, and I am in touch.
In touch of all you said, and what you gave in your life time, and expressed or tried to, to so many.
Your dream of your words and wisdom are read, as you hoped, and are loved while these strangers read.
You said so much and reached so many, and all that read your works and words,
Know you spoke of truth and love and reached so many, just as you hoped. And realize your importance!
I love you Mom and on a day to day basis forever, and will think of you each day~
I know that years and tears concerning you and even after your death, that
I will never stop loving or missing you. And each and every year, while you are gone
This will remain the same, as I will always think of you.
So, this is written to you and for you, regarding my love for you.
You gave so much to so many in your words, and
No wonder I think of you of Mothers Day
As you were and will remain a wonderful mother. And you are loved and missed
Always and Forever.
Not So Shy~The Butterfly

OK, a butterfly, and not even shy, and it came to me and my husband on a camping trip. Really weird, not to mention Silas our dog, that was grateful to eat anything besides dog food, especially if it moved, and he could chase it. But this particular Butterfly, with his or her velvet colored wings, or colors of yellow and gold to motif the shiny black wings, made a really big point, and memory on our camping, fishing adventure. And Silas, strangely, refused to harm or touch it, but stared in amazement at the creature!

No other butterflies swarming around our camp site, even approached us, and would fly away the moment we dared to get close to them to get a better view.
But, NOT SO SHY THIS BUTTERFLY! She or he was totally unafraid of us. We all were in total amazement. In disbelief, I wondered why or how dare such a delicate creature come near our camping area. And with a dog to boot? A dog that ran around trying to catch tiny black flies with his teeth for fun, or due to boredom. To me this Butterfly encountered many thoughts and fond memories with me. I always believed my mom might actually come back as BUTTERFLY. Did she? Just something to think about.

We did not have a camera in hand when the NOT SO SHY THE BUTTERFLY made the appearance, but, the picture above was taken on our camping trip, with Silas in his glory of jumping into a bucket where we kept the fish we caught, and if you look close enough, you will see he has a fish in his mouth. Yet, he stood in total awe and amazement with the butterfly.
Flutterby by Heidi Siegrist
(The picture and poem below was written by my niece Heidi, who will be 15 next month. One of my very favorite pieces, as she explained her feelings so well. I just love it!)

I drew you a butterfly.
I know you liked those.
I’ve seen them on your table
Swimming in a sea Of red velvet.
I guess people are like butterflies.
They land somewhere
And you love them, and watch them
On their perch.
Then they fly away
And you Can’t figure out
Where they’ve gone.
And the colors around you
Can’t compare.
People are like butterflies.
They stay awhileThen flutter by.

Heidi Siegrist
Aug. 31, 2003
Tribute to Mommadee

Well, can you believe it? I am near to the end of my blog for tonight. Before I end it, I did want to give a short history of my mother, since I wrote so much about it here tonight. She was a professional English, Writing and Literature Professor at a small college, and in a small town in Alabama. If you would like to read any of her poems or works, there is a link on the side bar of Addie Williams. Good night folks!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Blog Look~Thank You So Much INDIGO BLACK

I am so excited that I am beside myself!! Indigo Black said she would do a blog template for me, and she did such a wonderful job. It is just so exciting. I discussed all my ideas, my colors that fit me, and how I love butterflies and would like to have them in the blog. This afternoon when I went to check my blog, I just about fell over, as it was so great to see. So refreshing and up beat. Then she spent 3 hours with me tweaking it for me as we went back and forth in emails. She added all my links, changed some colors, and I think it is perfect.

Indigo Black, thank you so very much for this. I know I have told you this several times, but I wanted others to know that this means just so much to me.

Readers, Indigo Black has a link on my sidebar. Please make sure you check it out. It is a journey you will enjoy.

Below is a draft she left on my blog for me to read, and have decided to keep it in the blog.

Again, thank you so much for such a wonderful and profession looking blog. Katie

Hello Miss Katie.

