Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Recently I was contacted by a reader of mine to surf and read on the behavior of PSYCHOPATH & SOCIOPATH. I am glad they suggested this, as there is just so much on this particular subject, and how it now affects us via the Internet. Please make sure you check out and read the links given at the end of this blog!

No longer are we thinking our next door neighbor, co-worker (even family) might posses the traits of this behavior, and we are now more and more seeing it on the Internet. We have seen movies that portray these type of people, and we sat back in amazement while watching the shows of "DAMN, these are scary people!". Now it has invaded our activity on our computer, and many times people become the victims of these types of behaviors, (maybe you) having no idea of why it happened.

There is just so much written on Psychopath & Sociopath behavior. While we think we have a pretty good idea of recognizing them, I wanted to blog on what I have discovered and it has certainly been an interesting and educating read for me. I am hoping to educate to some degree of what a psychopath is, as you might be a victim of one (or could become a victim of one) and have no idea of what you are dealing with.

While the articles say many things on the behavior of this group of people (of the ones I have read, and trust me, there is much information on this), they all say certain things in common of this type of individual. Perhaps you know one and can now recognize this type of person.

I read an interesting article about Trolls speaking about the disordered personality of antisocial types, which in reality is the same thing as psychopathy or sociopath behavior. The behavior of the Troll touches on personally experienced and what I have heard from others concerning their behavior follows, therefore my writing deals with this, but is not limited to:

1. Inability to accept or recognize social norms. I could go on forever with this in great detail, but it is recognized in other ways in my blog.

2. Repeated lying, deceitful, uses many aliases if discovered on one, then goes to another (especially if found out), conning and manipulative to others in order of personal or pleasure profit and gain.

3. Lack of remorse and irresponsibility concerning others, and then rationalize their behavior within their minds, disregarding the ones they have hurt, mistreated and many times destroyed.

4. They posses a narcissism behavior or grandiosity, need of admiration from others, yet total lack of empathy for others. Let me explain this more.

Concerning GRANDIOSITY , they need a sense of self-importance, and they accomplish this by exaggeration of their achievements, what wonderful things they have done, their religion, how they care, and expects to be recognized in a superior role for this. They have an unreasonable sense of entitlements and expectations, yet expect favorable or automatic compliance with their expectations. And with their interpersonal goals, they take advantage of those in their path to achieve their own ends, and that can be many things. And sadly, they are void of any empathy, and do not realize (or recognize) or identify with the feelings and needs of others, and shows arrogant behavior and attitude.

It has been expressed in several articles concerning trolls that have a personality behavior that they crave and feed upon constant need for attention, and are not happy at all when they are not the center of attention. Their writings are displayed in impressionistic form, and lacking of details, yet get very angry if questioned on this. Their behavior is manipulative and self centered, yet hard to recognize at first until you personally get to know the troll. The psychopath troll makes a point in provocative comments in order that emotional responses will be given by others. And many times when responses are given, they challenge the conversation, many times breaking the rules of chat or forum board, therefore being banned, and then cry VICTIM and go back in under a new identity.

I have found out through my research that this type of behavior of trolls do ask for forgiveness at times, and change their stories so that others will read it, using words of I made a mistake, instead of telling the entire story. The problem is that others are now questioning their behavior, and reading about it via the Internet, and they must do something to change it. The attention they are getting now is not what they wanted or hoped for, so they must ask for some type of forgiveness. More of this behavior follows in the blog, so keep reading!

OK, I am now ending the Troll comments that are related to Psychopath and Sociopath. It all has some relationship to the rest of what I have written. Heading now to all behavior of this group of people! You might see some redundant of the same behavior tho.

BEHAVIOR PATTERNS OF THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR, to include but not limited to!

1. Superficial and Glib~They can come across as very charming, intelligent (and actually, many are) and articulate individuals. They are very aware of what people find appealing and interested in, and work diligently to present themselves in favorable ways. As already stated, they tell tons (lies) of stories about themselves and their achievements and their attention need is fed when others think and believe on them, never knowing any better.

2. Egocentric~Total self-centered and under the unrealistic opinion that what everything and everyone does (or should) revolve around them. They have a superiority complex to the rest of society and think and feel they are right in questioning and violating all rules. They are arrogant, boastful, controlling, not to mention COCKY.

3. Manipulative and total deceitful~Their greatest talent is lies and then more lies. They still continue to carry on with their deception even when caught. Being caught is no big deal to them, even when confronted, as they just alter the details of their story.

