Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Research On Cyberstalking, Flame Wars & Internet Trolls

With my cup of coffee next to me, and my fingers placed on the keyboard, I once again start my research on this subject. Good Grief, there is so much on this subject, it is almost choking me. Thousands upon thousands of links appear, and there is just so much to read, and thank goodness that one is able to save as many links as they want into favorites, and now my list is so long.

This morning, I did find this link, and it is very interesting, and I think will help me a great deal with my research as I continue to build my outline for my book. I wanted to share this link so that others, interested or facing the problems, can get more information on this horrible situation of CYBERSTALKING, FLAME WARS & INTERNET TROLLS. It has several links, and I have not even read it all, but this entire site is very informative.


The Business & Psychology of Cyberstalking

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