I have installed your wonderful template. I may need to do some tweaking with it. The post box stretches for some odd reason in Internet Explorer when links are too big for the box. So I have to go back and do some reserch on it to figure out how to fix it.

Meanwhile, please send me the links you wish to add to your sidebar and where they should go. I even added a space for you to add a poem or favorite quote. Just let me know and I shall add them. I went ahead and activated your rss feed and put it on the sidebar so people can subscribe to it.

Just let me know what other lovely things you would like and I shall do my best.

Hugs and positive thoughts~Indigo

Research On Cyberstalking, Flame Wars & Internet Trolls

With my cup of coffee next to me, and my fingers placed on the keyboard, I once again start my research on this subject. Good Grief, there is so much on this subject, it is almost choking me. Thousands upon thousands of links appear, and there is just so much to read, and thank goodness that one is able to save as many links as they want into favorites, and now my list is so long.

This morning, I did find this link, and it is very interesting, and I think will help me a great deal with my research as I continue to build my outline for my book. I wanted to share this link so that others, interested or facing the problems, can get more information on this horrible situation of CYBERSTALKING, FLAME WARS & INTERNET TROLLS. It has several links, and I have not even read it all, but this entire site is very informative.


The Business & Psychology of Cyberstalking

Sunday, March 19, 2006

ROSE DESROCHERS~Lets All Be Upfont and Honest

From the time I wrote my first blog, I was told that I had a right to mention names in my blogs, and this came not just from professional bloggers, but also Attorneys. I was still very concerned at what I wrote and said, making sure it was safe in my head, and not only that, but since I had touched on such a sensitive subject, I had untold computer problems, which I immediately took caution to. And, up until this point, I never really wanted to mention names, but in all fairness, I really have no choice now in the long run, as all readers should have the choice to view and make personal opinions. Also, concerning the Internet, all links can be published if Googled, and I have this right, and so does Rose. And I welcome any Googled links.

Concerning ROSE DESROCHERS~A letter, so to speak!

I felt that I really needed to write this blog concerning you, even though it might be upseting, since you are using so much of what I have to say in your blog, but call my blog an unmentionable.

In all fairness, and to give readers the right to decide, make opinions, research, and understand all points of view, sometimes names have to be mentioned. You have actually stated in your own blog that you were the star of a blog (mine), and I think readers need to know why you said this. As well as give them the option to read the blog that made you a star (as you so put it). And your opinions concerning this, as well as all readers that fall onto this blog.

I have commented on some of your blogs in a very respectful way, so that the readers can understand or respond, and you chose not to let the comment go through ( or even email me of why), yet mention constant on my blogs (no links to give your readers understanding of why) on your personal blog, one way or another. So far, any comments on my blog has gone through, as they were all respectful, (yet many blunt), as I requested the comments to be, and I give all parties the right to comment. This includes you. And if I did not allow a comment to go throught (which never happened), I would have sent them an email of why it did not go through, as I did promise this.

I have been very careful of what I do and with much research and advise from lawyers to friends and family. I have been told that if what I feel is safe and true to my knowledge, I am in my right to give names, just like the news. And I am giving yours, and you are more than welcome to give mine.

While things I have written on this blog, I have also found out that I am allowed to give links, and I am giving yours so that my readers have both sides of the story on anything I write or you write. You are more than welcome to do the same.
See Link below!
The two links below were written to give respectful stories of a true drama, and how things can and will continue to happen on the Internet. Sadly, in relationship to this blog.
As Rose Points out, and so do I, let the readers decide to make their decisions, and all research is needed to do so.
(PLEASE NOTE: these particular posts recorded by ICQ is taking some time to verify with my research, lawyers, and publishers interested. ICQ members have been able to post things that were not of and from the original poster (member) at times, and posts made by ICQ that SHAWN was a Cop or Police Officer, as stated in several post, and that Rose was in the hospital due to stress in relationship of how the ICQ board treated her, in now being looked into, to make sure these are true statements, to see if these were actual post by the Desrochers, and not someone else, using the intent to defraud their true posting.)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

COPYCAT~COPYCAT! What Is All This Fuss About?

