Thursday, July 13, 2006

DOE says "Think Good Things & Have Good Dreams"

While most grandmothers are called by Grandmommy, Grandmother, Nana, Mom (with the first name of the grand parent attached to mom) and other sweet names, my name as a grand mother was totally unexpected. When my first grand son, DeShawn was born, I searched for the right name, and it seemed that nothing came up to fit me, so I just settled with Grandmommy, hoping that would work for me in the long run. And it worked well for awhile, good enough since nothing else came up.

Then Anthony, my youngest grand son came along, and I was amazed in his total beauty when I first say him at the age of less than a month old, sadly unexpected at my Mom's memorial. Both my grand boys light in their eyes held a special light in the lose of my mother.

Anthony changed my name a year latter when he started to talk. I thought he was saying DeShawn, but I was wrong, he was calling out for me, and my name was Doe. He cried it when he was tired, when he was sleepy, rejoiced the name of Doe when happy or when my attention was needed with him. To this day, I do not understand how or why he decided to call me DOE, and I accept this, as it is such a love name in regards of me having a new name replacing everyday grandmother expected name!

So now I am Doe, the one that today and hopefully in their future will they see me as their grandmother with worlds of who knows what, they named me Doe. (Maybe I am dear to them.) They are 2 & 4 years old and we have our bed time story of sleep time and many other special times.

Our bedtime story from me as Doe is special , and rules are no toys, no talking, no playing, or getting up at bedtime, and the most important thing when we close our eyes is "to think good things, and have good dreams." Then I kiss their face in their full yawn, not even sure if they know I placed the kissed in their half sleep, and watch them turn over to settle themselves within a deep sleep, and pat both their backs to make sure they are concentrating in their sleep. And I am thankful of my new name of Doe, and thankful it is so easy for them to say and future grand children can say with ease. And thankful that they dreamed up such a name and tickled that my grand children would called me of such a love name. I hope it is because I am a dear to them, yet, I realize that Anthony could not pronounce my name at the time, and Doe just fell in place and stuck. I love my grand boys, and telling the story of my name of Doe is something I want to remember and them remember as well.