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Reflections Concerning My Life And Things I Want To Write On

Reflections Concerning My Life And Things I Want To Write On

I have caught the flu of blogging the last few days. Pretty much like a sickness to a degree, but one that is important, and with me, has my own personal stories, of which and what to write about. Blogs are so extremely important, as there is just so much to say, and as a writer, with the Internet, there is no better way to reach the public, to say things we want to say in our heart as bloggers, and I , as I include "we" as bloggers, aim to reach those that have some identification that understand (or hopes of) , while we try and reach ourselves.

I have noticed with myself, that I want to only concentrate on what is familiar with me, and stories I can identify with, and this is somewhat concerning and something I need to work on. I have so many opinions on so many things, concerning life, religion, politics, children, pets, history, disasters, etc., and the list goes on and on, but at this point and time I feel comfortable with what is personal with my life, childhood, and experiences familiar with me.

Maybe this is a good thing, and will help me work on other things to come with what I want to communicate further. It took me forever and days to figure out what I wanted to say in my profile in my blog, and after I did, I realized that the majority of the things I wrote were important to me via songs, books, movies, etc. as it was part of my life, in some shape or another. Now, how do I deal with that? Do I explain this in my writings to the blogger viewer public, so that I can overcome this and find the ability to write more? To expand on other subjects? Will the blog readers understand?

For example, with the majority of the books I listed as read, (which trust me, I have read a great deal more, coming from the parent of an English Professor, if your school teacher does not make you read the required reading, my mother did) all had something to do with my life in one way or another. MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL held a personal interest to me, as I was living in Savannah Georgia when this happened. My apartment was only 3 blocks from downtown Savannah. And I personally meet the character who had the leash without the dog on it, walking the streets of Savannah. I did not really know why he did this until after this book was written, but, at least I now know why he did that. Talk about dedicated. And loyal.

I also listed in my readings, THE JACK TALES. THE JACK TALES by the way, the picture on this blog is an original pencil drawing of Richard Chase, back in the seventies, and he is well known for wearing the eye patch.) The JACK TALES are a series of books written by Richard Chase. I try and keep up with this, but many people do not really know a great deal of his works, unless from the south. These are wonderful stories for children, as well as adults, full of humor and folk tales from the mountains, and are still popular in book stores. Richard Chase was a dear friend of mine, and from Alabama, and we spent hours upon hours of reading, me to him, as his eyesight was failing when I worked for him, and cared for him back in the early eighties. He was a character all in his own, and my husband and I own his type writer that he wrote all his stories on, given to us, not long before he died. His type writer will eventually find a very special place in a museum, or somewhere special, which we work on all the time, even though it is hard to let go with us. Richard Chase also held the affectionate name of Uncle Dick, and this can also be found amoung his works.

The most wonderful book that needs a plug is, WHEN HELL WAS IN SESSION by Jerry Denton, who was my Dad's best friend, roommate in college and after college when my Dad and Mom were married they lived together, and Jerry Denton graduated from the Naval Academy with my Dad. This book tells of the Vietnam War, and his plane was shot down, and he was able to find away through notes to other prisoner of war soldiers to keep their cool, and comfort. He was the one that was forced to go on TV that he was treated well, and blinked his eyes in SOS of HELP, TORTURE. It did take reporters a while to realize this, thinking something was in his eyes, but finally realized, it was SOS. Spine thrilling book and true and a must read.

My other favorite book listed in my profile is TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD written by Harper Lee. I can remember where she lived as a child, as my family lived in Monroeville Alabama, which is a very small town, and even with her glory on this book, she never lost her roots. The court room in that book was a complete duplicate of the court room in Monroeville. Truman Capote who helped her write this book, was also pretty much a descendant from Monroeville, and helped her greatly with this book. And, for all that think Harper Lee is dead, she is not, and her sister, well in her nineties, is an Attorney, and still practices law, or she was the last time I saw her, less than a year ago.

I guess I am very fortunate to have these experiences to tell, and I am proud that I do, but I am trying to find away to express myself on other things that are important in my life. And with time, I think I will. We all have to find our way to get to where we eventually want to be, and even in our age, no matter what that age is, we still have to remind ourselves, as we did our children, that you have to learn to crawl before you can walk, and sometimes, that ain't easy.

