Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It totally amazes me how emotional we get when we so hope the one all are searching for will be found. For many days, besides the family of Meredith Emerson, many caring and loving people have been on pins and needles searching and hoping for her safe return. According to CBS NEWS, Missing Hiker Found Dead In Georgia, Meredith Emerson body has been found. Other news stations are now confirming this, and it is not what any of us wanted to hear. Meredith Emerson went hiking with her dog Ella, whom she loved so very much. Meredith Emerson was young and strong, and her life had so much to tell, yet her life has been stopped suddenly, and many cry with this. How sad, such a tragedy. I don't even know her and it breaks my heart. Life just sometimes seems to jump out at us, when we never expect it.

Meredith Emerson, 24 years old, a vibrant and beautiful girl who loved all animals so much, but especially her dog Ella, who was always beside her, yet they both quickly made the news. No one wanted to hear the outcome of this news, but sadly I think it rested in our heart, and broke out hearts, and explains why it is so heartbreaking for all those that hoped to see her smile again.

Of course an autopsy must be done to conclude what we already expect. This is police procedure to do this in any case. Enough said concerning this.

There in not much more I can say concerning this, as tears are in my eyes and in the eyes of many, and I know my tears cannot even compare with her families tears and what the family is feeling and suffering right now. With that said, I am so sorry and wish I could do more to comfort you, as I know your heart is breaking. So many want to help alleviate your pain with this loss. I hope this brings at least some comfort your way as a family concerning Meredith. I speak for so many when I say HUGS AND KISSES in so many ways. Katie