Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Blog Look~Thank You So Much INDIGO BLACK

I am so excited that I am beside myself!! Indigo Black said she would do a blog template for me, and she did such a wonderful job. It is just so exciting. I discussed all my ideas, my colors that fit me, and how I love butterflies and would like to have them in the blog. This afternoon when I went to check my blog, I just about fell over, as it was so great to see. So refreshing and up beat. Then she spent 3 hours with me tweaking it for me as we went back and forth in emails. She added all my links, changed some colors, and I think it is perfect.

Indigo Black, thank you so very much for this. I know I have told you this several times, but I wanted others to know that this means just so much to me.

Readers, Indigo Black has a link on my sidebar. Please make sure you check it out. It is a journey you will enjoy.

Below is a draft she left on my blog for me to read, and have decided to keep it in the blog.

Again, thank you so much for such a wonderful and profession looking blog. Katie

Hello Miss Katie.

I have installed your wonderful template. I may need to do some tweaking with it. The post box stretches for some odd reason in Internet Explorer when links are too big for the box. So I have to go back and do some reserch on it to figure out how to fix it.

Meanwhile, please send me the links you wish to add to your sidebar and where they should go. I even added a space for you to add a poem or favorite quote. Just let me know and I shall add them. I went ahead and activated your rss feed and put it on the sidebar so people can subscribe to it.

Just let me know what other lovely things you would like and I shall do my best.

Hugs and positive thoughts~Indigo


  1. Very nice look, Katie. Great job, Indigo Black. (You rock!)

  2. She sure does, and she added your site for me so that I could keep up with you daily. Soooooo COOOL!!!

  3. I think it reflects "you" just perfectly, Katie! It's lovely and refreshing. I can't wait to visit Indigo Black, she's done beautiful work...what a talent! I'm inspired to draw a butterfly now... something that's been on the back burner for a while. I love those creatures, and after having just visited Franklin Conservatory in Columbus, OH, with my daughters, esp. the butterfly room, I'm itchin' to get out my art supplies!!
    hugs, mid

  4. You guys are so sweet. Thank you very much but the real thanks goes to Katie for trusting me with her blog. (lol). It looks good on ya :)