If at least I did nothing else, I might have struck a chord for others to remember these books and this part of history. Life sometimes does that to us. And is a good thing. And I am hoping with these good things, that I can find other ways to write and make a difference.


MIRACLES DO HAPPEN, even with final stages of Cancer!

I have been so busy lately, with life, new projects, the everyday things that seem to get in our way that members of the human race have to find away to overcome, and not let it take us over completely. I don't have a monoply of understanding this.

I am new to blogging, and have many projects I am working on, counting on, or intend to work on, and at times of late, my attention span has been distracted, and sometimes confused of what I hope to write on next. Sometimes, as I am sure others feel the same way, I get overwhelmed of what all I want to do and say, and finding time to do it with a great deal of thought, making sure my words are understood, before my fingers hit the keyboard of what I want to express.

With all the things I want to write down and share, it really became apparent to me today (like the whisper of a breeze) that I wanted to write about my brother Ward, and how miracles really do happen. I really wanted to write about something positive, and hopeful, as well as helpful.

Pretty much, everything with me has a story, and this one has a fairy tale ending, especially if you belive in miracles and life. And it is a true story, and I am in hopes will give others hope, especially if the reader, or others they know of, have cancer. No matter the final stages!

I will never forget the phone call that day from Ward. It was less than a year ago, and in the morning, and I was having a terrible day, due to my lack of knowledge with computers and frustration with my computer. I bitched and moaned to him about this, not even realizing that his news was so much more important than my computer problems, subjecting him to listen to my whines and whimpers of my trivial complaints. After I finally shut up with my woes, he finally, and as gently as he could, told me that he had cancer, and that it did not look good, that his liver was twice the size it should be, but, he felt in his heart that he could beat this. In other words, he was close to final stages of colon cancer. I lost my breath, as if being kicked in the chest, and my head started spinning. This could not be happening, not to Ward, who was my big brother, the one who always brought me back to reality, the everything to me. I could not respond. I tried not to cry, but I am not good on that. My tears were like faucets turned on high, and he had to comfort me, which was wrong, as I should have been comforting him during this call. I think that by the time the phone conversation ended, we both ended up comforting one another, after I found my voice.

Once I found out the name of cancer, and where he stood in his stages, I started my research, and everything was just gloom and doom from what I read. There had to be more, something encouranging, and I did find some positive stories on this, the time some cancer victims lived longer than expected, but it was few and far of in between, which is one of the main reasons I am writing this blog.

My brother Ward, at the time was 54 years old (he is now older) and is a health freak. He did not smoke, ran 10 to 15 miles a day, very seldom drank, and went to a paid gym all the time. He rode his bike ( or his many motorcycles) all the time. He was (is) a father of 3, and made sure they ate well, as he ate well himself. Part of the health thing.

Everything changed in his life, and to a large degree, all his siblings as well. How could we help him, what did we need to do to keep things positive, and on what level while we all faced reality of this? He was determined to fight this and win. He looked at everything concerning cancer, and new things to do to fight this battle, such as drinking a certain tea, any alternative to save his life to go on, no matter if others did not believe it would work or not. What did he have to loose to find new alternatives, new ways, new theories. He went through so much Chemo, and so much pain, and so much sickness, and always believed in his heart that he would win this battle. He tried anything and everything, and always had the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever seen. And he always did it with so much humor.

There is so much to this story, but the bottom line is he accomplished what he said he would do. He beat it. While statics say that he only had 2 years, and with those years, probably fraught with pain and depression, he beat it. His last visit a month ago, to see if he could have an operation to remove this cancer, was not needed, as he is cancer free. Double checks were given, as even the doctors did not believe it. Total remission, and a complete miracle. Medical history!

If anyone could beat this, I was not surprised that it was Ward.

There is a great deal more to this story on him and our family and I have several links that I have saved that I want to add to this blog, (and will once I learn more how to do a BLOG.)

I do want to add his site via link that he started at one time, and I think as he got better, he really did not post much more concerning this devastation, concerning his cancer. But still a great read and an important one. Filled with humor and love!!

Wards site

The whole point to this blog and this subject, is that there is hope and there are miracles. And Ward proved it. And I believe others can as well. I love you Ward, thanks for being you and being a miracle to give others hope.

Your loving baby sister, Katie

Loving A Brother~You & Me~Ward

I love you Ward, Always!
My fear is loosing you.
Love does that,
Makes us cry,
On loving and loosing
Especially those loved so well.

