Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Recently I was contacted by a reader of mine to surf and read on the behavior of PSYCHOPATH & SOCIOPATH. I am glad they suggested this, as there is just so much on this particular subject, and how it now affects us via the Internet. Please make sure you check out and read the links given at the end of this blog!

No longer are we thinking our next door neighbor, co-worker (even family) might posses the traits of this behavior, and we are now more and more seeing it on the Internet. We have seen movies that portray these type of people, and we sat back in amazement while watching the shows of "DAMN, these are scary people!". Now it has invaded our activity on our computer, and many times people become the victims of these types of behaviors, (maybe you) having no idea of why it happened.

There is just so much written on Psychopath & Sociopath behavior. While we think we have a pretty good idea of recognizing them, I wanted to blog on what I have discovered and it has certainly been an interesting and educating read for me. I am hoping to educate to some degree of what a psychopath is, as you might be a victim of one (or could become a victim of one) and have no idea of what you are dealing with.

While the articles say many things on the behavior of this group of people (of the ones I have read, and trust me, there is much information on this), they all say certain things in common of this type of individual. Perhaps you know one and can now recognize this type of person.

I read an interesting article about Trolls speaking about the disordered personality of antisocial types, which in reality is the same thing as psychopathy or sociopath behavior. The behavior of the Troll touches on personally experienced and what I have heard from others concerning their behavior follows, therefore my writing deals with this, but is not limited to:

1. Inability to accept or recognize social norms. I could go on forever with this in great detail, but it is recognized in other ways in my blog.

2. Repeated lying, deceitful, uses many aliases if discovered on one, then goes to another (especially if found out), conning and manipulative to others in order of personal or pleasure profit and gain.

3. Lack of remorse and irresponsibility concerning others, and then rationalize their behavior within their minds, disregarding the ones they have hurt, mistreated and many times destroyed.

4. They posses a narcissism behavior or grandiosity, need of admiration from others, yet total lack of empathy for others. Let me explain this more.

Concerning GRANDIOSITY , they need a sense of self-importance, and they accomplish this by exaggeration of their achievements, what wonderful things they have done, their religion, how they care, and expects to be recognized in a superior role for this. They have an unreasonable sense of entitlements and expectations, yet expect favorable or automatic compliance with their expectations. And with their interpersonal goals, they take advantage of those in their path to achieve their own ends, and that can be many things. And sadly, they are void of any empathy, and do not realize (or recognize) or identify with the feelings and needs of others, and shows arrogant behavior and attitude.

It has been expressed in several articles concerning trolls that have a personality behavior that they crave and feed upon constant need for attention, and are not happy at all when they are not the center of attention. Their writings are displayed in impressionistic form, and lacking of details, yet get very angry if questioned on this. Their behavior is manipulative and self centered, yet hard to recognize at first until you personally get to know the troll. The psychopath troll makes a point in provocative comments in order that emotional responses will be given by others. And many times when responses are given, they challenge the conversation, many times breaking the rules of chat or forum board, therefore being banned, and then cry VICTIM and go back in under a new identity.

I have found out through my research that this type of behavior of trolls do ask for forgiveness at times, and change their stories so that others will read it, using words of I made a mistake, instead of telling the entire story. The problem is that others are now questioning their behavior, and reading about it via the Internet, and they must do something to change it. The attention they are getting now is not what they wanted or hoped for, so they must ask for some type of forgiveness. More of this behavior follows in the blog, so keep reading!

OK, I am now ending the Troll comments that are related to Psychopath and Sociopath. It all has some relationship to the rest of what I have written. Heading now to all behavior of this group of people! You might see some redundant of the same behavior tho.

BEHAVIOR PATTERNS OF THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR, to include but not limited to!

1. Superficial and Glib~They can come across as very charming, intelligent (and actually, many are) and articulate individuals. They are very aware of what people find appealing and interested in, and work diligently to present themselves in favorable ways. As already stated, they tell tons (lies) of stories about themselves and their achievements and their attention need is fed when others think and believe on them, never knowing any better.

2. Egocentric~Total self-centered and under the unrealistic opinion that what everything and everyone does (or should) revolve around them. They have a superiority complex to the rest of society and think and feel they are right in questioning and violating all rules. They are arrogant, boastful, controlling, not to mention COCKY.

