Monday, May 15, 2006

I Have Been Banned! Should I Laugh Or Cry?

News on the home front here at Katie's Logue is that according to Rose, she will no longer be posting on her blog concerning what I write, so therefore I will not have to worry about providing any more links in connection to her blog. Well, except this one so that you can read the comment of why she will no longer be posting concerning my blog post. Fair Use & Copyright - Freedom to Exercise Rights. After the blog, scroll down to the last two comments.

The other news is that my IP address has been banned from her website. Now, I wonder why she did that? She writes in her blog of links to visit to prove her point against what I write via my blog, and when I go to click the link to see what she is referring to, I cannot view it as I have been banned. I wonder if she banned me because she cannot tolerate that I speak the truth and find and respond to contradictions found on her site? Whatever her reasons, it is no big deal, and I don't think I will lose any sleep over it. Yet, I would not be surprised if all who read my blog has been banned as well.

Oh well, the one link I was interested in her blog concerned with what Howard Zaharoff had to say, and I found this excellent link concerning him through google, which is well written and very informative. Writer's Guide to Fair Use in Copyright Law No wonder Rose did not want me to view anything he wrote, as what he says in this article pretty much validated my point again. There is a thin line of what is Fair Use and what is not, and this has been expressed in all the articles I have read concerning this. While I consider that it was not Fair Use, she feels that it was. Also in all the articles I have read they all express that out of respect that a link should be provided, and if the author would like the words removed or a link provided, then the party in question also out of respect should do that. What Rose copied and pasted onto her blog was penned by me, and I consider it copyright protected. I still do not understand why she would just not give the link to my blog out of respect, or except for fear that her readers could see the whole story and not just her one sided view. And I did get an email from her that she has no intentions to remove my statements from her blog. I guess that some so called freelance writers do not understand respect. Why does this not surprise me? And I am sure others are not surprised about this either. This is typical behavior of her, and she had a chance to own up and be responsible concerning this.

As with all writers, criticism is hard to take, and I was critical of what I wrote concerning her endless contradictions, yet even Rose points out in her article
that accepting criticism is part of the writing process . And I think points should be given that you should be careful of what you do write, and stick to the point and belief in what you say to start with. It is my belief that if you are going to be a freelance writer, one should take responsibility in what they write or how they respond to other writers, good or bad, and should allow comments from others without anger, and should refrain from name calling just because they do not agree with what is written. Calling people stupid is a lack of maturity in my eyes.

I want to comment on another site she is a member of, as a matter of fact, she is Assistant Administrator of
Invision Graphics . At this site, she and her loyal followers have their own little chit chat against others, as evident by the title once the link comes up. Here she also comments that she has visited my blog (giving the impression she seldom does) and trust me, according to my sitemeter, she visits a great deal. Sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. Now, I want to point out that Rose said that she could not give the reason for my leaving Todays Woman due to privacy reasons and could only say that I requested to have my account removed. (Scroll down to bottom of page 12). While I am glad that I am no longer there, the statement she made is a false statement and I wrote what happened concerning my leaving her site at Virushead~Drama At The Poetry Forum. It should also be noted that sadly, Invision Graphics is a site where they can and do belittle anyone and everyone without giving them the opportunity to state their case in their own defense.

It is my position and belief that if you blog on something and others want to reply to the blog, they should be allowed no matter what they say as long as it is not vulgar and done with respect. I do not mind at all disagreements on my blog comments, as I matter of fact, I welcome them. Rose even knows this! And I also believe that if you are going to dispute a written blog inside your own blog, then a link should be given so that viewers can see both sides and make a decisive opinion from both points of view!

One last comment! She also made a statement that I never commented on any other writers, and she is right. I have not, and I am working on this right now and I think it will be an informative and interesting read, and I hope to have it up soon!

If you are interested in this blog, you might want to check back on it several times, as I have a tendency to publish my blog and then add something to it, or correct something. My biggest problem is editing, and I will admit, I ain't real good at it!



  1. She'll be looking for you to attempt to get to her site. It will please her to no end if you were to try to get back inside.

    On the upside, you could do the one thing that would tick her off the most and ignore her completely. She'd say it would please her if you left her alone, but then she'd have to find some other way to be the center of attention and that's a lot of work.