Why you? With me?
Because you taught me
To face up! Your face & voice
Toward life and to face reality
And what we can be, and strive for.
And try hard to recognize.

With you and me, something special agrees with
Games, music, dates, family, love
Tears and years,
Which are part of we,
You and me.

I so wanted to write more
Of you and me-Especially
At bedtime-When dreams begin
But, I think you know
The Story, Of you and me.
There is no end.

Katie Fairchild

@June 23, 2005



It has now come to my attention that the person I speak of in this blog, realizes that she is the star attraction, so, as she realized it was her upon reading this blog. That pretty much happens a lot when we look into a mirror and see ourself. She even mentioned it in her blog and of those who knows who she is just Google her name with the word BLOG in it, or search the blogs here. It is easy to find. Of course she did not give a link for her viewers to see both sides of the story, but that is expected of her. Since I have sitemeter, she has been on more than a dozen times, and I noticed that all the time she has spent on this blog, she actually never read any of the links I researched on Trolls, Flame Wars or Cyberstalking, but instead posted links in her blog of her article on TROLLS, as if she is an expert on this. Oh well.

Also, since I am new at this, I would like to thank the people that set up links to this blog, and also for all visitors.

Folks, I have been very busy, but I do intend to make changes to this blog when I get the time, per suggestions of very insightful people. I appreciate your suggestions and I will be making changes soon. New links and added information will be available soon.

I also wanted to point out that anything you put on and over the Internet is not ever totally safe, even when password protected. My sitemeter was hacked by another party yesteday morning, but it was caught right off the bat, as I happened to be on checking it when it happened. The customer service was great and they got back to me right away and will be following up on this. Now, I wonder who wanted to get into my sitemeter and why that was so important to them. I have a good idea, and will also update on this.

Sunday, February 19, 2006



I am totally amazed at how many flame wars are created and found on the Internet, not to mention trolls and cyberstalkers, that the Internet superhighway finds lurking in forums and chat rooms safely behind their computers. The age of the Internet is so available now, that people no longer have to "walk their fingers through the yellow pages" as they can now "walk their fingers, via keyboard, through the world." Heck, I never use the phone book anymore. If I need a number, to me it is easier to just get it off the Internet!

I accidentally fell across Internet flame wars, trolls and cyberstalkers just over a year ago, and it was pretty scary just to see it, but it sadly, was also entertaining, and it really peeked my interest. The sad thing is that the majority of these problems could have been avoided (well, at least to a degree) but trolls like to eat a lot, and Cyber space is a great place for them to find GOATS to feed on. Actually, on the Internet, they feed like vampires, needing to hurt others for their blood in order for them to survive in their world.

Before I go any further, I am going to give links (and there are many other great links, but I identified best with these) where I have taken a great deal of time of research to explain why I continue on with this BLOG! While it might be easier for me to just copy and paste what I would like to most point out, I have not gotten the permission from the people who wrote the articles and it might be in copyright violation if I did this. Also, these articles are quite good and could possibly help a lot of people to read it in its entirety as well as check the links. (It is OK to skip this and come back and read after my long, LONG blog.


Concerning INTERNET ONLINE TROLLS, there are several great articles on this. I have added just 2, and it does take some time reading.

BTW, I am not familiar personally with all the troll types, pretty much just the ATTENTION SEEKING TROLL. To me, these are the saddest, and in great need of mental health. They are the ones that from what I read (and seems so from what I have seen), that do not understand what NO means, no matter how you spell it. They are the ones that get banned from almost any forum board, and the ones before they get banned, flooded the forum boards with new topics (which most are never even replied to.) They are always the ones that start FLAME WARS with individuals and groups to prove they are superior, while most of the time (but not always) they are not well educated, not well spoken and in general, do not get along well with people if confronted. Yet, at the same time, they try to prove themselves as a hero and a wonderful person. They many times hide behind different screen names, especially if banned or found out in their way of intent to harm others. These TROLLS sadly have a way of bringing (or trying to bring) others down to their levels, making them the victims the wrong ones. And when these people finally figure out they are wrong in playing the game, it is almost to late, and possibly their careers, relationships, good name online and so much more is close to being destroyed. This happens to so many people and in so many ways, causing great grief, loss of sleep, and mental problems for themselves.