3. Manipulative and total deceitful~Their greatest talent is lies and then more lies. They still continue to carry on with their deception even when caught. Being caught is no big deal to them, even when confronted, as they just alter the details of their story.

4. Guilt & Remorse & Empathy and Emotions~ is total lacking with this type of individual and their behavior. They do not have the ability to "step into another's shoes", or relate to how the pain they have inflicted upon others is devastating. In the psychopath, they rationalize all they do and therefore do not feel any remorse or pain and possible destruction that they caused to others.

5. Impulsive~The psychopath revolves around here and the now, pretty much "living for the moment in time", and seeks instant total gratification (giving none, or little consideration to the consequences of their actions.)

6. Lacking in reliability and responsibility~This behavior problem among these individuals have no understanding or care of social goals, such as commitment, obligation, rules, etc. and cannot be counted on for them to understand. Making and breaking promises is not a problem with them, regardless of how it affects others.

7. Behavioral problems existing from early adulthood~Many times when looking into the psychopaths behavior, childhood problems were evident and present. Red flags go up if seen. Problems such as constantly lying, cheating, bullying, violence, just to name a very few.

8.Adult behavior~Antisocial~It all comes back to this. All the things I have already listed and spoken on. Standard and rules show no importance with them, and they do as they please, how they please with no regards as how it affects others. While their ways might not be criminal, they are most definite immoral. Their self centered goals are still the same, to think only of themselves and disregard how it affects others. Truly sad!

In ending concerning Psychopath and Sociopath (and I do apologize for this being such a long blog, but hopefully it will serve as an educational blog) I wanted to point out just a few more things that I have read concerning this. (As well as personal experience and others that have contacted me concerning this.) And I might be redundant in some of my comments on this.

These people and their behavior exhibit poor emotional intelligent, lack of conscience and unable to feel attached to people except in their own terms of their personal value. They usually start a relationship with others, and will invite the victim to participate in their game. (Sadly, the victim has no idea of the rules). They display a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde personality. In other words, they play the part of the role to rope one in, so that they can get what they want! They have no conscience and their biggest goal is for their gratification only. They come from all walks and talks of life, making it easy to fool the victims. It is hard to spot one at first. And when spotted by someone else, they cry VICTIM, and think they are, as we do not understand them. They play games, hoping us to become a token in their play. Yet, when we see the rules are out of order and we do not want to play by their rules, we become a subject of their vengeance. And this is very scary! While the majority of us do tell some little white lies, and feel guilt on this, the psychopath cannot or will not discriminate why it is that they lie, cheat or steal from. With them, no one matters, and it could be you as a friend to them, family, but most likely you will feel in the end SUCKER!

This is the end of my blog and I hope it has given some education to this behavior. Please, please read the links available and search more on google on this subject.


Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Case of Diagnostic Confusion
by Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.

Trolls May Have A Disordered Personality

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Look at the Psychopath

MSN GROUPS on PSYCHOPATH This last link I am not getting to come out right, but I will work on it, as it is a great read!

Monday, June 19, 2006


The more I read and hear about trolls and cyberstalkers, plus the fact that I know what I consider a troll and Cyberstalker by the name of Rose Desrochers, and have seen the damage she has done to others, and I actually, in a small degree, feel sorry for this type of people. What happened in their life to make them this way? Why is their self esteem so low and why are they so paranoid and jealous of others? The human mind has always fascinated me, and the psychology of the behavior of a Troll & Cyberstalker fits right in with that fascination.

If you are being harassed or stalked by a Cyberstalker or troll, chances are you are not the first one and will certainly not be the last one stalked by them. They are stalking because they need and love the attention it brings to them and crave having power over others, especially if they can hurt others by attacking them, as this is how they bring up their low self-esteem. As a general rule, the majority of these people in real life, are not very good at social skills, therefore, the Internet is their tool. They are cunning, manipulative, and many times at first come across as a real nice person. As you find out more about them, and those that have encountered this group of people, you will find that they are bullies, and care basically for no one, except themselves. Many times they have their groupies that agree with what ever they say or do. Kind of like the Jim Jones effect. Yet, if one of the groupies disagree with them, they might find themselves being stalked and trolled with a vengence, with the purpose of hurting them, as they hurt the stalker by going against their control. They hate this. They hate rejection. They hate it if anyone criticizes them or disagrees with them, and they refuses to listen to or understand view points of others. Their opinion is that they are right and everyone else is wrong. This is generally what starts flame wars, especially on chat boards and forums, which the majority of the time after this goes on and gets out of hand, they become banned. But, that does not stop them. They will go to another board, and usually, history will repeat itself. These type of people on forums are big posters, posting many times 20 to 30 times a day. Often posting about controversial subjects so their attention need is fed, knowing dang well it will start a flame war among the groups. Then the sympathy part of the behavior comes in if the anger turns toward them with "Why is everyone being so mean to me? I am such a good person?" Right!

