Sunday, June 11, 2006

Indigo Black~The Open Minded Want to Know


When it comes to blogs, many times we are afraid to write our feelings that are controversial, debatable, and voice opinions that others do not agree with. Especially when it comes to religion or god, the devil, or abortion, politics, same sex marriage, or mix marriage, aliens, outer space, who should live and who should die, law, and the list just goes on and on. It is very scary to do this in our writes, but when I see it done with much thought and excellent expressed words, I cannot but help appreciate it. To me, it is a very brave thing to do. It teaches us to at least understand other points of view, regardless if we agree or disagree with it.
I for one, so appreciate open minded people that welcome debate, especially if the readers do so without going over board in anger in their post and welcome comments that give us something to think on and about. We all need to remember that why and where we come to our opinions and hopefully is based on being open minded, thoughtful, and listening to other ideas and views. It does not mean that we will change our minds, or agree, but it does give us something to think on, and about.

With this, Indigo Black as a blogger comes to my mind. She writes with her heart but on brave things that the majority of the public might question, or disagree with in their beliefs. But is that not what makes the world go round, and open for debate for all who agree or disagree? Isn’t she what makes blogging important and open up for discussion concerning what she writes on and about, to a degree of what we learn or think on things? Bringing new thoughts or considerations to mind?

I have been chastised on not writing on other bloggers, and I promised I would. And I am trying and still have many more subjects and ideas to follow, but it will be something positive to me when I do. And with honor, I wanted to write about Indigo and how well she voices her opinion, and how well she thinks out things before she writes on them. I read blogs all the time, and the more I know people, the more I will write on them, but as of now, I do know Indigo, and did much research on this before I, myself wrote this blog, and I feel that she is an expert in what she writes, how she writes and appreciate her expertise and thoughts in her words. Below are links I wanted to give on her and her success. I have several more, and that will be another blog and another day.

INDIGO~Ezine Articles~Expert Author
Project Indigo

The above links are just a few examples of someone that speaks well and examines well of things. A great many will not agree with her, but if nothing else, it will give you a great deal to think on and about. I, for one appreciate her being so honest and clear and thoughtful with what she writes.


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  1. You are so sweet Katie, thank you so much. It's finding friends like you that make the internet so much fun :)