For all that know me, I comment on things I read, especially if I know the bloggers, and what they say, uh, back and forth, which also includes me to a degree. And when I do this, I go straight to research to see other details of what is and what gives.

Personally, on this subject, copycat is no big deal, unless you are stealing works, patents, etc. The world is made up of copycats, and helps make us grow and develop. It is common sense to look at what others do, and if they are successful, and how it can be change it to make it more productive for you. GOOD GRIEF, the Internet is full of FREE programs so that you can copy and expand on. There is a reason behind this, called "good business" to help get their name out. The better the copycat, the better their business will be in the long run, as they think (and wise they do) that what "comes around, goes around" and will touch a dust to them.

I have read on blogs that I am familiar with where "Copycating" became insults of who did it first, "How dare you", and I question "WHO CARES?"

I have been of recent one that has been copycated many times. I wrote a poem of KISS (Kiss It Simple Stupid) and the next thing I found out, was the one I wrote it about, they used it in an a article. No big deal (yet there was some misleading, as if they had heard it all their life, yet now decided to write on it), but, if it made them think, go for it. Catch that brass ring on the old Merry Go Round. Since I started my blog, other blogs are made in relationship to my words or TITLE of it? Yours also, probably. No biggie!

Copycat starts from childhood and evolves in adulthood. The quote of "MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO" was not just for monkeys. And don't we try and have our children copycat our behavior? (I agree, sometimes this is not a good thing, and should worry about that.) You like a certain brand of clothing, and all your friends have it, so you buy, for the reason why? You like the way your friends house looks and where the furniture is in place, so you try that. Shame on you COPYCAT!!

Well, I want to say so much, and I catch myself on this. So, to just point out the long run of this, FORD was the first car. Now, how many more auto makes and models do we now have? Copycat, copycat, and with this, FORD was the ORIGINAL, and business was bought and sold and delivered on other makes and models, and could care less. (Except for the millions, zillions they made over time!) GET MY POINT?

Silly? Think about that the next time YOU might copycat an idea!

Life, Reasons, Why?~KARMA & So Much More

Lately, my life has been in turmoil with so much, things that need to get done, things I should have done, things of goals to get done. All those DANG things. It breaks my mind at times, as while I want to do them all and wish I was "Bewitched" to just wrinkle my nose, but my concentration delivers me to one thing, and takes my entire day up with the thoughts on it, and so, maybe once I write it down and share it, I might be able to concentrate on those OTHER THINGS.

I have been thinking a lot about my blog of TROLLS, FLAME WARS & CYBERSTALKERS , while I still feel it is so important to point out how horrible this can be, it has actually brought me to a new level of how and what life brings to me, as the story, in its own way, delivered so much to me in sweetness. Due to this story and while I was a character and others were also, I met, or have eventually met, so many wonderful people, which have become great friends of mine. This alone, serves a great of importance in my life. And the reason why I pretty much wrote this blog.

I certainly do not have a monopoly on the thought that life has it reasons, and the why & wherefore it comes our way. I have had this discussion with many people, especially of late, and have read it in many personal blogs of those I know ( and many I don't know).

Here I go again with my long drawn out thoughts. Those that know me, realize I DO NOT know how to be brief. But, as brief as I can put it, I think that life so many times sets before us many obstacles, boulders, blocks in our way that hurt us so much, and we question of "why me" and while we do not realize it at the time, there was a reason. If that problem was not there before, or if we had not questioned why, then the results of the outcome would not be clear. Well, it just seems that way to me many times.

