Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recognizing Other Bloggers

Even while my life is busy, I have yearned to blog as a release from the complications of life, and decided to do some blog exchanges. The blog exchanges I do, I must feel they are worthy to blog about before wasting my time. Especially if the bloggers have something valuable to offer not just me, but readers as a whole. Trust me, I have turned down blog exchanges already.

Today, I was offered to do a blog exchange on Filipino Life Abroad. I was really impressed with this blog as it is pretty much close to the way I write when it comes to everyday life, my feelings of what is going on with me personally, plus this blogger also writes on things that could be informative to other readers. While the name of the blog is Filipino Life Abroad, her blog does not just cover subjects on life abroad, but also several interesting subjects or educating information. There is a touch of sweetness and soul searching also in some of her blogs, which I found very interesting. I am really glad I had the opportunity to give this blogger some exposure to my dedicated readers. Her writing style is really excellent, and it is evident that she puts a great deal of time and thought into her blogs.

I was also impressed with the widgets and other blog options such as interesting polls and a really neat video bar. It really dresses up her blog by placing these options here.

If you get the chance, visit her blog for some interesting blogs and information on other subjects. My Thoughts and Considerations is that Filipino Life Abroad has a great blog, and I will be back to visit her blog often!