OK, OK, I will get to the point of why I wrote this. Is there a point here? Anywhere? There is, and it is my story. A true story at that, but after a great deal of thought and consideration, I have decided to leave all character names out (or change them) concerning this story, even though I would like to mention them, but I need to be fair. (plus, I do not want to get in trouble for this, and at this point, not entirely clear of the law should I mention names.) With this said, I have not mentioned certain names, but for the ones I do, so the story can be followed better, the names have been changed for the story to help confusion.

The poetry site I belonged to I renamed, hereinafter, all per colors, TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW.


In the year of August 2003, my mother died, and when my husband and I cleaned out her shed, we came across all her writings (she was a retired English, Professional Writing and Literature Professor) and I embarked on a quest of sharing her works with the Internet. In 2004, I joined Authors Den with 2 memberships, one being for my mother, and one for myself where I could put down writings of mine and my husbands dealing with poetry and short stories. To me, Authors Den is a wonderful place, but it is a paid membership site, and in Dec. of 2004, the memberships came up for renewal, and we were financially strapped at that time, so I started to search for a poetry site where I could place my mothers poems and mine as well, and one that was free. I came across a site to me that seemed perfect and I joined, and for the short time I was there, I was happy and meet many great people, and the Administrator and owner, SCARLET seemed very nice and caring. The site, TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW, was pretty much user friendly and after awhile, very easy to navigate. They had forums that were pretty close to chat rooms. I generally do not get involved in forums, except basically to read what is going on, but was contacted several times to participate in the rooms, so I decided to give it a shot. In one of the forums was a great deal of talk about another poetry site, ONE DAY AT A TIME, (a wife and husband team, herein after called DEBIONARE and JETHRO) and how awful they were to TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW. I even made several post on this myself, concerning this, of how awful this was for ONE DAY AT A TIME to treat TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW this way. But, after awhile in these forums, I started to get concerned, as there is always two sides to one story. (Or, at least I was taught this all my life.) Therefore, I decided to research this to get the full story. WHOAAAAAAAAAA - My concern turned to alarm!! Not just only on the individuals of Debionare and Jethro their site in question of ONE DAY AT A TIME, but on other things as well. It turned out that SCARLET, the Administrator of TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW, was in FLAME WARS all over the Internet. Flame wars in writing communities, businesses, etc. It was SCARRRRY!!!!! How could one person, Administrator anger so many sites? What KIND of business was this?

This concerned me for days, and I was in a quandary of what to do, as I was happy at TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW and had met so many nice people, but my concern was my Mothers poems being on a site with a battle going on with so many others. My family KNEW I was putting her poems on the Internet, but would have a FIT if they were on a site that was getting a lot of attention through flame wars, and this bothered me also. I knew in my heart that she would not have wanted her works there, but only in a positive place. I finally decided to go in to TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW, which I knew I would miss, and copy and paste all my Mothers works (especially since they had so many comments and such wonderful reviews) and then write SCARLET, the Administrator a kind letter that I needed my Mothers works removed and why. But that I wanted to stay myself. (BTW, I sent this letter to several people that I had met on the site, asking for advise if they thought it was fair, and what did I need to change or regroup.) In return, I got a hateful email to go remove them myself and that my Mother was rolling over in the grave due to her disappointment in me. (My mom was cremated per her wishes, so that was not an issue. Plus the fact that my Mother would have expected me to do just as I did) So, I went in to remove them myself, only to find out I was BANNED, and could not get in. Now, how in the heck am I going to remove them? Now, I want to make one thing CLEAR, I never, ever thought that SCARLET, the Administrator would use her poems, steal her poems, or advertise her poems, but I was concerned that I could not get to them anymore. Thankfully, I had (and still have) several good friends that I met there, that went in and checked for me and informed me until they all were removed. These friends are no longer there, and I guess I am to blame for that.

Well, if the truth be known, I was pretty hurt, not to mention angry from all the hateful emails I got from the SCARLET. And honestly, I missed TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW and the people I grew to know, and cared for and identified with, and the ability to be a part of a group that I was comfortable with. As it turned out, someone, and I do not know who, paid for a lifetime membership on Authors Den for my Mother, so her works are still there.