These type of people have a common behavior pattern of banning people from their sites or blogs if someone disagrees with them. They hate people that see them for what they are, especially if told to their face. And sometimes this is a dangerous thing to do. Confronting a troll and Cyberstalker brings out another behavior pattern they posses, which is revenge. They will hunt you down the best way they can (and they are usually real good at this) and set out to destroy you in anyway they can. Trust me, thousands of people have been destroyed by trolls and cyberstalkers in many different ways. Emotionally, financially, have had their reputation ruined, and so much more.

If you are being stalked (and remember there are many different type of stalkers, trolls and predators) I would encourage you to visit
CYBERPATHS BLOG . This is a brave site that is taking on a goal of outing these type of people for what they are. Also make sure you check out their side bars for stories and recommended sites (which is by the way the same exact links that OFF2HUNT "borrowed" from CYBERPATHS BLOG (( except for the exception of Todays Woman link that OF2HUNT replaced on the one that was originally listed straight to my blog)) for interesting reads and great information. Actually, I am on their side bar under EXPOSING A TROLL. Now I do understand Pam Browns comment on Roses blog that she did not realize that link was there to my blog. That is because the original link to my blog was provided by CYBERPATHS BLOG.


There is so much information on the psychology of Trolls and Cyberstalkers and when time allows, I will be writing more on this. There is just so much to this, which is why I am writing a book, as it covers so much and is so important, and the public needs to know.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Katrina Memories

While I was working on my own personal goals tonight, my husband appeared with a magazine in hand in a demanding voice of “you love to blog, you must read this, as trust me, you will find time to blog on this.” I looked in his eyes, and he stood there with the pages open for me to read, and stood over my shoulder while I read the article. I should have know if was an article by National Geographic, as he reads them all. From the antique volumes to the new ones pressed in dates of 2006. And he reads them from front to back!

With him over looking me, I started to read the article. It started off describing a broiling hot summer day on a August afternoon, and forecasters warned of storms approaching that would hit the city of New Orleans. How it was forecasted and the devastation would unfolded. How the storm turned into a hurricane and the loss of life was involved. How the storm gathered speed and why people evacuated to higher ground. The story entailed how thousands remained in place, giving examples of the homeless, the car less, the aged and infirmed, as well as the die-hards that refused to go.

The article talked about how the devastation continued. How it hit certain areas in close relationship description of a nuclear warhead, pushing a deadly splurge into Lake Pontchartrain. How the waters of the lake broke away under the strength of the storm, flooding the city with unexpected waters. How it enveloped the city and destroyed the houses, and took away the bars and strip joints on Bourbon Street, and how it reached the entire city going over 25 feet while people rushed and climbed on roof tops to escape the fury.

The article went on to read about thousands drowning in the murky waters, and pointed out those that did now drown would die do to contamination of sewage and industrial waste, and how thousands of others would perish from the flood in regards to dehydration and disease while they waited to be rescued. How millions would be homeless, and thousands were dead and dying. How this was the worst disaster in the history of the United States.

He was expecting a reaction out of me, as he knew I had been watching CNN all day today on the Katrina disaster memories, and he is used to my tears that fall, but his point was strong as he knows me well and my emotions. He expected me to look into his face on the next line I read of “When did this calamity happen? It hasn’t-yet!” My first thought was, “Oh God, the possibility can happen again”

My husband took the book from my hand, and flipped it over for me to read the date. The date on the National Geographic magazine is October 2004. My insides and my body shook. We had already discussed this and knew this was reported on, but seeing this in such description in reality stunned me.

The article goes on to read that the doomsday is not far-fetched. That the Federal Emergency Management Agency list a hurricane to strike New Orleans as a dire threat to our nation. It even goes so far to say that Red Cross has a problem with hurricane shelters with claims the risk to workers is too great.