I feel that life, in so many ways, has a purpose and reason, even if we do not understand it at the time. I believe in Karma in many ways and levels. And have recently found close relationships with Internet friends, which prompts me to remember other reasons dealing with history of my life, which is why my belief goes on with this. Call it Karma, call it luck, call it life. Whatever it is, it is inspirational to me. My life has so many examples of horrible things at one point in my life, that turned out in the future of wonderful and needed.

Life? Karma or Luck?

How do I explain the horrible things
That faced me, when I was not ready,
And left me on bad dreams of disturbed shores
Not sure if I would wake up to reality.

But I did wake up and faced the next day
And I was scared to open my eyes,
Afraid of the surprise,
Afraid of life in general, and how to deal.

As it turned out, in those old days
Of reasons that were reached in future days,
And that life invites the bad to get to the good,
Life? Karma? Luck?
Life's deal of the hand.

March 18, 2006
Oh, almost forgot, that I wanted to point out this link on KARMA!

You Have Good Karma

In general, you like to do the right thing when it comes to others.

Your caring personality really shines through.

Sure, you have your moments of weakness - and occasionally act out.

But, all in all, you're karma is good... even with those few dark spots.

Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patrick Day History And Trivia

Today is St. Patrick's day, you know the luck of the Irish, the four leaf clover and all that jazz. And I am still looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and I thought I saw a leprechaun once. But, he was quick, and ran away, probably to the end of the rainbow to retrieve his gold.

Since it is St. Patrick's day, I thought a short history of the holiday was in order, and how leprechauns, luck, and such came into the picture. History is so fascinating on how it evolves from one thing to something else.

St. Patrick was born in Britain, near the end of the fourth century of wealthy parents. His birth given name was Maewyn Succat. At the age of 16, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland, and while in slavery, he became extremely religious, yet, after six years of slavery, he did manage to escape to France, and became a priest (later a bishop) and changed his name to Patrick.

St. Patrick as a Priest and Missionary set a goal of converting the people of Ireland to Christianity. He is noted for establishing the Catholic Church throughout the Emerald Isle, traveling throughout the country and preached and taught Christianity, and opened schools and monasteries. Some believe that he convinced many of the Irish to convert to Christianity by using a three-leafed clover or Shamrock as a symbol for the Trinity (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), yet this has not been proven. Many also believe that if a Shamrock is found with four clovers, that it represents "God's" Grace" and considered a rarity, or omen for good luck. According to legend, the leaves of a four-leaf clover represent hope faith, love, and luck.

Folklore stories say St. Patrick beat on a drum and drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Snakes and serpents are a pagan symbol representing evil and it is thought that St. Patrick was responsible for driving paganism out of Ireland. Some Irish people swear that there in not a snake in Ireland. St. Patrick died on March 17, 461 A.D, which is the day we celebrate St. Patrick's day.

Green was not the actual or original color associated with St. Patrick's Day that we are familiar with. Blue was the original color and can still be seen on ancient Irish Flags. The color green was adopted by Ireland in the 19th Century as green is representative of spring, fertility, life, as well as the shamrock. Ireland is also nicknamed the "Emerald Isle", due to all the rain and mist they receive which keeps the land green and fertile. The phrase of "wearing of the green" on St. Patrick's day is given due to fact that the people wore green Shamrocks on their lapels to protect them from evil spirits and to watch over their souls.

The first St. Patrick's Day parade actually took place in the United States. Irish soldiers in the English military marched through New York City on March 17, 1762.

Leprechauns have nothing to do with the original history St. Patrick's day, but became a symbol of St. Patrick's day from a Walt Disney film called "Darby O'Gill And The Little People", which was about a cantankerous little man of Irish folklore, and somehow evolved into a recognized symbol of Irish and St. Patrick's day.

Well, just a short history, and all this can be found on the Internet. I did not touch on cabbage, and other foods, the Blarney Stones, and so much more surrounding this holiday, but if interested, you know how to use a search engine.

