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The more I read and hear about trolls and cyberstalkers, plus the fact that I know what I consider a troll and Cyberstalker by the name of Rose Desrochers, and have seen the damage she has done to others, and I actually, in a small degree, feel sorry for this type of people. What happened in their life to make them this way? Why is their self esteem so low and why are they so paranoid and jealous of others? The human mind has always fascinated me, and the psychology of the behavior of a Troll & Cyberstalker fits right in with that fascination.

If you are being harassed or stalked by a Cyberstalker or troll, chances are you are not the first one and will certainly not be the last one stalked by them. They are stalking because they need and love the attention it brings to them and crave having power over others, especially if they can hurt others by attacking them, as this is how they bring up their low self-esteem. As a general rule, the majority of these people in real life, are not very good at social skills, therefore, the Internet is their tool. They are cunning, manipulative, and many times at first come across as a real nice person. As you find out more about them, and those that have encountered this group of people, you will find that they are bullies, and care basically for no one, except themselves. Many times they have their groupies that agree with what ever they say or do. Kind of like the Jim Jones effect. Yet, if one of the groupies disagree with them, they might find themselves being stalked and trolled with a vengence, with the purpose of hurting them, as they hurt the stalker by going against their control. They hate this. They hate rejection. They hate it if anyone criticizes them or disagrees with them, and they refuses to listen to or understand view points of others. Their opinion is that they are right and everyone else is wrong. This is generally what starts flame wars, especially on chat boards and forums, which the majority of the time after this goes on and gets out of hand, they become banned. But, that does not stop them. They will go to another board, and usually, history will repeat itself. These type of people on forums are big posters, posting many times 20 to 30 times a day. Often posting about controversial subjects so their attention need is fed, knowing dang well it will start a flame war among the groups. Then the sympathy part of the behavior comes in if the anger turns toward them with "Why is everyone being so mean to me? I am such a good person?" Right!

These type of people have a common behavior pattern of banning people from their sites or blogs if someone disagrees with them. They hate people that see them for what they are, especially if told to their face. And sometimes this is a dangerous thing to do. Confronting a troll and Cyberstalker brings out another behavior pattern they posses, which is revenge. They will hunt you down the best way they can (and they are usually real good at this) and set out to destroy you in anyway they can. Trust me, thousands of people have been destroyed by trolls and cyberstalkers in many different ways. Emotionally, financially, have had their reputation ruined, and so much more.

If you are being stalked (and remember there are many different type of stalkers, trolls and predators) I would encourage you to visit
CYBERPATHS BLOG . This is a brave site that is taking on a goal of outing these type of people for what they are. Also make sure you check out their side bars for stories and recommended sites (which is by the way the same exact links that OFF2HUNT "borrowed" from CYBERPATHS BLOG (( except for the exception of Todays Woman link that OF2HUNT replaced on the one that was originally listed straight to my blog)) for interesting reads and great information. Actually, I am on their side bar under EXPOSING A TROLL. Now I do understand Pam Browns comment on Roses blog that she did not realize that link was there to my blog. That is because the original link to my blog was provided by CYBERPATHS BLOG.


There is so much information on the psychology of Trolls and Cyberstalkers and when time allows, I will be writing more on this. There is just so much to this, which is why I am writing a book, as it covers so much and is so important, and the public needs to know.
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Hey there, Miss Katie,

When I was doing a little digging the other day, I came across an anti-bullying site in the UK, but of course, I can't remember what it was called. It mostly dealt with bullies in the workplace, but it outlined the types of bullies, which I think you would find extremely fascinating.

I'll see if it's still in the history of my computer at work. If it is, I'll write down the URL and send it your way.


Hi ms. Karen,

Thank you so much. That would be great if you could find it. I really need all information I can get and if you recommend it, I know it would be fascinating as you understand the route I am taking.

Writting in my blog helps me get my story in line and outline. LOL
There is just so much to this, psychology, mind, up bringing, etc that I think will take focus into my journey of this. Thanks so much for thinking of me.


BTW, it appears Rose is still working hard to upset many people again, as evident on James Landriths board. Apparently her behavior never stops and fits right in with the behavior I have listed in this blog.


This is a great piece Katie. I did visit the Cyberpaths blog and they do have a lot of good information there. I linked to it in my latest post. Keep up the good work :)

Hi Katie, is the place where I found some amazing information. There are other links there as well, so it should keep you nice and busy. (unless, of course, you've already been there...)


Cyberpaths has the stories of the predators we've exposed on the right margin of our site. Please read through them. These people go after other adults via dating, chat or penpal sites and then use them emotionally, financially, sexually or just for kicks. The results are devastating. Please keep reading the blog! Thanks

Too bad the rose bush is incapable of pruning her own thorns...I think she feeds off the blood spilled by those who get caught in her nasty branches...which, I'm finding out of late, are many!! Insatiable appetite, that one! The button for sensitivity is definitely stuck on off, in her case. Great work, Katiedear...and miss Karen!!

ms. Karen, thank you so much for the link. Actually I will be using that in my next blog, but I have other things that will keep me from doing this for a short while, but I do keep this in mind, with blog and book. I also have gotten some email from others to use this as a subject to write on.

Indigo, thank you for your comment, and it is much appreciated and CYBERPATHS blog gives great information of what is important. I really appreciate their leading me to things I did not, but need to think upon. Thank you FIGHTER concerning your comments.

MID, I wanted to thank you for your comment. You have such a great way of saying things that touch our souls, and in such expression with your words. You have away to express so many things and in so many ways that pretty much explains my blogs in total. Not that I do not think others do (and I know they understand) but your words express all I try to write and you sum it up in just few words.


oh ma gosh, Kats...I just read James Landrith's new blog/comments on you know who...jeepers. I just wish I could post my conversations w/her and her ranting spouse...those who talk about her caring(are you kidding me?)sensitive nature(ditto from above)would have to at least take a step back and wonder. I'm just glad you've read what I saved from TW!
How she dupes these people is of great "wonder" to me!! I'm just waiting for one of them to slip, and finally come under the wrath of the real person they admire so! They won't be waking up to the smell of roses...if ya know what I mean...!!!!!!!!!!
Ah, well, I know what she thinks of me!!! Like it matters....
Thank you so much for your kind words, Katster ; }

I actually, in a small degree, feel sorry for this type of people.

I, too, spent a couple of days feeling sorry for Rose after my encounter for her. But then I read more and more about her on the multitude of sites across the Internet from which she has been evicted. And, jeez, the stuff that she's been spouting lately on James Landrith's site about how she is the victim in all this. *sigh* Suffice to say, I no longer have any sympathy for her.

Katie, you're fighting the good fight, and I'm keeping you in my thoughts.


P.S. The Cyberpaths web site is really interesting. Thanks for posting the link!

Several of us have been stalked and harassed by a woman named Angela Buer. We created a site to out her for her crimes against us.

I think due to the nature of your cyberbully, stalker, you also need to go and read

Thank you for your comment


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