The article is devastating to read, as it brought back so many memories that touched the entire USA. And like with Tsunami, it reaches much further.

Jim, my husband deals with things different than me. While I cry and mourn on these things, his heart is heavy as he cannot stand the fact that people in power did not know this was going to happen and then it did happen, or if they knew the possibility of it, they refused to believe it, or own up to the fact so therefore passed the buck to stay clear of any blame.

Article is provided on the warning and prediction of trauma that did hit our USA and devestated so many lives less than a year ago, and their lives still continue to be stiffled, and hurt!

While the article of 2004 says so much that stands true in reality today, it breaks my heart to just go on. There was a statement in the article of why people will be broken forever, our wallets also suffer the problem as tax payers. And this could have also be avoided. When this happened, my last thought was a tax problem and my dollar spent as a tax payer, but what the author wrote gives me reason to think on this without guilt. When such a disaster happens to us, as a nation, as a caring respondent, our first thoughts are for the people that suffered. Our other thoughts come later. Reading the article will let you decide with your own feelings!


Sunday, June 11, 2006


Sometimes we forget our appreciation of other bloggers and what they teach us or give us to think about.

I have gotten way to involved in my own writing and my own debates and debatable voice of my own as of late. And in my scattered mind, I realize I forgot to mention others that I promised to myself that I would write on and about as they speak volumes. And for a long time, I have meant to write on and about bloggers that I have encountered, and I need to comment that they have a great deal to say, and express and point out of things we all need to think on and sit back with “hmmm, I never thought about it that way”, or I just so needed and enjoyed the humor to brighten my dark day in my readings. (We all need a little bit of both to understand the why of our lives.)

Therefore, I have two blogs I want others to read, what I consider important blogs that will follow this particular blog, and I do hope the readers spend some time reading this and appreciate both the following blogs.

One is written on ms. karen and how she expresses humor, yet points out many things that involve our every day life in her blogs at her site
ms. karens Place while in humor, expresses how serious our lives can continually be.

And the other one is written on Indigo Black and how she expresses things that we all need to at least consider and think on, and with the majority of us, we have at some time. Things that are controversial and debatable but given with great thought of what she writes on.
Indigo Black

I so enjoy their blogs, and readers that enjoy humor or things that involved our daily lives will really enjoy and appreciate these bloggers words.



ms. karens PLACE

I read a great many of blogs each and every day that I can. Reading blogs has opened up worlds for me, and has given me much to think and ponder on, and to write on. But, it is so refreshing to read a blog that has so much humor in it that it makes you choke, and to be ready to “cover your keyboard” as you might have food or drink in your mouth when you read it, and laughing sometimes makes us just spit. Especially with an unexpected full mouth, no matter what is in it.

I love humor in blogs and I keep up with a certain blogger, know as ms. karen as I know what to expect when I read her blog. Total giggles, and what is so nice about her blog, she makes serious points with humorous description. She does not want anyone, to include me, to know who she is, what her real name is, or her children’s names, her job, etc., but points out in great detail of what type of person she is, how her life is, how she deals with things, and all with total drop of complete humor. She should be a writer for comedians.

I make a point each morning to read ms. karen blogs as I feel it is important to start the day off with a smile. And if she has not blogged, I am disappointed, as I need her humor with my morning coffee. (My keyboard disagrees with this, as I have cleaned it way to many times of “replace me or stop reading her blogs.”)

As a very young child, I read my grandmothers Readers Digest, and my most loved part of the magazine was the humor section. Ms. Karen really needs to have her humor published. Smiling faces is an important part of our daily life with all the other crap we have to deal with.

About two months ago while watching TV, I found out that there are actually awards (not the ones that people just give to give their links) for people writing blogs. Awards for different categories, and as of right now, there is no category for humor blog awards, but if there was, she certainly has my vote.

Maybe we all need to write the link provided to include our favorite things we like to see in blogs.

In ending this, one needs to read ms. karens blog for a smile to start the day off with. And if she does not have anything written that day, just go back and check her other blogs, as they all are filled with humor that affects our daily lives. (Just be careful to move your keyboard while reading!)


