Sunday, March 19, 2006

ROSE DESROCHERS~Lets All Be Upfont and Honest

From the time I wrote my first blog, I was told that I had a right to mention names in my blogs, and this came not just from professional bloggers, but also Attorneys. I was still very concerned at what I wrote and said, making sure it was safe in my head, and not only that, but since I had touched on such a sensitive subject, I had untold computer problems, which I immediately took caution to. And, up until this point, I never really wanted to mention names, but in all fairness, I really have no choice now in the long run, as all readers should have the choice to view and make personal opinions. Also, concerning the Internet, all links can be published if Googled, and I have this right, and so does Rose. And I welcome any Googled links.

Concerning ROSE DESROCHERS~A letter, so to speak!

I felt that I really needed to write this blog concerning you, even though it might be upseting, since you are using so much of what I have to say in your blog, but call my blog an unmentionable.

In all fairness, and to give readers the right to decide, make opinions, research, and understand all points of view, sometimes names have to be mentioned. You have actually stated in your own blog that you were the star of a blog (mine), and I think readers need to know why you said this. As well as give them the option to read the blog that made you a star (as you so put it). And your opinions concerning this, as well as all readers that fall onto this blog.

I have commented on some of your blogs in a very respectful way, so that the readers can understand or respond, and you chose not to let the comment go through ( or even email me of why), yet mention constant on my blogs (no links to give your readers understanding of why) on your personal blog, one way or another. So far, any comments on my blog has gone through, as they were all respectful, (yet many blunt), as I requested the comments to be, and I give all parties the right to comment. This includes you. And if I did not allow a comment to go throught (which never happened), I would have sent them an email of why it did not go through, as I did promise this.

I have been very careful of what I do and with much research and advise from lawyers to friends and family. I have been told that if what I feel is safe and true to my knowledge, I am in my right to give names, just like the news. And I am giving yours, and you are more than welcome to give mine.

While things I have written on this blog, I have also found out that I am allowed to give links, and I am giving yours so that my readers have both sides of the story on anything I write or you write. You are more than welcome to do the same.
See Link below!
The two links below were written to give respectful stories of a true drama, and how things can and will continue to happen on the Internet. Sadly, in relationship to this blog.
As Rose Points out, and so do I, let the readers decide to make their decisions, and all research is needed to do so.
(PLEASE NOTE: these particular posts recorded by ICQ is taking some time to verify with my research, lawyers, and publishers interested. ICQ members have been able to post things that were not of and from the original poster (member) at times, and posts made by ICQ that SHAWN was a Cop or Police Officer, as stated in several post, and that Rose was in the hospital due to stress in relationship of how the ICQ board treated her, in now being looked into, to make sure these are true statements, to see if these were actual post by the Desrochers, and not someone else, using the intent to defraud their true posting.)


  1. You are one brave gal, Katie. Good for you to make sure it's legal before stepping forward. It's a big hairy step, too! :)

    I'm sure that, like everything else she touches, this will get twisted and turned into another round of "fame" for her. It almost seems like she's afraid of the dust settling on this whole situation, because she'll be alone and forgotten. Kind of sad, or rather pathetic.

    Personally, I'd rather be remembered for good things, not something like the mess in which she has found herself standing.

  2. Hi ms. Karen,

    I found out at a very early age (while in college and was taking Business Law) to always be careful and have all your information straight before you speak or do anything. Sometimes you have to be patient, but in the long run, the wait is worth it as it covers your butt. The quote of "think before you speak" was written for a reason, and while I do not always follow that rule, I at least try to.

    From the beginning I was told it was OK to give the name, but I was still not sure, and actually at that time, did not really want to. Also, I thought a second opinion was in order before I did so.

    Anyway, thank you for your comment. Katie

  3. You know, as I think on all of this I am reminded of bad little kids, wanting attention. They don't care if it's negative, as long as it's attention. This person gets her name mentioned and then she blows hot air around it, so that the winds of fame, albeit negative, burn their way across the Net. I agree with's pathetic among other descriptions.
    I, for one, will never again mention her name. I keep the records of her rediculous tantrums, just so that those who want to know the truth can see for themselves. My vindiction comes from simply knowing the truth.
    I'm glad that there are good people in cyberspace, like you, who will stand up to the likes of her...personally, I don't think she deserves the effort. But if it will help someone along the way, then I commend you and all the time you have spent on this endeavor. You have my admiration and respect, Katie!

  4. Hi Midstream, I understand what you are saying, and agree totally, and what am I doing? Giving attention, but my reasons are clear to me of why I do so. I will not mention her name (as I do not want to distress you. LOL)

    In all reality, my writings are not on just this subject, and I guess in away, she is the scapegoat of getting my point across. Stories like this need to be told, and examined. People need to place their feelings, and thoughts on such. And I am pretty safe in what I do. There is little, if nothing she can do to me. I am disabled, so therefore, she cannot contact my employer, and my husband works from home and is a powerseller on eBay. So, I guess I will speak out on this subject and let others hear.

    And I guess also sometimes we have to give attention to those we do not want to have the attention, as things need to be said, and people need to see and understand.

    I have replied to two of her post, and they do not go through. I did make a copy and paste of them, and then realized I did not even need to do that, as HOTMAIL saves it for me, even though I use yahoo.

    And Mid, the attention is not just for her, but is in giving attention to all that have been there and done that on this subject, or related subjects.

    Hugs, Katie

  5. Well now, lady Katie,
    I'm nots midstream on this issue!! Done cross that wide, wide, rivah...and gots safely to sho!!! fo sho!!!
    Yeah I knows whatcha sayin' and I agrees... jes glad you da one doin it!!!
    go fo it girl,
    hugs, Midlin (not to be confused with meddlin)....well, this time anyways!! ; }