"May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand"

Traditional Irish Blessing

Your Luck Quotient: 69%

You have a high luck quotient.
More often than not, you've felt very lucky in your life.
You may be randomly lucky, but it's probably more than that.
Optimistic and open minded, you take advantage of all the luck that comes your way.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What Should I Major In?

First of all, thanks Devrie for pointing out these COOL BLOG THINGS. They really are fun, and actually, say a lot about those that do these. (Well, at least they touch pretty much in relationship with me.) While I have already been throught the college route, I did the blog thing anyway. See comments after results.

Your Scholastic Strength Is Evaluating

You are great at looking at many details and putting them all together.
You are talented at detecting subtle trends, accuracy, and managing change.

You should major in:

Conflict studies

While in college, speech was my one of my best subjects, and helped me a great deal in life, especially considering that in several of my jobs, I had to do a great deal of public speaking. I guess it depends on how you look at it, but I was in sales of some sort the majority of my work career, and excellent communication skills were a must to be successful.
I like these bloggy things, don't you?

If readers get a chance, please visit Devrie's blog here . A very interesting adventure.


This morning, I went back and checked Mid's site again, and felt I really needed to write on this. Mid and I became cyber pals due to same story, song and dance of the Scarlet encounter.

While I have been to Mid's site before, I never really checked it out like I did this morning. In one word, AWESOME, is the best way to describe it. This is one talented lady, in poetry, prose, art, essays and so much more. Her site is just so warm and comfortable, as well as inspirational.

Thank you Mid for developing and sharing such an exceptional site, and your poems are just wonderful, and your art work is amazing.

If any of my readers get time, please check out the link and spend some time there, as you will not regret it.

To visit Mid's site click here .

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What Should You Be? Neat, huh?

You Should Be A Pisces

What's good about you: carefree and compassionate, you are truly light hearted

What's bad about you: when things get bad, you tend to retreat and not let others in

In love: you're a true romantic - it's flowers, bubble baths, and candles all the way

In friendship, you're: eager to lend a sympathetic ear and likely to develop a deep connection

Your ideal job: bartender, magician, or secret agent

Your sense of fashion: simple clothes that don't distract from your personality

You like to pig out on: seafood - from fish sticks to salmon

Friday, March 10, 2006

PUBLISHED or NOT~How do you determine this?

Here I go again in my own research of what is PUBLISHED, concerning credits given as an author. I guess I will probably piss (but hope not) a lot of people off blogging on this subject , but I guess I will take that chance. Am I, or am I not publishing these words for all of you to see? Research tells me, in a large and certain degree, that anything I put on the web, is published. OKIE DOIKE, enough of that.

I have two books on LULU. PUBLISHED, or self PUBLISHED? Same thing, right? That is the question! Anyway you look at it, if copyright, and a book is up for sale or not, or ordered, paid for, regardless if you pay for it yourself, it IS PUBLISHED, and all laws protect you in this.

Lulu, ((whom, I am a party to, and have READ everything concerning the rules and guidelines and regulations, which I abide by, and on and on, etc. yada, yada, yada,) is NOW a published book. GUESS WHAT, I am NOW a published Author. HORRAY for me! YIPPEE!

I know I am making some fun of this, and I like having my book at LULU, as I really wanted to see my works in print, and that was enough for me, and I knew it would go no further, unless discovered in the other thousands of those which are also there. BUT, guess what, I now have the opportunity to do, (which I never will) is to put into everything I write, on any SITE and on any web space, BLOG, POEM, (you name it) I can find, as well as any signatures I use , that I am a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I guess I come from the OLD school, and I know enough published authors, or have at least read their books, (not to mention countless other books that touched my soul, just like the ones you know so well that started you into the wonderful world of writing, and I do NOT say that with humor at all, but with honesty and heart) to know that when (or if) I am published, (not self published) that I will eventually get a paycheck from it, if discovered, or my words are worth it. And I take my chances on that theory, and I still put written words on, things I hope are needed to give the inspirations to myself and others to continue the journey, and realizing that I will probably not earn much financial gain from it (but do find on the INTERNET needed personal glory, such as awards of being recognized, writing sites I feel I need toward growth of my quest, and feedback and critique that helps me along the way) because I want to just share it, and hopes that someone will see it, respond, recognize it. That alone holds its personal glory for me.

