Sunday, June 11, 2006


I wrote a previous blog on OFF2HUNT concerning that they had my link in their side bar as a recommended site. That link has been dropped and replaced with Todays Woman link.

I have no idea what Rose may have told her in an email to them, but it really does not matter. I am sure we all can probably guess, and we all know that it was one sided.

I do want to say one thing concerning this, what OFF2HUNT did, in my opinion, is still a good thing. They outed someone that was hurting women, and gave evidence of why this is a danger and showed this guy to be a fake, an impersonator and liar. Someone who broke hearts and the law while at it.

My only concern is the new link they provided is from a Troll & Cyberstalker that has many times has set out to destroy and hurt people. This in not uncommon with this group of trolls. Trolls in this group go by many screen names, set time aside to injure people, and then cry "I AM THE VICTIM". I have included one link to show my point, yet there are just so many more.

Rose Desrochers / Shawn Desrochers- WW removing their posts

Rose (and with good reason) thinks I am a troll. I pretty much am in the same role as OFF2HUNT, to expose people as who they really are, and try to find away to point it out or try and find ways to stop it. Many people know what I am doing and I get all kinds of emails of their stories, and it is just SAD! Majority of these people were on her site of Todays Woman at one time, and were booted for silly reasons. Todays Women, and I have always said this, is a great site, well put together and user friendly. The problem is not with the site but with the Administrator and how she runs it. I have met many wonderful people from the site. Caring, kind, positive people. The majority of these people are also afraid of Rose. I am not. In an email, she asked me if I was on a crusade, and I am. I stand up for what is right and wrong, and I sympathize and understand people that have been destroyed and hurt.

I am in the process of writing another blog concerning trolls, as with my research, again I learn so much. There are a great many articles on trolls that lie and convince, using sympathy as a tool. "Woe is me". They use the distorted facts of "see what I have done", and I am wonderful. And they are so convincing in what they do, the other party just believes them as they come off so real, and do not even check out the "Other side of the story." I actually use to be that way, but experience has taught me different now. Research has taught me to research as much as I can before I re-act to anything. One of the best lessons in my life.

And I encourage all others to do this before you find yourself as a target. I do not mind anything on me to be googled. As what will be found on any google is true and done with pride.

I do want all to readers to know that I am not at all angry with OFF2HUNT dropping the link. And I still have the utmost admiration for their cause.


PS, for those that have emailed me to leave this alone as you are concerned for me, I thought I could, but I really can't at this point. I at LEAST had to make this particular point, but thank you all for being so supportive and caring, and I will try and give it a rest, but I can't make promises right now!


  1. Katie,

    It's a shame they allowed that manipulator to ply her wiles on them, but that's what she does. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before her link is pulled because enough people who have been hurt by her will cry "foul!"

    This morning I had a lovely breakfast with a couple of writer friends and we got onto the subject of writing sites. One of them had direct dealings with rose and said it was a painful and miserable experience. It took her a while to get to the point where she no longer felt sullied and enraged by the unfair treatment she received at that hands of that bully.

    And, seriously, that's all she is. She's a bully. Ignoring a bully does not change them, it only makes them pick on someone else. Bully behavior is learned in childhood. She won't change, no matter how many times you show her she's wrong, or mean, or whatever. She'll never see it, and she'll always surround herself with people who are happy to ignore it as well.

    Bullies are like that. They don't care. They CAN'T care, because that wasn't what they were taught.

    I'm thankful I raised children who believe in being nice, even if they are frustrated by those who dismiss the rules or act like swine. I am proud of them when they stand up to a bully and point out rude behavior, even if nothing changes.

    Bullies may not listen, but some of the people around them do, and THAT'S where hope is, because those who watch, may learn and become civilized human beings and leave the bully behind.

  2. ms. karen, I totally agree with you, and I know that I cannot change her, but hopefully others will see and understand how this category of people work. Or at least be on the look out for this. Or educate themselves in this type of behavior.

    I can tell your children are stand up people, and thank goodness there are mothers that teach their children to stand up, as it says so much. I hope I have instilled these things into my children as well, and from what I can see, I think I have.

    I am so sorry that your writer friend had such a hard time. I am sure you told her that she was not alone. Please feel free to give her my email address. For all I know, she may have already written me though. I get a great deal of comments that are never published on my blog, as that is their request. With their story, they do not want me to add it to comments on the blog, as they are concerned they will be trashed. Therefore, I respect their wishes. I certainly do not want to be one in a party to hurt them.

    Thank you for your post and support on this. As I said in my blog, I am not upset with OFF2HUNT. I am sure they thought what they did was the right thing to do.


  3. Katie...Rose sure is making sure she let's everyone know about Dev and Jeff on her front used to be a neat home page, but she seems obsessed w/duping everyone (brainwashing?) into believing her version....yeach...such a sad, sad, person!!!