Sunday, June 11, 2006


ms. karens PLACE

I read a great many of blogs each and every day that I can. Reading blogs has opened up worlds for me, and has given me much to think and ponder on, and to write on. But, it is so refreshing to read a blog that has so much humor in it that it makes you choke, and to be ready to “cover your keyboard” as you might have food or drink in your mouth when you read it, and laughing sometimes makes us just spit. Especially with an unexpected full mouth, no matter what is in it.

I love humor in blogs and I keep up with a certain blogger, know as ms. karen as I know what to expect when I read her blog. Total giggles, and what is so nice about her blog, she makes serious points with humorous description. She does not want anyone, to include me, to know who she is, what her real name is, or her children’s names, her job, etc., but points out in great detail of what type of person she is, how her life is, how she deals with things, and all with total drop of complete humor. She should be a writer for comedians.

I make a point each morning to read ms. karen blogs as I feel it is important to start the day off with a smile. And if she has not blogged, I am disappointed, as I need her humor with my morning coffee. (My keyboard disagrees with this, as I have cleaned it way to many times of “replace me or stop reading her blogs.”)

As a very young child, I read my grandmothers Readers Digest, and my most loved part of the magazine was the humor section. Ms. Karen really needs to have her humor published. Smiling faces is an important part of our daily life with all the other crap we have to deal with.

About two months ago while watching TV, I found out that there are actually awards (not the ones that people just give to give their links) for people writing blogs. Awards for different categories, and as of right now, there is no category for humor blog awards, but if there was, she certainly has my vote.

Maybe we all need to write the link provided to include our favorite things we like to see in blogs.

In ending this, one needs to read ms. karens blog for a smile to start the day off with. And if she does not have anything written that day, just go back and check her other blogs, as they all are filled with humor that affects our daily lives. (Just be careful to move your keyboard while reading!)


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  1. Miss Katie, thank you VERY much for your kind words. I feel like I've been spoiled with special gifts, so I'm sure this week will be a speedy one (it's the last full week before the end of school!)

    Take care, and thank you again, Katie. (wow, I'm actually blushing!)