Sunday, January 07, 2007


Today while I was working on some writing projects, I realized how important writing tools are that keep me organized and on top of things. Especially since I started blogging. Three years ago when I started to organize and place on my computer my mothers works, I started looking for a writing program. I tested out several, as most will give you a free month to decided before paying for it. I feel in love with THE JOURNAL as it just had so much to offer and I can honestly say that is has become my writing bible, and would be totally lost without it. I would encourage anyone that writes a great deal, or keeps a personal journal to check this out. Right now they are offering a 45 day free trial.

The main reason I love THE JOURNAL is because it keeps all my writing, both personal and professional so organized. It lets one have as many screen names as they want (or need) and they can be password protected. I have a ton of screen names that help in my writing as well as my everyday life. I use KATIE for my personal journal, and the notebook part for my personal writings. (Poems, short stories, letters to my children and friends, etc.) I use Thoughts And Considerations and Trolls, Flame Wars and Cyberstalkers for my blogs, and Rose Desrochers for Internet behavior (This is where all my good stuff is.) I use ADDIE for my mothers works, and I use GARDENING, POOL STUFF, RECIPIES and many more where I save links or keep a journal on them. By doing this, I stay pretty organized in many categories.

THE JOURNAL also allows one to place icons for things, and you can upload pictures to THE JOURNAL and click links you have in the journal and go straight to the site. You can also submit your blog straight from the Journal. Anything and everything I write goes into the proper categories inside THE JOURNAL first. And of course it has spell check, thesaurus, dictionary, word count and so much more. I have really enjoyed the ability to download pictures in The Journal as it comes in real handy with special events, such as birthdays and holidays that I want to remember. It is just totally amazing what one can do with The Journal. Check it out free for 45 days and see what you think. Also, the customer service is EXCELLENT. Any time I have had a problem or needed advice, I emailed the head honcho and he always emailed me back as if we had know each other for years.

Another writing tool I use since I do so much research is COPERNIC DESKTOP SEARCH. They have a free download as well as premium downloads. Excellent way to organize your searches and keep up with them.

Both of these are excellent writing tools and I wanted to share them.



  1. Thank you for your comment, I have seen others that have been left buy this person we reference, I sense a passive aggessiveness about them. Thanks for the heads up....all the very best....and interesting blog....writing...oh that is so not my forte...but I admire the ones that can and the ones that attempt.

    All the very best with your writing!

  2. You are most welcome. I just hated to see someone concerned that they did something wrong concerning Rose. You did not do anything wrong, but just overlooked something and I am sure she tried to make you feel small about it.

    I enjoyed your blog. It is sweet and very home friendly. I will check back by sometime.

    The best to you and have a great New Year.


  3. I took your suggeston and oh oh my.....and you know what, I have left her 3 posts today apologizing and explaining and you know what she never posted them or removed them...I don't know...but I won't be back there....

    My blog is just how you mentioned it homey and for me...if people want to drop on by that is great if they don't that is ok with me as well. And in hind site I don't think I overlooked anything. She isn't the one that originally coined that phrase as she says so herself. So I was possibly giving credit where credit wasn't due. It's done and over with as far as I am concerned...I have more important things to worry about...cheers

  4. Hey, I have been back at your blog and it is just so wonderful and full of things that make us think of love, nature, family, etc. I am going to add a link to your blog, hopefully tonight so that I can have it on my daily reads. It is very nice to meet you, and keep you the inspiration.


  5. Hello Katie,
    I followed your link from RN's. Happy New Year!
    I am admirable of the fact that you are so organised over your writing projects.
    I have writing plans this year & was wondering how on earth to keep it all filed know, thoughts, notes, updates & the like. I am not a naturally organised person. More of a scatterbrained lass with good intentions. lol.
    And of course, I planned something that could be mine on the internet for an easy reference, just like how you managed yours so beautifully.
    I'll be back to study this specific realy are clever.
    May your writing dreams come true for you, Katie.

  6. Hi again Katie & RN,
    I have had a couple of run-ins with Rose in the past.
    Don't want to slander her.
    But I must ask why is she unpopular, in a nutshell?
    I kept away finally as I found she would get easily offended for the slightest thing, jump to false assumptions (when I joined her writing community) & become immediately confrontational & also she appears a little neurotic to me.
    These were my observations.

  7. Hi Susan, BTW, I just looked at your blog. Very nice and well put together. I have some links you might enjoy and when I get a little time, I will send them to you.

    Your observations are correct concerning Rose. She does not like to be confronted, and if one disagrees with her, she becomes very confrontational. There is just so much to her and while TW is a great site (I use to be a member also) she looses members due to her Psychopath behavior. IT is hard to put this in a nutshell as there is just so much to her behavior. You can google her and get a better idea of the problem or go search her here as I have many blogs concerning her and it will give you a good history.

    It ticks me off that she has hurt so many people and could care less of their feelings. I have been reading her post in a blogger forum (not her site) and she is insulting, degrading and just pure mean in some of her responses. You can google James Landrith Taking the Gloves Off Rose Desrochers and that might give you a better idea of her behavior.

    Again, I really enjoyed your blog and will go back and visit it again.

    Take care,

  8. Hey Katie....

    You know when I first came to your blog I read the first couple of posts and yes realized that it was a writers blog and I actually like your suggestions about getting organized for writing. Who knows maybe one day I might take a stab at writing.

    Anyhow, today I have had a chance to look at a lot more of your posts and I realized that you and I have a fair number of things in common. I enjoy gardening and just being outside. I am a spiritualist in that I do try to find the beauty in most things in life and live and learn from lifes' experiences.

    I wanted to email you but I don't see a link for emails and I am nervous about making public comments on a certain issue. I see Susan has come by your blog...she has been leaving me lovely comments and she to has a very nice blog. This blog world is a lot smaller than we think.

    Hope you are having a fantastic day!


  9. Hi RN, I was also trying to find your email as I was going to email you. LOL

    I am going to give you an alternate email and then when I hear from you I will give you my personal email. I do this due to spam, etc. You can contact me at Would love to hear from you.


  10. Hi again Katie,
    I wondered if I could hang on to your email as well and also would you mind, if I linked you on my blogroll?

    Thank you so much for that lovely comment on my blog a couple of days ago. You said I had given you an idea for a post. Has it been written up already? Am curious as to what it could be. :-)

  11. Hi Susan,

    I do apologize for your comment coming up so late, but our DSL through WINDSTREAM went down 2 days ago, (and still not up) and the only reason I am able to respond now is because I pretty much threw a fit, so they put me on dial up until fixed.

    To answer your questions, hang on to my email as long as you want, and I would love to hear from you. Adding me to your blog roll would be flattering, and I was going to add you to mine also.

    As far as what the blog is about, it is a thought you gave me concerning "IN A NUTSHELL", and it is almost ready. I hope to have it up in a few days.