4. Guilt & Remorse & Empathy and Emotions~ is total lacking with this type of individual and their behavior. They do not have the ability to "step into another's shoes", or relate to how the pain they have inflicted upon others is devastating. In the psychopath, they rationalize all they do and therefore do not feel any remorse or pain and possible destruction that they caused to others.

5. Impulsive~The psychopath revolves around here and the now, pretty much "living for the moment in time", and seeks instant total gratification (giving none, or little consideration to the consequences of their actions.)

6. Lacking in reliability and responsibility~This behavior problem among these individuals have no understanding or care of social goals, such as commitment, obligation, rules, etc. and cannot be counted on for them to understand. Making and breaking promises is not a problem with them, regardless of how it affects others.

7. Behavioral problems existing from early adulthood~Many times when looking into the psychopaths behavior, childhood problems were evident and present. Red flags go up if seen. Problems such as constantly lying, cheating, bullying, violence, just to name a very few.

8.Adult behavior~Antisocial~It all comes back to this. All the things I have already listed and spoken on. Standard and rules show no importance with them, and they do as they please, how they please with no regards as how it affects others. While their ways might not be criminal, they are most definite immoral. Their self centered goals are still the same, to think only of themselves and disregard how it affects others. Truly sad!

In ending concerning Psychopath and Sociopath (and I do apologize for this being such a long blog, but hopefully it will serve as an educational blog) I wanted to point out just a few more things that I have read concerning this. (As well as personal experience and others that have contacted me concerning this.) And I might be redundant in some of my comments on this.

These people and their behavior exhibit poor emotional intelligent, lack of conscience and unable to feel attached to people except in their own terms of their personal value. They usually start a relationship with others, and will invite the victim to participate in their game. (Sadly, the victim has no idea of the rules). They display a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde personality. In other words, they play the part of the role to rope one in, so that they can get what they want! They have no conscience and their biggest goal is for their gratification only. They come from all walks and talks of life, making it easy to fool the victims. It is hard to spot one at first. And when spotted by someone else, they cry VICTIM, and think they are, as we do not understand them. They play games, hoping us to become a token in their play. Yet, when we see the rules are out of order and we do not want to play by their rules, we become a subject of their vengeance. And this is very scary! While the majority of us do tell some little white lies, and feel guilt on this, the psychopath cannot or will not discriminate why it is that they lie, cheat or steal from. With them, no one matters, and it could be you as a friend to them, family, but most likely you will feel in the end SUCKER!

This is the end of my blog and I hope it has given some education to this behavior. Please, please read the links available and search more on google on this subject.


Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder: A Case of Diagnostic Confusion
by Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.

Trolls May Have A Disordered Personality

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Look at the Psychopath

MSN GROUPS on PSYCHOPATH This last link I am not getting to come out right, but I will work on it, as it is a great read!


  1. Excellent post, Katie. As the victim of what I believe to be a psychopath (sociopath), serial bigamist con man, I am glad to see you are educating others on the most destructive of personality disorders.

    Some victims of sociopaths are destroyed at the hands of the antisocial by murder, others are destroyed mentally and emotionally, and many are destroyed financially.

    Yet, people rarely know that they've even come into contact with these creatures. And, the only thing you can do with them is practice "NO CONTACT" as is so often said on the MSN Psychopaths Forum.

    Recently, I believe I came into contact with another of these types. Fortunately, it wasn't face to face. However, the apparent lack of empathy, the inabilty to recognize social norms, egocentricity, and projection became obvious after a few communiques. Thank goodness blocking functionality exists in cyberspace.

    May I recommend another wonderful site that educates others about the dangers of becoming involved with a psychopath:

    Be sure to read the True Lovefraud stories and all this site has to offer. I wish I had known about it before I met the psychopath that nearly destroyed me.

  2. Wow! This is a ton of information. Katie, dear, do you ever sleep? :)

  3. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Great post Katie - I know some people really miss this about sociopaths ...thinking they are all murderers. Some just murder your spirit & trust. To think someone is a simple bully, troll or just having a bad day can really put you in the path of one.

    And believe me, once you get burned by one, its already too late.

    Continue to educate people. Psychopaths LOVE to play the poor misunderstood victim after starting a firestorm of nastiness and smear.

  4. Having found this post be a large chain of followed links I was truely interested in what you had to say on the subject of psycology of the abnormal mind.

    However this chain has led me here ia something of a background story and I sense that this topic is directed as some one (maybe many some ones).

    It seemd to me extreamly PoV (which could be good) but also more like blunt bludgioning to death of some one who has offended you.

    I could be wrong - it has been known.