With that last statement made, do not get me wrong, as I think it is very important to PROMOTE your own writing , via Internet or snail mail. And to be aware of being rejected many times over. I expect to be rejected redundate times. And I intend to use that rejection, and any other outlets, facets, and all possible routes to get my words possibly published one day, and hope when I finally find that "certain thing that works" where my words will be noticed, ( in luck, like I have any of that of late), but, maybe, it can happen. I might even be approached by book deal, as others have proved to be. Here I go again, making a long story long, instead of short.

Final words in short, I do not expect to make a fortune by considering my books being published on LULU, and certainly never would consider PA as a publisher for me to make my voice in the world to say, "HEY, Guess what, I am a published Author, and guess by who!"

Getting off my soap box now, and hoping I do not get kicked off of it, by those who do not understand. But, am willing to take the chance of being kicked off with opinions concerning this.




It is no wonder we do not want to open our email on the Internet today. As so much of it is filled with SPAM, SCAM, FRAUD and THEFT and so much more. It is hard to tell what is real, good and positive (no matter how exciting it sounds) without having to do hours of research to tell if it is a good thing or not. So discouraging. Sadly, this really hurts the really exciting and productive things on the Internet.

My husband (and I help a great deal) are POWERSELLERS on eBay, which makes us a direct target. Recently, our eBay was high jacked, (second time around) and PAYPAL was also included. Thankfully, we have learned in hours of research how to avoid this to a hopefull high degree. Trust me, it is very time consuming, not to mention frustrating. And, I wanted to write a great deal on this, and eventually will, but until then~let me just give some education (and advise) that I have learned without links right now, to help you with this, and I start with eBay. eBay now has a protective toolbar that is free to download, which can help you stay updated with what is going on with your eBay as a protective measure. And, this is needed NO MATTER if you buy or sell on eBay.

Also, eBay has incorporated a "MY MESSAGES" which can be found on any eBay account, buyer or seller. USE it, if you get a "uh, that is not right" or frightful message, go to your eBay personal page and read that before you respond to any email.

Concerning PAYPAL, which is a horror story in itself, especially if you are new to it, you can be captured and stolen from. Internet Thief's are so good at what they do now. They are able to duplicate pages to make it look so real, and can scare you to death! I sometimes think I have a cardboard tag on the front of me (as if walking around the street) saying "I am going to get to you eventually, signed- PAYPAL theif." Not this time buddy, I wised up to you, regardless of who you and your scam, fraud, thief friends are. I NOW get sometimes 10 a day from PAYPAL schemes (to my personal email account), and I send all of them to spoof to Paypal. Here is just a hint on how to recognize a fraud email from PAYPAL. It does not have your registered name as PAYPAL always sends to you in their messages (and sometimes you still have to be careful on that), it says that your account has been violated, it says that you bought something you know you did not, it says they are updating records, and so much more. GOOD GRIEF!! Don't trust any of it. Send it direct to PAYPAL spoof, even if you are not sure. They will get right back to you, and you will recognize their response.

I have been meaning to write on this for a VERY long time, and something today made me sure I WOULD write on this. Today I got an email from a fraud concerning, a place where I did submit and entered some pictures on my pets, and they were included in a few books with This email got me so excited. AT FIRST, as I was told I won so much, and included links to prove so, and on and on, which was very exciting, and then wanted money. Yea, right. I know a lot about this site, and I remember it well, and the last thing they asked was for MONEY! Not only that, the REAL site has ALL my email addresses, and other snail mail addresses (which is how they informed me the pictures would be included in books.)