Indigo Black~The Open Minded Want to Know


When it comes to blogs, many times we are afraid to write our feelings that are controversial, debatable, and voice opinions that others do not agree with. Especially when it comes to religion or god, the devil, or abortion, politics, same sex marriage, or mix marriage, aliens, outer space, who should live and who should die, law, and the list just goes on and on. It is very scary to do this in our writes, but when I see it done with much thought and excellent expressed words, I cannot but help appreciate it. To me, it is a very brave thing to do. It teaches us to at least understand other points of view, regardless if we agree or disagree with it.
I for one, so appreciate open minded people that welcome debate, especially if the readers do so without going over board in anger in their post and welcome comments that give us something to think on and about. We all need to remember that why and where we come to our opinions and hopefully is based on being open minded, thoughtful, and listening to other ideas and views. It does not mean that we will change our minds, or agree, but it does give us something to think on, and about.

With this, Indigo Black as a blogger comes to my mind. She writes with her heart but on brave things that the majority of the public might question, or disagree with in their beliefs. But is that not what makes the world go round, and open for debate for all who agree or disagree? Isn’t she what makes blogging important and open up for discussion concerning what she writes on and about, to a degree of what we learn or think on things? Bringing new thoughts or considerations to mind?

I have been chastised on not writing on other bloggers, and I promised I would. And I am trying and still have many more subjects and ideas to follow, but it will be something positive to me when I do. And with honor, I wanted to write about Indigo and how well she voices her opinion, and how well she thinks out things before she writes on them. I read blogs all the time, and the more I know people, the more I will write on them, but as of now, I do know Indigo, and did much research on this before I, myself wrote this blog, and I feel that she is an expert in what she writes, how she writes and appreciate her expertise and thoughts in her words. Below are links I wanted to give on her and her success. I have several more, and that will be another blog and another day.

INDIGO~Ezine Articles~Expert Author
Project Indigo

The above links are just a few examples of someone that speaks well and examines well of things. A great many will not agree with her, but if nothing else, it will give you a great deal to think on and about. I, for one appreciate her being so honest and clear and thoughtful with what she writes.



I wrote a previous blog on OFF2HUNT concerning that they had my link in their side bar as a recommended site. That link has been dropped and replaced with Todays Woman link.

I have no idea what Rose may have told her in an email to them, but it really does not matter. I am sure we all can probably guess, and we all know that it was one sided.

I do want to say one thing concerning this, what OFF2HUNT did, in my opinion, is still a good thing. They outed someone that was hurting women, and gave evidence of why this is a danger and showed this guy to be a fake, an impersonator and liar. Someone who broke hearts and the law while at it.

My only concern is the new link they provided is from a Troll & Cyberstalker that has many times has set out to destroy and hurt people. This in not uncommon with this group of trolls. Trolls in this group go by many screen names, set time aside to injure people, and then cry "I AM THE VICTIM". I have included one link to show my point, yet there are just so many more.

Rose Desrochers / Shawn Desrochers- WW removing their posts

Rose (and with good reason) thinks I am a troll. I pretty much am in the same role as OFF2HUNT, to expose people as who they really are, and try to find away to point it out or try and find ways to stop it. Many people know what I am doing and I get all kinds of emails of their stories, and it is just SAD! Majority of these people were on her site of Todays Woman at one time, and were booted for silly reasons. Todays Women, and I have always said this, is a great site, well put together and user friendly. The problem is not with the site but with the Administrator and how she runs it. I have met many wonderful people from the site. Caring, kind, positive people. The majority of these people are also afraid of Rose. I am not. In an email, she asked me if I was on a crusade, and I am. I stand up for what is right and wrong, and I sympathize and understand people that have been destroyed and hurt.

I am in the process of writing another blog concerning trolls, as with my research, again I learn so much. There are a great many articles on trolls that lie and convince, using sympathy as a tool. "Woe is me". They use the distorted facts of "see what I have done", and I am wonderful. And they are so convincing in what they do, the other party just believes them as they come off so real, and do not even check out the "Other side of the story." I actually use to be that way, but experience has taught me different now. Research has taught me to research as much as I can before I re-act to anything. One of the best lessons in my life.

And I encourage all others to do this before you find yourself as a target. I do not mind anything on me to be googled. As what will be found on any google is true and done with pride.

I do want all to readers to know that I am not at all angry with OFF2HUNT dropping the link. And I still have the utmost admiration for their cause.


