Thursday, January 04, 2007


It seems I never have much time to write or blog anymore, yet I think about writing in my blogs all the time. My New Years resolution is to better organize my time and schedule so that I can fit in more writing projects.

Since we have moved here, I have picked up many new hobbies, one being gardening. And where we live it will not be long weather wise for us to plant our spring crops. This hobby takes up a great deal of time.

Also, the grandboys are now here full time, which takes up most of my waking hours. Thankfully they like to play outside a lot, which is where I will be in the garden. And I plan to have them in my garden also working their little bitty butts off.

I have also been spending time checking out sites that I want to become involved with, especially writing sites. I have joined one writing site already and will be blogging about it soon.

My rough draft is pretty much complete on my book dealing with Trolls, Flame Wars and Cyberstalkers. Now the real hard part starts with filling in the gaps that make it into a book, and I still have some research left to do.

As most of my readers know, Rose Desrochers unwilling inspired me to write this book dealing with Psychological Internet behavior and a character in the book will be based on her type of behavior, but names and other things will be changed. (You know, to protect the innocent. LOL) Rose has been pretty quiet from what I can find, which has given the the time to work on the rough draft, and besides, I had to stop somewhere. Of course she has not been totally quiet judging from this
LINK dated in Nov. 2006 where Rose (Swtrose) shows her true colors again as someone (Vision Jinx) had the nerve to disagree with her. You will need to scroll down a little to find the story. Same story, same song, and many can sing along.

Also from her own
BLOG written 4 days before Christmas, it is evident that trouble is brewing with others. (Of course out of jealousy of her, and she is once again the victim and needed people to feel sorry for her again.) Evidently someone called her a manipulative bitch and referred to her as someone that likes to stir things up. You will need to scroll up on this link to read her blog, as I also included the comment section for the link. Now, I don't know what individual she is talking about yet, but I have heard this before from many others. I guess the line gets longer.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and continues to have a wonderful New Year.

I have truly missed being out of touch with reading blogs and blogging myself.

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Hey there, Katie, long time no write! Good to see you back online. I'm glad you're getting into gardening, and having those little critters help you will be good for all of you.

I miss having a nice garden, but I just don't have the time right now. Some day, I'll dig up a nice little patch of yard and plant some veggies. I also want a nice herb garden, because there is nothing quite like using fresh herbs in tea or cooking. YUM!

Take care.

Hey Ms. Karen, I really have missed blogging, but life has been so very busy with the holidays. Thanksgiving was packed with relatives and friends here, and there was barely enought room for everyone to sleep.

Christmas is always a busy time for me as I like to decorate and do so much and again, we had a crew, but it was a lovely Christmas. But, I can't wait until the sun shines for days and gardening time is here.


WoW!! Is it ever good to have you back!!! Hope everything is working out down there.... a very good friend of mine quit you know where...I'll send you his email to me... this guy is a true author, and well, you will appreciate what he had to say.....................

Hi Midster,

I have really missed you also. And once again, thank you for your kind friendship.

I would LOVE to see the email that you speak of. Just make sure it is OK with him before you send it to me.

I hope things are going well. Will try and blog more and read more. Was at both your sites the other day.


Hi, Katie, it's good to see you back (and thanks for the comment on my blog). I know I haven't had much time for writing lately. I kinda got burned out after NaNoWriMo -- and then there was Christmas and New Years and... LOL. I suppose I just need to get disciplined again.

How are the puppies doing? I love puppies, but I'm also very glad my two dogs are adults. I work all day and they would wreak havoc on my house. *grin*

Oh, and if you need any help proofreading your trolls and cyberstalkers book, I'd be happy to look at it (or part of it) if you like. Just let me know. I think I have my blogger profile set to show my e-mail. I'll check...


Hey Julie,

It is so great to hear from you and I understand the time thing. I suffered from that myself. We gave away all the puppies except one that Jim begged to keep. Just what we need, another dog. LOL

Two of the puppies were so weak when they were born, so we tried to save them by hand feeding them with a bottle. It was like taking care of a newborn. Bottles every 2 to 3 hours and washing towels, burping the pups, etc. One died about 2 weeks old, and the other one died at a month. He just got sick and was constipated and it was so painful to watch. It was sad, and I still miss those baby pups. They slept in our bedroom and pretty much became our babies. I cried when they died.

I will be checking your blog and keep in touch.


So sorry to hear about the puppies. *hugs* That must have been tough.

Hey, if you want another Internet troll with psychopathic behavior to add to your book, just Google "nickolaus pacione". Or let me know, and I'll give you some of the juiciest links. I stumbled across him on a writers' forum several years ago (he's an awful writer, but don't try to tell him that), and it's watch his antagonism makes its way across the 'Net.

Hey Julie, send me some links as I am very interested in this individual. I would like to do a little research on him concnerning Internet behavior. Also, I will keep you in mind on helping me with the book. I will let you know.


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