    I don't waste time going to her site or her blog. My neighbor does on occasion (although I don't know why) and she just can't figure out why people are so drawn to her. I said it's because the types of people the thorny one attracts love victims, love getting into scraps with people, especially if they can defend someone in the process, as it takes the whole mess to the level of a holy war to them.

    It has nothing to do with the quality or topic of the writing. It's all in the fight.

    Now I need coffee...

  2. This is exactly why I won't have ANYTHING to do with this woman. It is one thing to express a difference of opinion, it is quite another to have only your own opinion, and anyone who disagrees or points out errors or mistakes, is simply dismissed as some sort of enemy. Some one like her, Thrives on this internet kind of arguing...for she always ends up the winner by default...she calls the shots, makes the rules, and she is the only one who wins. Reminds me of a spoiled brat who only wants her own way, and those who kiss--- are her friends, and those who stand up to her and point out her short comings, are bad, bad people, and their points of view are stricken from the record. It's so sad to think that such people never grow up--never learn--never change.

  3. Hi Ms Karen,

    I have already been on her site twice today by proxy. I was very happy to see that she did take some responsibility toward her contradicting article and pictures of children on her website. The childs picture is gone and just the link remains.

    I have pretty much had my say, but then again with me, you never know.


  4. Sounds like you had a positive effect on her. Congratulations! That's really saying something.

    Way to go, Katie!

  5. BTW, I also discovered that they banned my IP address to Invision Graphics also, which one can also get in by Proxy. They might as well just unban me, because if I want to view the sites, it is real simple to do. Nothing new there though, but yesterday, I did notice that on March 22 she must have put a dozen alerts down concerning Jeff. I am glad he is ignoring them.



  6. I am glad he is ignoring them.

    This is exactly why she is engaging you. Jeff and Devrie are ignoring her baiting and thus, as Ms. Karen said, she must go into search of someone else who will make her a victim. Since you are posting about her, she homed right in on you via her alternate personality on Invision.

    I've been to her site once since she banned me and that was to see if she complied and linked back to you. Of course she did not and someone else commented also that she was required to link back to avoid copyright issues. Interesting that she didn't call them stupid and ignorant. Must be my winning personality that inspires people to insult and degrade me for stating the obvious.

    Oh well, it really was a waste of valuable writing time dealing with her although one day I predict she will make Miss Katie a very rich woman :)

  7. Hi Indigo Black,

    I saw that also where someone commented that she should at least link back or recognize the author.

    The comment I really got a kick out of was Mugs. I wonder how old this individual is. I would never allow anyone to comment on my blogs in such a childish and immature behavior no matter who it was directed toward. But, what the heck, no sweat off my back, and it just adds more plot and humor to the story line. And the story could certainly use some humor.

    I am glad for Proxy so that I can keep up, although there has to be an ending in mind at some point to the book.

    While Rose may think what I write and comment on is directed in vendictivness toward her, this is not necessary true, but I do have a tendency to speak my mind and voice my opinion with back up of why. And, I think, while she does not let on in order to "save face" so to speak, she understands where the truth lies and just does not want to own up to it, pretty much for the reasons Ms. Karen gives.

    Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it.


  8. *waving arms* Um, what the heck is proxy? My knowledge of things web-based is pretty slim, and this has me curious.

  9. Hi Midster

    Pretty much you are right! She wins in her eyes,and in her followers eyes, but they are a little blinded by reality.

    Bluehost sent me two emails this morning and I have to fax them them my complaint with all this, and then they said they would remove my quotes and statements from her blog, so that will be taken care of. I sent them a link to her blog and where it came from my blog and a copy of Rose's email where she said she would not remove the material. They are in agreement that she should have placed a link!

    I have said it before, no one likes to be criticized or pointed out that you are wrong. But, this is what makes us grow and helps us learn. It should not make one angry but improve one. If you have that quality to do so and understand. We can't always be the one holding the ball fairly be the only one able to play with it any way we choose fit. Life and reality just does not work that way.


  10. I'd love it if everyone always agreed with me but the fact of the matter is I don't think I would be much of a person. It is criticism and adversity that helps strengthen us and make us better. No one likes criticism but how can you become a better person without it?