I have gotten pretty good at this. If it sounds to good to be true, sadly, it more than likely is. And as a protection measure, if not sure, google it, yahoo it, research it. Type keywords in of the site and signature of the major signature in question, that was in your email. (That you got so excited about!)

OK, I am now done with my RANT AND RAVE and MADNESS of this blog, but am still pissed, but can probably sleep better tonight. (today?) I hope the example below helps, written to me, SCAM, FRAUD, THEFT!


Dear Katie,
In the past, we informed you that you and your artistic accomplishments could have been honored at the International Society of Photographers Convention and Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada -- even though you were unable to attend.
Please note that because so many people took advantage of this opportunity, we have extended the time for you to elect to receive your awards, and benefits of ISP membership, provided that you will allow us to present your photo "Premature Kitten~2 Weeks Old~Sweet"
(see your photo here) at our next convention and that you have elected to receive all of the awards and benefits of ISP membership that we have scheduled for you. Your awards, which will be shipped to you at this time, include your custom engraved Outstanding Achievement in Photography Silver Award Bowl (see it here), your bronze Commemorative Award Medallion, and your Full Basic Membership into the International Society of Photographers for 2006.

In this regard, we have arranged for your photographic artistry to be prominently displayed at a future international gathering of photographers. Your photograph, along with your name, will be presented exactly as you created it, so that your artistry receives the exposure it deserves. In this way, hundreds of attending photographers and their guests, who come from all over the world to attend the convention, will appreciate your photograph.

And let me tell you a little about the actual awards and ISP membership benefits that you will receive by mail immediately after you confirm your participation in this prestigious event by
allowing us to showcase your photo:
Your Outstanding Achievement in Photography Silver Award Bowl (a $200.00 value) is a magnificent work of art in itself that measures over 10 inches across and over 11 inches high. It is handcrafted in silver and has your name custom-engraved on a beautiful cherry-wood base (see it here). It is certain to enjoy a special place of pride in your home and will serve as a fitting symbol of your unique photographic artistry.

-- Your bronze Commemorative Award Medallion is a deeply etched bronze medal (a $40.00 value) brilliantly displayed on a 25-inch red, white and blue satin ribbon. -- And your Full Basic Membership into the International Society of Photographers for 2006 (a $60.00 value) entitles you to a personalized membership card, special discounts and contests, and a free subscription to our quarterly newsletter. Please note, if you are already an ISP member, your benefits will be extended an additional year.

Katie, all that's required for us to immediately send you all of these Awards is for you to
allow us to formally display your photograph "Premature Kitten~2 Weeks Old~Sweet" at the next convention. Additionally, because you were not present at our last convention, we must also ask you for the necessary funds ($169.00 plus p+h) to cover the costs of the time and effort required to present your photography before future convention attendees, and to cover the costs incurred in insuring and shipping to you these extremely bulky and heavy awards.
Katie, we are, of course, ultimately most interested in meeting you and having you personally present your artistry in front of the thousands of other photographers who attend these live events. Unfortunately, this is was not the case, so we're trying to do the next best thing. But we sincerely hope to personally present you with your most deserved awards in the future.

Sincerely,Craig FosterInternational Society of PhotographersConvention Awards Chairperson

P.S. Your Outstanding Achievement in Photography Silver Award Bowl, bronze Commemorative Award Medallion, and personalized membership card, will be shipped to you by Federal Express (your subscription to our newsletter will arrive separately) and will be accompanied by a 100% money back guarantee of your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you're not 100% delighted with your Awards, simply return them any time within 60 days of receipt for a full refund, no questions asked.

P.P.S. You'll also receive a $100.00 gift certificate off the registration of a future ISP convention so that we can formally recognize your photographic accomplishments in person at a date that's convenient to you.

Writing Scams ~NOW, click this link to see exact same letter, without my name. (but , I am sure someone else was included and probably fell for it.)

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Private Messages~How Private Are They? BEWARE!!!

