Friday, January 12, 2007

Difference Between Lying & A White Lie?

I think this is something we all need to consider and place thoughts on. The link provided I hope all my readers will read and consider. When Is A Lie A Lie? and think upon!

I tried to link this to my blog, but still not sure how to do these things, so if you get the chance, please read this blog, and keeping up with this blog might prove excellent for soul searching and questioning of our inner souls. Well, with me it is.

My adult children favorite story was "The Little Boy Who Called Wolf", even though they did not really understand it until they grew and matured and had been hurt themselves concerning lies, but when we told it while they were young, I think they just loved it because the way we sounded out WOLF! (I am telling it to my grandchildren now, and seem to get the same response of the effect of the WOLF sound.)

Anyway, I think this is an important issue, a soul searching issue, and something I think we all think about at times. Thank you smalltimeRN for bringing this to light!

BTW, lies and lying burns bridges that go up in flames real fast, and I think about that often as building bridges takes a great deal of time, especially if built with care.


Sunday, January 07, 2007


Today while I was working on some writing projects, I realized how important writing tools are that keep me organized and on top of things. Especially since I started blogging. Three years ago when I started to organize and place on my computer my mothers works, I started looking for a writing program. I tested out several, as most will give you a free month to decided before paying for it. I feel in love with THE JOURNAL as it just had so much to offer and I can honestly say that is has become my writing bible, and would be totally lost without it. I would encourage anyone that writes a great deal, or keeps a personal journal to check this out. Right now they are offering a 45 day free trial.

The main reason I love THE JOURNAL is because it keeps all my writing, both personal and professional so organized. It lets one have as many screen names as they want (or need) and they can be password protected. I have a ton of screen names that help in my writing as well as my everyday life. I use KATIE for my personal journal, and the notebook part for my personal writings. (Poems, short stories, letters to my children and friends, etc.) I use Thoughts And Considerations and Trolls, Flame Wars and Cyberstalkers for my blogs, and Rose Desrochers for Internet behavior (This is where all my good stuff is.) I use ADDIE for my mothers works, and I use GARDENING, POOL STUFF, RECIPIES and many more where I save links or keep a journal on them. By doing this, I stay pretty organized in many categories.

THE JOURNAL also allows one to place icons for things, and you can upload pictures to THE JOURNAL and click links you have in the journal and go straight to the site. You can also submit your blog straight from the Journal. Anything and everything I write goes into the proper categories inside THE JOURNAL first. And of course it has spell check, thesaurus, dictionary, word count and so much more. I have really enjoyed the ability to download pictures in The Journal as it comes in real handy with special events, such as birthdays and holidays that I want to remember. It is just totally amazing what one can do with The Journal. Check it out free for 45 days and see what you think. Also, the customer service is EXCELLENT. Any time I have had a problem or needed advice, I emailed the head honcho and he always emailed me back as if we had know each other for years.

Another writing tool I use since I do so much research is COPERNIC DESKTOP SEARCH. They have a free download as well as premium downloads. Excellent way to organize your searches and keep up with them.

Both of these are excellent writing tools and I wanted to share them.


Thursday, January 04, 2007


It seems I never have much time to write or blog anymore, yet I think about writing in my blogs all the time. My New Years resolution is to better organize my time and schedule so that I can fit in more writing projects.

Since we have moved here, I have picked up many new hobbies, one being gardening. And where we live it will not be long weather wise for us to plant our spring crops. This hobby takes up a great deal of time.

Also, the grandboys are now here full time, which takes up most of my waking hours. Thankfully they like to play outside a lot, which is where I will be in the garden. And I plan to have them in my garden also working their little bitty butts off.

I have also been spending time checking out sites that I want to become involved with, especially writing sites. I have joined one writing site already and will be blogging about it soon.

My rough draft is pretty much complete on my book dealing with Trolls, Flame Wars and Cyberstalkers. Now the real hard part starts with filling in the gaps that make it into a book, and I still have some research left to do.

As most of my readers know, Rose Desrochers unwilling inspired me to write this book dealing with Psychological Internet behavior and a character in the book will be based on her type of behavior, but names and other things will be changed. (You know, to protect the innocent. LOL) Rose has been pretty quiet from what I can find, which has given the the time to work on the rough draft, and besides, I had to stop somewhere. Of course she has not been totally quiet judging from this
LINK dated in Nov. 2006 where Rose (Swtrose) shows her true colors again as someone (Vision Jinx) had the nerve to disagree with her. You will need to scroll down a little to find the story. Same story, same song, and many can sing along.

Also from her own
BLOG written 4 days before Christmas, it is evident that trouble is brewing with others. (Of course out of jealousy of her, and she is once again the victim and needed people to feel sorry for her again.) Evidently someone called her a manipulative bitch and referred to her as someone that likes to stir things up. You will need to scroll up on this link to read her blog, as I also included the comment section for the link. Now, I don't know what individual she is talking about yet, but I have heard this before from many others. I guess the line gets longer.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and continues to have a wonderful New Year.

I have truly missed being out of touch with reading blogs and blogging myself.