Friday, November 10, 2006

Christmas Puppies Are Here!! Tons of Them!

When I got up this past Monday morning and saw Precious, I knew I might as well set aside all plans I had for the day. She was sitting underneath our windows in the family room, and had some how managed to drag a blanket out from underneath our day bed, and a pillow, and had also taken the little cover up blanket I use from my recliner. Yep, it was puppy time, and I did not have much time to get things ready. First of all, I was not going to let her have her pups on my good comforter and the other things she had found to make her nest. Instead, I got one of our laundry baskets and some old blankets, and placed Precious in the basket and took it into the office. When I woke Jim, I told him puppies were coming soon. (I had no idea that soon meant in 10 minutes.) Well, to make a long story short, she had 3 beautiful puppies. 2 boys and 1 girl.

The majority of this blog is going to be pictures. I just love puppies, and we have bunches of them now. 11 total. And I took bunches of pictures also. Will explain in more detail beside or under the pictures of some. (Yesterday morning, Zosha, our other dog also had pups. A litter of 8.) Like I said in my blog about the dogs last month, they went into heat at the same time, and the pups are 4 days apart. Geez.

Here is Precious first puppy. A boy and just beautiful. He has the exact same markings as Silas, the father of the dogs. I had Jim hold the puppy while Precious was getting ready to deliver the second pup, and while doing so, this little puppy squirmed all over the place. He had it under his jacket and the puppy tried to climb to where the sleeve was. Fiesty little thing.

Here she is finally settled down with her puppies. They all are very healthy and have grown so fast already. They already have their own little personalities and are going to make great dogs for someone.

See the battle scars on Precious face? Remember my last blog on the dogs fighting. They both have scars. So far, we have not had any more problems with fighting since Jim fixed the back porch where they could not jump through the screen.

The above picture is another shot of Silas Jr. and he does just like his dad, he always sleeps with his back end legs behind him. His little feet are just so cute!!!

The above picture was Precious second pup. I call him the Whinner. He gets real crabby and cries and even barks when he can't get the nipple right away. He has a beautiful coat, almost a dark grey. Really loud, yet sweet puppy!

Above is Precious last puppy. A little girl and the runt. But she is doing great. She is a very calm and sweet puppy. She does not fuss much. She is solid black.

Zosha right before she had her pups. Jim and I were with her the entire time, and it was exausting. (Not just for Zosha, but for us also. It took over 4 hours for her to have the puppies. We are very worried about 2 of the brown ones and not sure if these two will make it. They don't seem to not have any control over parts of their body (especially their front legs) and we have to hold them to her nipple so that they can eat, and pratically have to force them to do so. It is so sad. Zosha is a wonderful mother and it is so weird as she really dotes on these two more than any of the other puppies. It really is strange as the first born has the problem and the last born also has the problem. I was not there when the first was born, but the last born was breach and she had a hard time with is as she was so tired and barely had the energy to push.

I just love the above shot. These puppies squirm so much we had to turn the front of the dog house around to keep them from getting out, and that little brown one found its way to the top and fell asleep. Great shot! (In case that was confusing, they are in a rubber maid dog house, and the top comes off. Dang good thing it does, or I have no idea how we would manage this. Also, if you are concerned they are getting cold, well, they are very warm. They are on our back porch that has blinds that come down that keep the wind off them, plus they are under a heat lamp.)

Well, that is all folks. By the way, don't you just love the blanket pictured above that we used once we were able to move the pups without to much worry and stress from Zosha? Just think, I have sweet little troll puppies. LOL


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Wow! That's a LOT of puppies. What fun, but I'm sure you'll be ready to get rid of them once they're older and into everything. LOL

    Pups are so much fun, then they grow up and turn into grumpy old-lady dogs who sleep on your pillow.

  2. Get their pictures out in the free paper... buy lit'l christmas hats and you probably won't have them for long!!

  3. I love puppies! When Elder Hound was just a little puppy, she would sleep with me at night instead of the little doggy bed I had made for her.

    Puppies are funny little things.


  4. Beautiful puppies! What breed are they?

  5. The grandmother was pure breed pomerian, the mothers are a mix of that and lab, and the father is pit bull and lab. So, actually no breed at all. LOL

    They were easy to give away before Christmas though.