After awhile, I pretty much got over my hurt, but just became curious in this debacle going on with TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW, and other problems strung across the super highway called the INTERNET!! It was kind of like SOAP OPERA fun!! What will happen next? And the more I researched and read, the more I thought "Wow, this is actually very interesting, and would be a great project, possibly a book idea!" There is just so much CRAP (sorry I could not find a better word) on this subject all over the INTERNET, so I started copying and pasting everything I could find (as I knew it would be deleted soon, as Administrators in forums would get tired of it, due to slander and laws that actually allowed it to go on, where they might actually find themselves in trouble) and still continue to copy and paste, as the saga is still not over. I have an excellent journal, one I bought and paid for, and allows me many member names, which is excellent so that I can organize better, and am able to name this journal name appropriately. With the journal, I am able to put all I have in the dates they belong to, as well as all my email correspondence from other prior members, and their correspondence and hate letters from SCARLET. I love organization, don't you?

As it turned out, around the month of March 2005, things seemed to settle down with the SCARLET and her site TODAY AND HOPES OF TOMORROW with other sites, especially since banned from the majority of writing communities, therefore the flame wars had stopped with them. Also, it seemed that things had settled down and progress was made with ONE DAY AT A TIME and TODAY AND HOPES OF TOMORROW. This was actually good for me as I had not organized the hundreds upon hundreds of files I already had on hand, and maybe it was just a project to put on the back burner for awhile anyway. Other things were going on in my life.

I think it was early October 2005 that I found myself bored one day and to ease the boredom, decided if there was anything new on SCARLET and her site. Yes, indeed, new things were going on with new people on their blogs. (not the poetry sites flame wars, but brand new other things). New pissed off people, and I mean PISSED. One lead to another. It was exciting. I knew there was a book in this somewhere. My new ambition of "Stripped From The Internet" was again rekindled. So, my new research began, once again. I had to remind myself to look every now and then again for new material on this delicate, but needed subject.

My life became very busy, and once again neglected the project until after the new year. I started the research again, and then actually BECAME PISSED. I fell onto another blog, and even replied to it. I just could not help myself. But this particular blog directed me to other things that I had no idea on, leading me back to original research, and research to come. It seems the original reason I left TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW due to comments on ONE DAY AT A TIME, had started ALL OVER again, and this time, it was unfair. VERY!!!

Following links to the sites of the last blog I read, lead me to things I had never seen before. Two categories flaming ONE DAY AT A TIME, by the spouse of SCARLET, herein after named TECHMAN, within his personal site of TEACHING TECH MAN were pages and pages and PAGES to view, open to the public and Internet, but the ones being (ONE DAY AT A TIME) flamed were not able to respond or rebuttal in their own defense. Warnings were put on TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW poetry site concerning ONE DAY AT A TIME and Debionare and Jethro, their business, their work ethics, where they worked, etc. and outright lies (I know this, as like I said earlier, I copied and pasted EVERYTHING I could find and am still not done), as well as many others, and as far as I am concerned were wrong also, and had NOTHING TO DO with a writing community, but needed to be address, but not in the PUBLIC of the INTERNET!!!. It was totally evident to ME that SCARLET, TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW and TECHMAN and TEACHING TECHMAN were OUT to destroy these people, and it was over something so stupid that escalated into something very BIG and destructive. This fisaco was worse than making a mountain over a mole hill. It started pretty much over a BLINK, (pun on words)

Now readers, do not get me wrong. In the beginning early flame war between these two sites, they all were wrong, and said many, MANY things that should not have been said to each other, via forums and emails, were said. They were awful, libel, slanderous, bringing in family matters, children, and extremely hurtful, and destructive. Sadly, that is the nature of the beast that we call ourselves human, as we are animals, and if we are backed against a wall, sometimes we forget how to bite, except with our teeth, which is now sometimes why we are toothless, as we lost them in a bitter fight. (and this makes it hard to chew at times) Regardless, now the name calling on TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW, I was on, is now very unfair, not to mention very destructive, and nothing but a bashing forum for them and their bullies, and it does NOT give ONE DAY AT A TIME, a chance to defend themselves. But, they are trying to in so many ways, especially Debionare, and as far as I can see, from what I have read (and am still reading to give the benefit of the the doubt). It takes a big person to have to give some of their pride away, and try to stop the damage done, and to admit that they were part of the problem, especially in publice (and trust me, you cannot get anymore public than the Internet. As far as I can see, Debionare has always tried to smooth the rocking waters that rocks her life, and her family life. Debionare and Jethro now have to place their own blogs to their writings concerning their defense, and try to do so without being unfair, uncaring, and saving what they love most, ( and even invite ONE DAY AT A TIME, to respond) even though they do not have the chance or opportunity themselves to respond, or rebuttal to what TECHMAN, TEACHING TECHMAN, TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW and SCARLET write) Debionare and Jethro are calling for a moderator, as in between, hoping for anything to help resolve this destructive war. And it is not working, but they are trying so hard from what I can read!! And what is so funny, (sorry, sad) is that TODAY AND HOPES FOR TOMORROW AND TEACHING TECH MAN is using their words of Debonaire that is trying to end this battle as displaced thoughts and ploys and as if Debonaire and Jethro are stalking material. As hard as Debionare tries, they just go OVER Scarlets head. GET REAL. This is what angers me. IS THERE NO END?

