Saturday, March 18, 2006

COPYCAT~COPYCAT! What Is All This Fuss About?

For all that know me, I comment on things I read, especially if I know the bloggers, and what they say, uh, back and forth, which also includes me to a degree. And when I do this, I go straight to research to see other details of what is and what gives.

Personally, on this subject, copycat is no big deal, unless you are stealing works, patents, etc. The world is made up of copycats, and helps make us grow and develop. It is common sense to look at what others do, and if they are successful, and how it can be change it to make it more productive for you. GOOD GRIEF, the Internet is full of FREE programs so that you can copy and expand on. There is a reason behind this, called "good business" to help get their name out. The better the copycat, the better their business will be in the long run, as they think (and wise they do) that what "comes around, goes around" and will touch a dust to them.

I have read on blogs that I am familiar with where "Copycating" became insults of who did it first, "How dare you", and I question "WHO CARES?"

I have been of recent one that has been copycated many times. I wrote a poem of KISS (Kiss It Simple Stupid) and the next thing I found out, was the one I wrote it about, they used it in an a article. No big deal (yet there was some misleading, as if they had heard it all their life, yet now decided to write on it), but, if it made them think, go for it. Catch that brass ring on the old Merry Go Round. Since I started my blog, other blogs are made in relationship to my words or TITLE of it? Yours also, probably. No biggie!

Copycat starts from childhood and evolves in adulthood. The quote of "MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO" was not just for monkeys. And don't we try and have our children copycat our behavior? (I agree, sometimes this is not a good thing, and should worry about that.) You like a certain brand of clothing, and all your friends have it, so you buy, for the reason why? You like the way your friends house looks and where the furniture is in place, so you try that. Shame on you COPYCAT!!

Well, I want to say so much, and I catch myself on this. So, to just point out the long run of this, FORD was the first car. Now, how many more auto makes and models do we now have? Copycat, copycat, and with this, FORD was the ORIGINAL, and business was bought and sold and delivered on other makes and models, and could care less. (Except for the millions, zillions they made over time!) GET MY POINT?

Silly? Think about that the next time YOU might copycat an idea!

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  1. Good point, Kats....
    Albeit, some people, hmmmm... nope, won't mention names!!! ; } anywho, some people are so insecure and untalented and uncreative, that they must play copycat so that they can build themselves up. Ran into a such an online person, who had to copy other's writings, just to make herself look good...had to copy what other's did online, so as to make herself look good. hmmm...see a pattern here?!! Well, like you biggie to those of us being copied...what do they say? something about it being a compliment?????!!!!! ; }