Thursday, June 01, 2006


Well, here is a little bit of news and reading for interested bloggers. It has been awhile since I wrote in my blog, actually the last time I wrote in my blog was the 18th of last month, so I fell upon a shock today when I checked out my sitemeter to see who has been lurking, and WHOAAA, I nearly fell over as TROLLS FLAME WARS & CYBERSTALKERS had been read 67 times and 18 people were reported on the sitemeter at that time.

What in the world generated all this interest? I checked, and all the readers were from one referring URL call OFF2HUNT. OFF2HUNT had placed me in the side bar as a recommended site. The reason this site is so popular at this time is because it is all over the news. Yet, I expect it to continue to be a well read site, as in my personal opinion, it is a needed site, and full of valuable information.

This jerk of a guy name Richard Kudlik had been impersonating himself as a Federal Marshal to impress women. He had the badges, guns, gear, etc., which appeared very convincing. As it turned out, he has been married 17 years and works as a mechanic's helper. After his last girlfriend found out anonymously from someone that he was not who or what he claimed to be, she did some research and spent a great deal of time to show that he was a phony. He was arrested yesterday. Very interesting story. You can read all about it in the links provided.
Authorities: Angry girlfriends out fake U.S. marshal~CNN

Angry girlfriends turn in fake marshal~CNN LAW CENTER

Neither Federal Officer Nor Gentleman, Women Say ~New York Times

Fake Fed is a chat room phony

I must say that I am quite honored that they used the very first blog I ever wrote of TROLLS, FLAME WARS & CYBERSTALKERS to place on their recommended sites side bar. It sure has given my blog a lot of attention and exposure.

Hmmm, maybe new ideas to place in my never ending book!



  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you, Katie. You deserve it for all your hard work in exposing web turds.

  2. Hi Ms. Karen,

    Thank you. They have dozens of recommended sites on their side bar that I am honored that many did read mine.

    BTW, I have been thinking about you and did get your post the other day. I thought you had my email address, and if not, let me know as I think I have yours.

    How is your computer doing? Things getting back to normal now?

    Your wicked witch buddy (LOL) Katie

  3. Am about to go out with my daughter. Finally have a chance to go out with family. No work today.
    Still amazed at plug that brings of TROLLS FLAME WARS & CYBERSTALKERS. Right now it is 8:46 and it looks like this from copy and paste. Last Hour 18
    Today 113 (all these are only read from TROLLS FLAME WARS & CYBERSTALKER)

    BTW, there are other blogs on this now, some pro and some con. Just type in the keywords.


  4. Congratulations Katie this is well deserved. This is a topic that needs discussion and I for one am glad you have the courage to write about it.

    Have fun with the grandkids. I did get the link about UU but with all that's been happening with AW I've gotton a little distracted. Hoping to do a post on it soon.


  5. Thanks Indio & Ms. Karen

    The first day I had 135 hits from their link total and yesterday I had 85, today a lot lower. The more the news gets old, I expect the less hits I will get on it. But now it has also been included in another link called Cyberpaths and I am getting hit from it also.