Scarlet, in everything she puts a signature to, always includes that she is a published Author, (and she is, and but who she is published by is an ongoing battle concerning this publishing company. She even admits this herself now! ) Trust me folks, anyone that can be published by this company (again I refrain, while gritting my teeth of who they are), anyone can be published by. (I have had to beg them to LEAVE ME ALONE, with this particular publishing company.) She also claims to be a WEB COLUMINIST (not sure what that really means. More research on that needs to be done) But, she has written several articles, and some are actually good, and would be nice, REALLY NICE, and informative, if she would just PRACTICE what she preaches!!

I wrote this BLOG for several reasons. To alert readers of the absolute HORRORS that can happen with flame wars that start over something so silly, and stupid, an escalate. I wrote this to point out, how destructive this can be, and to give insight of things that can and will happen if you become part of the game. And the end, it is no longer a game, not a winning one at least. Not if you weight the outcome, and are a gambler.

I think SCARLET now knows that I am BROWSER, (and I now KNOW to never, ever hide behind who I am again) and there is really a book in the works. Names and things will be changed to protect the innocent (to include myself) but also to show and help others realize how destructive this is. A subject this important will take a great deal of time to complete, and I have to be careful about law (thank you, and you know who you are, for pointing this out to me) as I have to be careful for myself.

I do want to make clear that this is a VERY important subject. And one that clearly needs to be written on. AND explored, as YOU can be NEXT!!!

Also, I want to make comments to Jethro and Debionare. I personally understand that you both have a right to defend, or want to defend, especially now. I also think that you are WASTING your breath, but I understand your breath. I have done hours and hours of research on this, and you just need to let go, or try to. I have research you, have found that you are not banned anywhere that I can find, or if so is not important. You both are VERY intelligent, and have tried and TRIED to stop this. On the same token, I cannot blame you for trying harder when you are placed against a wall, especailly when it comes down to wanting others to understand. I wish you the best in this terrible TRAUMA!!

SCARLET, on the other FLIP SIDE of the coin, it might be to your benefit to just stop. You are a troll, you have flooded the forums for attention, you have been banned almost everywhere you go, and you put your foot into your mouth each time you say anything. You really need to give this up, as it is not worth it. You have a good thing going with your site, and you really need to keep it there. You still have a chance, think of your members.

I guess I am done now. I have much more research to do, and it does not just claim this story. This is a very important and needed article, at least in my heart. I am looking for more material.
By the way, comments are allowed if respectful. I can and will choose what is written and responded to and why I allow it to go, or not, and I will promise to send you an email if I do not use your comments and the reasons why. All response deserve this.
My poem written on this and surprised of how it really meets what I think!


Kiss~Keep it simple stupid
And all that you do
Remember words you want to tell
But actions will better tell, and tail
Of Keep it Simple

KISS, as we do our children
And our lives as well
KISS your words and works
Of what you are trying to tell.

A Kiss is but a kiss
Listen well, with your hearts
And those you tell
To include yourselves.

Life is a rough road
Kiss the dirt on your way
Remember while you do
Sometimes the taste is bitter; consider the stay.

Was it worth it, this KISS?
Was it worth the blow of somewhere else?
Was it worth the the regret
Of not placing the KISS where or needed felt?

KISS, and when you do
Be careful who you blow the KISS to
And include yourself as well
As KISSES have a way of backfiring.

Written by Katie Fairchild
Jan. 25, 2005