    Further reading suggestions: the trollish behaviour you describe conforms very well to a more common classification "Borderline Personality Disorder" - the side effects of such an abusive person may haunt me to the end of my days.

    So that suggestion Google: "Borderline Personality Disorder" I think you will find the result interesting.

  5. Hello Lord Matt,

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate the fact that you remained respectful.

    I read your two blogs on this subject the latest of which, in a nutshell, you seem to be asking what's the big deal all about. Why can't we (those who have issues with Rose) just forgive and forget? As I've stated before, many times, it would be one thing if Rose only offended a few people or behaved in an unprofessional manner a few times. We are all human and we are all prone to making mistakes and if that really was all it was then I highly doubt that this blog would exist.

    However, as with most things in life, this situation is infinitely more complicated than that. The problem is, is that you and Rose's supporters are coming in the middle of the movie, so to speak. Since you weren't there in the beginning you don't truly know what's been going on.

    Many of the forums and sites that she flamed to didn't want her crap all over their sites and thus deleted her posts/accounts. So when you do a search of the internet for her, you are not getting the whole picture.

    Rose has a long history of trolling behavior. With her it is not a matter of just being outspoken. It is a compulsion. She hurts people and then expects them to bend over and take it without complaint. And anyone who does complain she (and many of her followers) pretty much tell the victim to shut up. Rose attempts to invalidate their experience with her by saying that it is irrelavent, the person is just jealous of her or that they are only saying anything in the first place to get traffic to their site.

    That is not the behavior of someone who is truly sorry for what they have done.

    You are free to believe what you want but I'm telling you now that you don't have all of the information available to make an informed judgement about it. All you see is one side of Rose. The side Rose chooses to show to you because you are on her good side. As I will tell anyone, slip up and you will see the side the I, Katie and a myriad of others have been exposed to which is the subject of this blog.

    Again thank you for your comments. When Katie gets back, I'm sure she'll have a few words to add. It is my hope that you are able to see where we are coming from but if not that's okay too.

    Namaste and good day :)

  6. I am BACK!

    Oneofseven, thank you so much for your comment, and adding so much more for the readers to think on. I will try and get that link in the blog when I have time. If not, maybe Indigo will add it for me and correct the MSN forum link for me.

    ms. Karen, I do sleep sometime. LOL. When I wrote that, it was not just in a day, but over time in my research. I am now working on cyberbulling due to you, and the fact that it is so important.

    Anonymous, thank you for your comment. I would like to know more about you, but can't since you are Anonymous, but that is OK. Glad to see your comment and you also added a great deal to this.

    Lord Matt, while I did not mention any names, you are correct that it is directed at someone that I know, which has given me a great deal to think and research on. But, it really was intended to be a education tool as many people fall victim to these people, and it is very sad. There is a great deal more to this than what I wrote on, and my research on all of this never stops at all. You have been very respectful, and thank you for your comment.

    Indigo, thank you so much for keeping up with all of this while I was away, and your comment pretty much said all I would have said. Evidently, a lot has happened since I have been gone, yet, I am not surprised. While Lord Matt expresses in his blog that what James Landrith is doing is wrong, I disagree and am thankful that he is allowing others to post of their experience. It should be a warning tool to all, to include Rose. I finally posted there myself.

  7. Lord Matt said, "Further reading suggestions: the trollish behaviour you describe conforms very well to a more common classification "Borderline Personality Disorder" - the side effects of such an abusive person may haunt me to the end of my days."

    Excellent point. That's exactly why it is so important for people to learn and understand how devastating this behavior can be. Emotional scars from a bully do not vanish, even when the bully is no longer in the picture.

    While the pain may subside, there are triggers that bring it back in all its glory and any progress the victim may have made toward "getting past" the event or events, is lost, sometimes for a very long time.

  8. Some very interesting reading on the subject of Cyberbullying as well as antisocial (psychopathic/sociopathic) behavior can be found at"Those Who Can Do; Those Who Can't Bully"!

    Karen makes a very good point....these cyberbullies can do things that force "triggers" and in many cases if the person has been abused before their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) kicks in and unfortunately, they start reliving the pain and trauma all over again---three steps forward and two steps back.

    The best thing you can do with these creatures is "don't respond, don't interact, and don't engage" and try not to fall for their "baiting game"!

  9. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Pretty interesting place you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

    Best wishes

  10. nick bravo9:58 AM

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  11. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Amazing. I got goose bumps reading this. I am going through a divorce and didn't know what I had been married to. Yes to every single word written. Frightening.