Monday, May 15, 2006

UPDATE~Children's Pictures On The Internet

Well readers, I thought you might like to see the response on my article concerning this with what Rose wrote by clicking here . (She should be so proud that I am sending others to read her blogs). You can decide for yourself on her point of view concerning this. If you will note, any thing I write about, I always use links to direct readers to better understand my point. I do this in respect of other things written on the subject penned by others, as well as it also the law! I did not give Rose permission to use direct quotes from my blog to use in hers, as it is against Copyright law. And she needs to go back and remove my quotes totally or put a link in concerning this subject. This has been discussed before with a Intellectual Property Right lawyer which is why I only use links. And I expect my quotes to be removed, or I will make an issue over this.

And of course she has something to say on her blog here concerning copyright. It might be to her benefit, webmasters, bloggers and all Internet users to read this article, especially #7 & 8 .

There are several articles concerning this, but they all pretty much say what this one does. Do I need permission to use quotes from another source in my work?
Or just google permission to use quotes Internet.

Readers, keep in mind that I have no problem with children's pictures on the Internet, and the site on her poetry page concerning these children, I think is a wonderful idea, but the original blog was written due to Rose contridicting of her article on children on the Internet, and then placing a childs picture and links to many others on her poetry site. And concerning a predator, I think as sick as they are themselves, they could care less who they prey on; a healthy or sick child means nothing to them. If you can prove otherwise, by all means do so.

She posted a letter to an individual here (and the individual was confused thinking I was a member of Todays Woman, instead of ex member) and without giving the link concerning my blog, the individual she wrote to did not have the entire story. That is OK, I can write her myself and send the link so she understands this and that I did not "knock" the site, just the contridiction given by Rose.


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