Sunday, March 05, 2006

Words From The Wise

Since I am touching and dealing with sensitive subjects, I did want to point out things my mother wrote in an effort to teach herself, and I think others possibly as well, as her wisdom teaches not just me, but has reached many more, and maybe you, or at least gives you things to ponder on. Things to think about, as we do all think on close subjects to these thoughts, but I, as I am sure many others do, write really long blogs on such simple and profound words, that touch our soul, life or in between space. It amazes me how I can write or think on just one word. Just one word tells so much.

BTW, these words were written in the 1980's by Addie Williams.

It is passing,
This journey into naught.
Mark it well.
It will not come this way again.
Truth is a dark cave
Not a point of length.
Words are an insult to truth,
Upon their reading at a later time.
Awash in the dregs at the bottom.
Oh, for the light at the top.
"Pride goeth before a fall"
And so doth hope -
And humility, too,
Truth, Justice and Beauty -
We have no right
To ask for more,
And if we're wise,
No desire.
Inordinate ego
Must die
If Self would live.
We are all two faced
One visage out there
Another in here.

Authors Den~Addie Williams Site

Still not real good with what to do with the blogs, but I think the bloggers that keep in touch with knows what I am doing. Help is still needed.


  1. That was a very poinant poem of hers. Bless you for posting it. She was a very wise woman.

  2. Hi Devrie, after I read you post, I realized, that it could be a poem, but I did mean to put down that these were quotes she wrote, (well, just a few of who knows how many).

    Regardless, she would be happy that they meant something to people. Thank you for your kind post.


  3. I guess poetry is a realtive term, then. To some people, the sound of a child laughing is a poem. None the less, those were awesome words.

  4. I agree with Dev... your mom was very wise and had a wonderful way of expressing the things she learned throughout her lifetime. Your love for her is quite evident, and passing on her words, sharing them with strangers, is one of the greatest tributes you can pay to her work!
    Thank you for sharing,