Sunday, March 26, 2006

Researching In Thoughts Of What I Am Looking For AND?!!

Researching In Thoughts Of What I Am Looking For and Credibility getting there ~ has of late BLOWN my mind.

I spend a great deal of my valuable time and effort on research, whatever the subject may be that I am interested on or about, and I click all the links thinking I will find something valuable in regards to what I am researching, (I am a sucker for this, and for good reason, as I never know what the next link might bring to me, and hope to learn something new by the click of my mouse). But, as of late, I am a little disturbed and frustrated, as many of the links I have clicked in my excitement of search, have nothing to do with the subject at hand at my first glance upon my click of the mouse, and I do not have the time to explore the site given in the link, (to question if I am lost, or what gives) as there are other places to visit on my journey, with other hopeful clicks to explore.

In other words, a word to the wise (or unwise), if you are trying to make or express a point, and use links to describe or express certain things on your blog, or your site (whatever the case may be), per your links that computer users click, on your examples of links given, it might be a good idea to give some explained history, or adequate information before you give a link where the viewer has to search for the plot and story in place, especially if they are looking for the information via your words, which leads to your credibility.

I guess right now I am just a little perturbed with this, as I do a great deal of research on the Internet so available to me, and when I click a link, I want it to tell me something, or lead me to think and learn more, and become excited on pressing another link to expand further on what I am looking or searching for. I get so frustrated at links that do not lead me anywhere, and waste my time on trying to figure out "WHERE THE HECK AM I. AND WHY DID THIS LINK APPEAR, AND WHERE IS IT SUPPOSED TO TAKE ME NOW?" Thank goodness I know how to use the BACK BUTTON!

Considering other things in relationship to this, if you are going to write on something and try to prove your point, please take the time to give adequate links (and refrain from giving duplicate and redundant links) in efforts that lead your viewers on a lost journey in following your story, and while at it, make sure since you DID spend a great deal of time in providing these links, that you check the links yourself to make sure they follow through with what you are trying to say, and make sure they upload right and with no problems for viewers. Try and make sure the folks that follow these links can find your reasons of why you placed your links with care.

So, in closing, and this is just my personal opinion, it is a good idea to give only a few well researched and valuable links to get your point across (especially if chosen well in what you are trying to get across), as to many links requires to much reading in one spot, and even the good readers have a problem of picking and choosing which one to click next, especially if the links go nowhere on readers, viewers journey.

Just some thoughts on my night research and thoughts, and once again, my considerations for who wants to hear them.

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