Friday, January 12, 2007

Difference Between Lying & A White Lie?

I think this is something we all need to consider and place thoughts on. The link provided I hope all my readers will read and consider. When Is A Lie A Lie? and think upon!

I tried to link this to my blog, but still not sure how to do these things, so if you get the chance, please read this blog, and keeping up with this blog might prove excellent for soul searching and questioning of our inner souls. Well, with me it is.

My adult children favorite story was "The Little Boy Who Called Wolf", even though they did not really understand it until they grew and matured and had been hurt themselves concerning lies, but when we told it while they were young, I think they just loved it because the way we sounded out WOLF! (I am telling it to my grandchildren now, and seem to get the same response of the effect of the WOLF sound.)

Anyway, I think this is an important issue, a soul searching issue, and something I think we all think about at times. Thank you smalltimeRN for bringing this to light!

BTW, lies and lying burns bridges that go up in flames real fast, and I think about that often as building bridges takes a great deal of time, especially if built with care.



  1. I don't even know what to say. Thank you. It was writtne from the heart. It is something that my husband and I have spoken about on many occassions. If this gets people thinking about what is truly a lie and find themselves doing some, as you would put it"soul searching" in the process then I think that is wonderful. What would be even more amazing is if they found it in themselves to make change. Tell more lies imagine what a wonderful world this would be. I think we would be close to Utopia.

    Thank you for your wonderful thoughtful post, I am truly touched.

  2. I find it amazing how fast carefully built bridges will go up in flames over one little thing. It reminds me of what my mom and grandmother used to tell me: think before you speak.

    I try not to outright lie to someone, but sometimes one slips out and the damage is done. The same is true for my temper. I try not to loose it, but the things people do sometimes just make me crazy (this goes with the whole burning bridges thing)!

    Glad to see you're posting more often now! By the way (off topic), were you able to sell all the puppies?


  3. Hi Morrigan,

    Thanks for the comment. And I agree so much with you that the damage can be done so easy.

    BTW, we were able to give away all the puppies and we kept one. They were old enough to be given away at Christmas, so they went real fast.

    I had hoped to be blogging more than I have, but I got sick with a terrible flu, and then the cold part would not let go for over 2 weeks. Left me exausted and so sick, but I am now finally doing much better. I hope things are going well for you.



  4. Hello, i found you by googling a certain flowers name, i dont like saying too much!
    But i am glad i found your site its a great read and i am sorry i had to find it in such an odd way!
    I think white lies are good when used to protect a friends feelings, but if they really do look horrible in something they have just bought, just tell them.
    But if for example you see your friends boyfriend/husband with another woman and you know if you tell that friend you would be burning bridges, would you tell them?


  5. Hi Claire,

    Thank you for your comment and you brought up a very interesting question, as well as other things to consider.

    BTW, I know what flower you speak of in your google search, and I understand you not wanting to say to much. I get that a lot of this from people that have contacted me concerning this person. I use to keep a site meter so that I could get an idea of who visited my blog and why and from where. I was open to anonymous comments as many wanted it that way due to the subject of the person at hand with out repercussions and I wanted to give them that safety net, so to speak without the person knowing who they are. Then, the flower you speak of, broke into my site meter, some how found my password, and changed my settings from private to public, as she could not stand NOT KNOWING who the anonymous individuals were that commented on my blog. My safety net for them was breached (I wrote a blog on this

    Due to this and for the safety of those who want to comment anonymous, I no longer have a site meter or reading, but someone else does for me. They alert me to many things, and sometimes I contact them as I am curious of comments made (yours for example) and they fill me in to what I need to know.

    Your comment "But if for example you see your friends boyfriend/husband with another woman and you know if you tell that friend you would be burning bridges, would you tell them?" really intrigued me concerning "burning bridges"! Actually, I am working on a blog right now concerning a blog I read on burning bridges today, written by a flower name, and it is not going to be nice. My problem of late though is just finding time to write blogs and put things together due to life and grand boys.

    Concerning your question, more information would be needed to answer it with thought. For example, what capacity were they seen? In bed? Kissing? Hugging? At a restaurant? Just talking? And why would you be burning bridges to talk to them about this? Burning bridges usually means that lies have been told to them, and then caught, therefore bridges were burned as trust was no longer available. Kind of like the story of "The Little Boy Who Called Wolf." already mentioned in this blog. So, I would have to think on lines of "have I lied to them before giving them reasons to doubt me now. Have I already burnt or scorched any bridges? This would depend on many things, and I would have to think carefully on it concerning telling something that would be very hurtful to my friend, giving serious thought and making sure I was not jumping off a bridge with assumptions.

    I do not want you to think this harsh. I want to answer you as honest as I can. If you would like, you can comment on any blog, and just tell me not to publish it, but just want to voice your opinion to me privately , and give me your email address, and I will email you.

    Take care. And I hope to hear from you.