    On a side note, I'm glad you received a positive response from Bluehost. ISPs and webhosts are usually really good about issues with copyright infringement and plagarism because to do nothing exposes them to the possibility of a lawsuit. If people are going to play then they need to play fair. To do anything less ruins the game for everyone involved.

  11. I had a funny surprise from my daughter today. Evidently, she's been visiting that woman's website AND her blog. She even tried to post comments on the blog, much in the line of Indigo's "play fair" thoughts.

    But Spawn has been using MY computer to do these things, so she had to come to me and inform me that our ISP was banned from the website.

    I thought I was gonna die laughing. She was worried that I'd be upset, but I'm not. I don't go to the site, and I don't go to the blog. My dealings with Rose are what I've witnessed on other writing sites.

    Needless to say, Spawn was relieved until I asked her why in blazes would she even bother to have anything to do with that crazy broad. She shrugged, "Because she's so unfair."

    The kid has always been like that when it comes to fairness. She can tolerate a lot of crap from people, but as soon as someone plays dirty, she gets a hair up her nose and starts making noise.

    So, Miss Katie, I guess that means were in the same "leper colony" banned from Rose's site.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go celebrate and buy my daughter a steak dinner.

  12. Indigo Black, I was very pleased with how bluespot responded. I got a third email from them from and the guy said that he was going to work with me personally on this. Very nice email.

    As I said in my blog, there is a fine line between what is fair use and what is not. Personally, I will give Rose the statement of putting her foot in her mouth, as it was directed and addressed to her. But, the last paragraph statement I do claim as copyright infringement as it was not really directed at anyone, but wrapping up the end of the blog.

    For all who read these comments (and trust me, according to my sitemeter many are, and there are a lot of mouse nibbling here also)you need to go back and check out the comments again at "GUESS WHAT~I AM AN EXPERT". You will understand once you read the comments.

    I will say this, thanks to Rose my blog readership has jumped to new levels. She is a popular gal, but the people she hangs arounds with and are her friends have a lot to be desired. They all seem to be stuck on a certain maturity level.

    I was hoping to get the blog up on another freelance writer tonight, but the majority of my time has been so busy today with eBay and getting ready for my daughter and grandkids who are coming down. I pretty much have it done, and hopefully it will be up soon.

    Well, gota run as I have got to go publish a comment under "GUESS WHAT~I AM AN EXPERT" and then write a comment my self concerning the comment.


  13. NEW FLASH,

    Evidently I was wrong about Rose. While she did have the pictures gone the last three times I checked and only the links remained, I guess she changed her mind, probably from me saying something, and the childs picture is back up.

    Like I said before, I do not care if the childs picture is up or down, it means nothing to me, and the site is really a great site for helping children. The blog was written on her blog of contradiction of never putting a childs picture on the web and then does so herself. As we can all see, the contradiction still remains.

    By the way Mugs, thank you for pointing this out to me. And also for the compliment of not being afraid to speak my mind!


  14. Ms Karen,

    I just got the email to publish your comment. I was just about to head off to bed! LOL

    This is JUST TO FUNNY! I can just picture her coming in to tell you this with concern on her face. (tell her by the way that I pictured her as a pretty girl, which I am sure she is.)

    To me this is a compliment, and I admire her courage and gumption of wanting to stick up for what is right and fair. Evidently, you instilled much character, backbone and morals with your children.

    I figured she banned a lot of people who read my blogs. It is really no big deal, and no loss accordingly.

    I hope you were able to get some sleep tonight, as I worry that you might have the giggles again. Or upset tummy over eating steak!

    Thanks again as always for the humor that I always see in all you write.

    All readers, if you need a giggle or two or more, then it is a MUST to visit Ms. Karens blog. I for one can say for sure that she keeps me in stitches! And trust me, I need the laughs.


    PS Ms. Karen, check your shoes before you go to work!

  15. Susan2:08 PM

    You're mentioned here:
    Scroll right to the bottom of May, some interesting stuff for sure.

  16. Hi Susan, I don't know who you are but thank you for sending me the link! I am going to keep up with this for sure! LOL