Thursday, May 18, 2006

When Getting Sick & Tired Stops

When Getting Sick & Tired Stops

Well, here I am early in the wee hours of the morning writing again! Things just seem to never end! House, eBay, grocery shopping, preparing for grandkids, and it seems the list goes on and on, and then the almighty blog that calls.

For those that know me well, know that I do not lie and do not write, so to speak, to just write without purpose behind it. Since this Rose business has been going on, and I have commented in my blogs that pictures of the children were removed for a time from her site, and others have gone there as well saw that the pictures were gone and only the link remained, I have been accused of lying about this. (As well as needing glasses.) Also, I have been accused of not being truthful of bluepost sending emails to me, and as a precaution, I have forwarded these emails to certain parties so that there is more than one up keep of them besides myself.

I guess the main reason I am writing this is because this has really gone further than I had hoped, yet I still will keep up the fight. My life from childhood to adult has been to believe in myself and to stand up for what is right and do so with all I can muster in my body and soul. Sometimes it would make since to just stop it all as it just takes so much out of one, and defeat would seem an easier route, but my upbringing has taught me different, as when one gives up, the wrongs never get corrected or exposed and lessons fall behind. I am just a small person in this world, but many of my values, besides being taught as a child, come from history and how important it is to stand up and be strong and take things as they come. While they might be hard to deal with, our history leaders that made this country what it is, have taught us to stand up and be important. And adamant in what we believe is right.

Now, don't get me wrong, if it is decided by a certain authority that you are not in the right, no matter how much you believe in it, then you might have to admit to defeat. Or keep fighting to a higher level. When it comes to such a situation, then you have to decide, do I continue or stop!

With this drama with Rose, I have decided to stop writing concerning all this crap. Is this not ironic that once again it is over a link? Rose has these immature groupie fans that want to get involved and post on my blogs in very immature ways and not even in relationship to the subject. Personally, I think they have the ROSE syndrome and need the attention as well. It is really silly! I would be highly disappointed in any of my readers that think they need to stick up for me by sending a comment to her blog that did not deal with the situation at hand and in a respectful manner.

So, in ending this, let me make one thing clear for any readers that do not know me well. I do not lie, and I do not make things up. And I always try and make a point when I write blogs to give links to further my point. If I say something that is true, you can bank on it. If I say it is Christmas, then you can hang a stocking! If you tell me something to keep private, no one will ever have any idea you told me anything.

While this is the end of the story concerning this particular situation with what is going on with Rose and myself, I also want to add that I will always be lurking her way and checking in with what she says and does, as she is why I started this book and I have every intention of finishing it. And every bit of piece of information I can find and add to my never ending list concerning my plot and byline, I will record and decide if I need to add it or not.

By the way Rose, I know you will read this. Don't loose any sleep over this, as all names and circumstances will be changed to a degree, and while you will be pretty much the star, the book is being written of others that act and re-act like you and problems on the Internet in regards. The majority will have no idea of who I am even speaking about, but there will be also a large public that will know who it is just by reading the book. Don't underestimate me with this. I already have a publisher interested as there is a high demand for a book on this subject, and I am going for the brass ring on the Merry Go Round! Indigo Black might possibly be right that you could make me a rich woman, as without my encounter with you, I would have never dreamed up this project for a book!

Sorry readers, no links on this go around. Yet, I am ending this in a poem written by my mother found on the side of my blog, which she always believed in and taught me as well!

My Most Passionate Wish
If at this moment
There could be granted
My most passionate wish,
What would it be?
Love? Wealth, health?
It would be
To know I was confirmed
Acknowledged as worthy
In the human chain
Because of having deserved it -
To have lived
Yet to be
And To die with the honor
Because I earned it.
October 1985 @Addie W. Williams


  1. I think I have come up with a few titles for my book. One I am leaning toward is THE LINK EXCHANGE. Of course I will have to research this up to make sure it has not already been used.

    Any ideas from others?

  2. I have to make just one more point on this blog concerning me lying. Rose said that 946 people (this is her membership list) could vouch for my lies. Now, get real! All 946 members of people do NOT log onto her site each day as if they cannot wait to get there! From my past reading, she was just telling a member it was good to see him again as he had not been on the site for a long time! Well, heck, I guess we are down to 945! Now, I had been to her site yesterday several times, and each time I was only 3 members were on (but I will grant a lot of visitors to include myself) so, you do the math.

    When I was a member, the membership was much lower, and for awhile, I did go on each day, and there were very seldom more than 5 on at a time. Since I was a member, I was also able to check the membership list and they did do a good job of how it ranked and listed. For example, how many members there were, when they joined, last time on, etc. Well heck, I was surprised to see that there were members that probably forgot they were members as they had not been on since they joined!

    Now, I never like to call anyone a bad name such as those said about me, but this is very questionable and I think a not true statement! If nothing else, math teaches me this! Hmmm, I think this might be my next recording!

  3. Some things just are not worth the effort. I look forward to the book when it comes out.

  4. This woman has always lived in a fantasy world of how many subscribe or even care about her site... as for her name calling and numbers, I, for one, think she can't add, let alone differenciate between moral truths. Having been a former member who was maliciously aligned and falsely accused by her slanderous tantrums, I am not the least bit surprised at her outrageous claims...which of course, as always, make her look good--her only care in life!! Katie, here's something my grandmother taught me:
    the truth is short and sweet--but a lie goes on forever.
    Thank God there are those who know the truth, and those who will learn it eventually!! As for the book, GO FOR IT!! THE SOONER THE BETTER!!
    And you are sooooo right... there are MANY, MANY others out there who will know exactly who you are talking about!! Her reputation is not one I would wish on my worst enemy!! Sad thing is, I can't even feel sorry for her...