PS, for those that have emailed me to leave this alone as you are concerned for me, I thought I could, but I really can't at this point. I at LEAST had to make this particular point, but thank you all for being so supportive and caring, and I will try and give it a rest, but I can't make promises right now!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reading Between The Lines & Giving Opinions That Count

Well, so we hope so. While I might not blog a great deal of time, I do read a great many blogs many times. I think blogs are important as they give our feelings and what we think about, and why. And the responses we get from blogs gives us value and consideration, and things to think on and explore. Things that might change our mind or at least give us consideration to understand the person more that wrote a response to our blog!

And this is a pet peeve that I have found in blogs. While the names are there in response of the readers, with many blogs you cannot click on the names to find out more on the readers and why they responded on the subject at hand. Just the name, but no link or allowed history of why they wrote their opinion of why they disagree or agree. When I search for things and find things that I am interested in, I want to know more, of why and wherefore, therefore, and what more is there to the reader responding that I am missing? I love reading blogs to further my expansion of what I think and why do others think different. And reading blog responses is where I many times sit back in great thought and think "Well, that is another way to look at it, or I disagree, or I agree, (and question myself why) or I need to look into this more of why they came up with their opinion."

Considering my PET PEEVE is that if I cannot click the links of response to a blog by a reader, but can only read the bloggers thoughts and opinions without sharing the readers opinion than not only am I missing something possibly important, but the responders to the blogs are missing something I think that are trying to tell the other readers of their formed opinion, and of why.

It really IRKS me when I can only click onto the blogger author and their link comes up, but am not allowed to click to the reader who responded to their blog, as no link is available. What am I missing? And why? Thankfully there has been times where I can at least google to find out more information if a full name is given, and if I am truly interested, and hopefully I hope it is worth the time! Yet, honestly, I hate to do that, as it takes time and much effort, and a given link would be so much easier. With blogs like this, I have to sit back in my chair with a frown on my face and have to concentrate of why would this be a part of blogging? I really do not understand! WHY?

Something to think about in many ways. If any of my readers respond to my comments, I have it set up that they will be linked so that others can see why they felt a certain way, and have the opportunity for others to know more about them with the click of their name. It really does not matter in my opinion if they agree or disagree with what is written, but will give other readers the opportunity to form opinions of knowing them better of why they made sincere thought out statements. Hopefully, this makes bloggers and readers of us all in hopes of to blog, to express and for us all to respond and have the opportunity to understand of what is written before us, by all of us.

All opinions on this are welcome. I do not ban any from this blog, and all I ask is that responses are subject at hand, respectful and not vulgar.


Thursday, June 01, 2006


Well, here is a little bit of news and reading for interested bloggers. It has been awhile since I wrote in my blog, actually the last time I wrote in my blog was the 18th of last month, so I fell upon a shock today when I checked out my sitemeter to see who has been lurking, and WHOAAA, I nearly fell over as TROLLS FLAME WARS & CYBERSTALKERS had been read 67 times and 18 people were reported on the sitemeter at that time.

What in the world generated all this interest? I checked, and all the readers were from one referring URL call OFF2HUNT. OFF2HUNT had placed me in the side bar as a recommended site. The reason this site is so popular at this time is because it is all over the news. Yet, I expect it to continue to be a well read site, as in my personal opinion, it is a needed site, and full of valuable information.

This jerk of a guy name Richard Kudlik had been impersonating himself as a Federal Marshal to impress women. He had the badges, guns, gear, etc., which appeared very convincing. As it turned out, he has been married 17 years and works as a mechanic's helper. After his last girlfriend found out anonymously from someone that he was not who or what he claimed to be, she did some research and spent a great deal of time to show that he was a phony. He was arrested yesterday. Very interesting story. You can read all about it in the links provided.
Authorities: Angry girlfriends out fake U.S. marshal~CNN

Angry girlfriends turn in fake marshal~CNN LAW CENTER

Neither Federal Officer Nor Gentleman, Women Say ~New York Times

Fake Fed is a chat room phony

I must say that I am quite honored that they used the very first blog I ever wrote of TROLLS, FLAME WARS & CYBERSTALKERS to place on their recommended sites side bar. It sure has given my blog a lot of attention and exposure.

Hmmm, maybe new ideas to place in my never ending book!