Sunday, June 11, 2006


Sometimes we forget our appreciation of other bloggers and what they teach us or give us to think about.

I have gotten way to involved in my own writing and my own debates and debatable voice of my own as of late. And in my scattered mind, I realize I forgot to mention others that I promised to myself that I would write on and about as they speak volumes. And for a long time, I have meant to write on and about bloggers that I have encountered, and I need to comment that they have a great deal to say, and express and point out of things we all need to think on and sit back with “hmmm, I never thought about it that way”, or I just so needed and enjoyed the humor to brighten my dark day in my readings. (We all need a little bit of both to understand the why of our lives.)

Therefore, I have two blogs I want others to read, what I consider important blogs that will follow this particular blog, and I do hope the readers spend some time reading this and appreciate both the following blogs.

One is written on ms. karen and how she expresses humor, yet points out many things that involve our every day life in her blogs at her site
ms. karens Place while in humor, expresses how serious our lives can continually be.

And the other one is written on Indigo Black and how she expresses things that we all need to at least consider and think on, and with the majority of us, we have at some time. Things that are controversial and debatable but given with great thought of what she writes on.
Indigo Black

I so enjoy their blogs, and readers that enjoy humor or things that involved our daily lives will really enjoy and appreciate these bloggers words.


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