Friday, March 10, 2006

PUBLISHED or NOT~How do you determine this?

Here I go again in my own research of what is PUBLISHED, concerning credits given as an author. I guess I will probably piss (but hope not) a lot of people off blogging on this subject , but I guess I will take that chance. Am I, or am I not publishing these words for all of you to see? Research tells me, in a large and certain degree, that anything I put on the web, is published. OKIE DOIKE, enough of that.

I have two books on LULU. PUBLISHED, or self PUBLISHED? Same thing, right? That is the question! Anyway you look at it, if copyright, and a book is up for sale or not, or ordered, paid for, regardless if you pay for it yourself, it IS PUBLISHED, and all laws protect you in this.

Lulu, ((whom, I am a party to, and have READ everything concerning the rules and guidelines and regulations, which I abide by, and on and on, etc. yada, yada, yada,) is NOW a published book. GUESS WHAT, I am NOW a published Author. HORRAY for me! YIPPEE!

I know I am making some fun of this, and I like having my book at LULU, as I really wanted to see my works in print, and that was enough for me, and I knew it would go no further, unless discovered in the other thousands of those which are also there. BUT, guess what, I now have the opportunity to do, (which I never will) is to put into everything I write, on any SITE and on any web space, BLOG, POEM, (you name it) I can find, as well as any signatures I use , that I am a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

I guess I come from the OLD school, and I know enough published authors, or have at least read their books, (not to mention countless other books that touched my soul, just like the ones you know so well that started you into the wonderful world of writing, and I do NOT say that with humor at all, but with honesty and heart) to know that when (or if) I am published, (not self published) that I will eventually get a paycheck from it, if discovered, or my words are worth it. And I take my chances on that theory, and I still put written words on, things I hope are needed to give the inspirations to myself and others to continue the journey, and realizing that I will probably not earn much financial gain from it (but do find on the INTERNET needed personal glory, such as awards of being recognized, writing sites I feel I need toward growth of my quest, and feedback and critique that helps me along the way) because I want to just share it, and hopes that someone will see it, respond, recognize it. That alone holds its personal glory for me.

With that last statement made, do not get me wrong, as I think it is very important to PROMOTE your own writing , via Internet or snail mail. And to be aware of being rejected many times over. I expect to be rejected redundate times. And I intend to use that rejection, and any other outlets, facets, and all possible routes to get my words possibly published one day, and hope when I finally find that "certain thing that works" where my words will be noticed, ( in luck, like I have any of that of late), but, maybe, it can happen. I might even be approached by book deal, as others have proved to be. Here I go again, making a long story long, instead of short.

Final words in short, I do not expect to make a fortune by considering my books being published on LULU, and certainly never would consider PA as a publisher for me to make my voice in the world to say, "HEY, Guess what, I am a published Author, and guess by who!"

Getting off my soap box now, and hoping I do not get kicked off of it, by those who do not understand. But, am willing to take the chance of being kicked off with opinions concerning this.



  1. Hi Katie,
    It's true that anyone can be an author if self-published, and I have made my views known about this many times, because certain people brag about themselves being authors, when, in fact, they are horrific writers! But, I have come across websites where self- published authors are being recognized for their achievements. There are contests now, and places to send in your work, to have it examined and acknowledged by professionals.
    On the other hand, I have to say that I have read many a novel or work by published authors, that had me shaking my head, wondering why and how they ever got their work published!!! Guess it's all in the eyes, minds of the publisher!!!
    Hang in there, my friend, there are a good many of us in the same boat! We can encourage and cheer for each other... :}
    In the mean time, may I just say...

  2. Hi Mid,
    I totally agree with you. That is my whole point of people who brag about being published, when in it comes to the Internet, millions are published, including myself and everyone I know of practically.

    But, I would never place a signature on everything I place on the Internet that I am a published author, as I don't see it that way.

    Publish America drove me nuts some time back as I had sent them somethings I had thought about publishing, but after researching them and problems with them, I told them I was not interested any longer. They called, sent me mail, emailed me, and on and on, as if they did not understand the word NO.

    I will be very careful of who I finally go with to publish things, and I am leaning toward a well known publisher at this time.

    My time is so limited as it is, and when I do have some spare time, it is usually in research. It is like I cannot get enough of it. I just think that being self published on LULU is great for the intention I had, but when it comes to being really considering myself published, it will be because money is involved toward my behalf. LOL.

    Also, speaking of people being published by well known companies, I agree with you. I have reading a book for 6 months now. I keep thinking I need to trash this book, as it is so boring, but I try to complete what I started, and who knows, maybe the last 3rd of the book will be interesting, if I can only get to part.