Thursday, March 16, 2006


This morning, I went back and checked Mid's site again, and felt I really needed to write on this. Mid and I became cyber pals due to same story, song and dance of the Scarlet encounter.

While I have been to Mid's site before, I never really checked it out like I did this morning. In one word, AWESOME, is the best way to describe it. This is one talented lady, in poetry, prose, art, essays and so much more. Her site is just so warm and comfortable, as well as inspirational.

Thank you Mid for developing and sharing such an exceptional site, and your poems are just wonderful, and your art work is amazing.

If any of my readers get time, please check out the link and spend some time there, as you will not regret it.

To visit Mid's site click here .


  1. I enjoy visiting Mid's site, especially when I'm feeling out of sorts. Her artwork is very uplifting, and the story she wrote about the little girl and the Roman soldier was excellent (no wonder it won an award).

    Thanks for highlighting her site, Katie. It is AWESOME.

  2. wow.. I'm speechless in so many ways! Thank you, Katie, for a humbling moment in time...for your glowing praise, and also for Karen's comments. I don't what else to say, but thank both of you. You've each paid me the highest of compliments, by returning to view my work--I'm truly blessed to have your you guys! mid

  3. Mid Point~(for those who do not understand, we find many nicknames, in game, for each other. LOL)

    I loved visiting your site, and actually, since I had the time to visit and spend time the other day, I have been back many times, as I wanted to read so much more, and look forward to your writings.

    Actually, while visiting your site, as well as others that write with so much thought and emotion, I discovered that many excellent poets, are also excellent artist. You and Devrie are wonderful examples of this, as well as others. My mother also was an excellent artist and painter, (at least to me)and sometimes I think that emotions that come from the words that can be described for all to see, also have the gift of showing and expressing it in art, as it comes from the soul. I also think it is a gifted talent.

    I do not want other excellent poets and writers and artist to get me wrong, as many great poems are written without the art, and much art is written without poetry. But, it is wonderful to see all facets, and what is done with them. Does this make sense?


  4. Mid is awesome, isn't she? It's funny that Ms. Karen says, "I enjoy visiting Mid's site...when I'm feeling out of sorts," because that's how I feel too.

    Her site reminds me of those sermons that seem like they're directed squarely at if you're the only one on the pew.

    Isn't it amazing the people we encounter, what they teach us, and how we all meet?

  5. Devrie, it is so good to see you comment. All of us have wondered where you have been, and have kept up with you as much as possible.

    And, I have to say that I am so glad I wrote this blog on Mid, as it has touched so many, and that is a comfort in itself. I agree with your words on "being in a pew alone listening to her, as her writings so express it, while she is talking to everyone, you just get so drawn up into thinking she is just talking to you, and understands."

    Hugs to all. Katie


  6. Dev!! There you are... ; } Love your sweet spirit. What beautiful compliments to take to bed with me. Sometimes we aren't sure if we've connected with anyone, and then, their voices come through like the whir of angelic wings. By the way, what I write God speaks to me first, so if the pew feels nice and warm, it's because I was there before you guys!! ; }
    ya'll are the best! mid