I am having a problem with this, especially on advertised sites that which go to other well known sites, web pages, blogs, any anything they can find, to advertise that the members have the opportunity to send PRIVATE MESSAGES to one another--in privacy.

OK, anything on the Internet can be copied and pasted, per the discretion of the owner of the private message, to show up in forums, and many other ways, as they are now the owners of such material. Many times it is taken out of context, and it will be (and can be) expected--right or wrong, it happens.

That is NOT my question, but the question that really disturbs me, is: IF ADVERTISED that you have the right to Private Messages, who is allowed to read them, besides you and the one to whom it is addressed? And shouldn't the person reading, take into consideration what is being talked about, or have all the facts, before making assumptions or accusations? (before considering of what you as the sender or the one you send it to goes on?)

DOES the Owner or any of the staff (moderators) of this site have the right to READ your PRIVATE MESSAGES? (OK, I agree they do to a certain degree, if there is a problem--for example, problems that are concerned with the law, and their considerations, (example child issues, flaming or fighting crime~real problems that need to be investigated, might be a problem.)

I know personally of a web page site that reads PRIVATE MESSAGES, and when I heard about it for the 10th time (Or more) , I decided to research it, but guess what, it was down and under construction, with a broom as an ICON (Sweeping the dirt away.) At least it was a good ICON.
Not only that, but due to this website owners, operators, moderators, reading the PRIVATE MESSAGES, while unsuspecting users (members) did not know of, or did not expect, they were BANNED from this site, and bombarded (Should I capitalize BOMBARDED) with hateful emails, and with bullies in toll telling the user of how AWFUL they were, because of what the unexpected users wrote in PRIVATE MESSAGES. READ MY TYPE (since you cannot read my lips) PRIVATE MESSAGES!!

Since I am writing a book on Internet problems, I get these stories of PRIVATE MESSAGES being not so PRIVATE all the time. And from what I can tell, just a simple word or two was used, (non derogatory or not intentional trying to cause harm by the users) , expressing thoughts in PRIVATE MESSAGES.

I am very interested in this, and I am doing a great deal of research on this. My thoughts concerning PRIVATE MESSAGES, and meaning will be ten (10) fold, if not more. To me, it is kind of like opening mail delivered to you. Once you open it, you have the right to share with whomever, but until you do, I consider it PRIVATE. And should be protected by the word of PRIVATE.

Thoughts on this are appreciated.

Words From The Wise

Since I am touching and dealing with sensitive subjects, I did want to point out things my mother wrote in an effort to teach herself, and I think others possibly as well, as her wisdom teaches not just me, but has reached many more, and maybe you, or at least gives you things to ponder on. Things to think about, as we do all think on close subjects to these thoughts, but I, as I am sure many others do, write really long blogs on such simple and profound words, that touch our soul, life or in between space. It amazes me how I can write or think on just one word. Just one word tells so much.

BTW, these words were written in the 1980's by Addie Williams.

It is passing,
This journey into naught.
Mark it well.
It will not come this way again.
Truth is a dark cave
Not a point of length.
Words are an insult to truth,
Upon their reading at a later time.
Awash in the dregs at the bottom.
Oh, for the light at the top.
"Pride goeth before a fall"
And so doth hope -
And humility, too,
Truth, Justice and Beauty -
We have no right
To ask for more,
And if we're wise,
No desire.
Inordinate ego
Must die
If Self would live.
We are all two faced
One visage out there
Another in here.

Authors Den~Addie Williams Site

Still not real good with what to do with the blogs, but I think the bloggers that keep in touch with knows what I am doing. Help is still needed.

Friday, March 03, 2006


I guess everyday, you learn something new. I have had quite a few visitors interested in my blog concerning Trolls, Flame Wars and Cyberstalkers. The majority of these visits are from Canada, but another individual also visits quite often. While I never did give their name, I did give where they are from, and I apologize for this. I received a comment from them, which they asked me not to publish, and I respect their wishes, and this blog was written for you to offer my apology. Katie