Thursday, May 11, 2006


I AM SO EXCITED!! WHY? BECAUSE I AM AN EXPERT! (But I can't get my picture on the cover of the ROLLING STONES!)

Guess what, I found out today?!?!?! I am an EXPERT!! Who gave me this title? I did! And I am going to keep it, so there! I can also be a published poet, an author of a book, a columnist, and many other things if I want to claim the title! I don't have to show you any papers to prove this, all I have to do is write it on the Internet and I don't even have to speak with authority to claim the title! Yippee For ME!!!!!

If you want to, you can be one to, just say the word, and POOF, you are what you want to be, at least on the Internet!! Papers can even be printed out to prove this for you! Forget being all you can be in the ARMY, on the Internet, it is a reality if you say so!!!!

OK, all kidding aside, I wrote this because I was researching the Internet of who is who and what they claim to be! (And I am really good on research, maybe an expert, via the Internet!) And so far, all the names that I found claiming to be an expert WERE an expert according to their words! And the links I clicked to verify this, were their own links! Hey! I can do that! Google and all the other search engines allow me to do this!

So, I am now an expert, and have many things to choose to be on! Well, let me think on this!

Here is my list! I wanna be an expert on:
Giraffes (I think these are the ones with the real long necks, right?)

OH, forget it, I want to be an EXPERT on all things, AND NOW I AM! WHY? Because I SAID SO and WROTE SO!!!

Signed, KATIE the EXPERT OF ALL!!!!!!!!! LOL

So, What Makes You Such an Expert? This article is a great read and does touch on certain subjects concerning my state of thoughts. Not totally related, but does add some insight to the idea!


  1. oooh, an expert. Cool! Well, then, I want to be a platypus... no, wait... a superhero!

    A person I once considered a friend tried to convince me that some rather bizarre happenings in political circles were totally true because she "read it on the internet."

    Wow... if THAT'S all it takes, then *poof* I'm invisible! Oh, and I look like a supermodel, not that it matters because, after all, I'm invisible! *grin*

  2. Where is Ms. Karen? I thought I saw a post to this!! Oh yea, I forgot, she is an invisible superhero! I know this for a fact, as she said SO!!! LOL

    Thanks Ms. Karen, as it is evident that you got my drift of the theme of this post. And how neat that we can make fun of it, yet sad that others take advantage of the Internet!

    But, what the heck, you are invisible with super powers, and I am an expert because I said So, so the evil stampede cannot touch us! Right?

    Thanks Ms. Karen for your post! As always you bring a smile to my face with your humor!!
    LOL, Katie.

  3. I can be anything I want just by saying so? Why didn't anyone tell me this before? I've been working for a living all this time...

    Okay I want to be president of the United States and for all to bow down and worship me.

    Hey, where's my secret service agents? And why aren't people bowing down? Hey you must do it because I say so!


  4. oh ma gosh...guess, what? I already know a person who says she is everything to everyone, except those who dare to challenge her!!! Guess if I were ambitious, I could google myself and write all kinds of stupid articles just to be writing them and then look like an expert on EVERYTHING!!! oh wait...gulp...I AM on google...WELL...guess that makes me somebody special!!! Right!!!
    ; } to myself!!!!! **Big Cheesy Grin**

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Your all wack jobs. Buncha old biddys who just learned the internet. Say what you want. The trick is to get people to listen to you and to not contradict yourselves in the process. Good luck.

  6. So, Anonymous, I guess you do not want to be anything! Right? Did Rose send you here? How old are you? Because by your comment and hidden idenity I am guessing maybe 12. Would you like some cookies and milk? We sell toys on eBay, would you like to talk your mommy into buying you some? Or maybe some Batman or better yet, Spiderman pajamas? In case you do not understand, this is how I talk to people that hide behind their idenity and post like a child.

    For the remainder of the readers, I did allow this post to go through as it was not vulgar or really disrespectful and did voice an opinion, even though it was more than likely a child doing this. I have been on the Internet since it first came out and since that has been a very long time, I pretty much can recognize when a child writes in chatrooms, forums, blogs, etc. At least I got the trick right, which was to have people listen to me and not contradict myself. So, I guess my luck is pretty good. LOL


  7. Thanks for stopping by Mugs and showing the world just what type of people Rose chooses to surround herself with. When I visited her blog I was much more respectful in my comments to her. In an PRIVATE email I did come right out and call her a hypocrite because she can certainly dish out criticism but absolutely cannot take one lick of it in return.

    And just to clear the air here, the issue is not whether or not she is allowed to rebuttal. She is free to write diatribe after diatribe regarding Katie's posts until her heart's content. NO ONE said ever said that she could not. This is something that Rose infers because it helps furthur her cause to make is seem like Katie is persecuting her when nothing could be furthur from the truth. But then again no one from her site(s) is interested in the truth...

    What is at issue is the fact that she only presents one side of the story, hers, and she twists the facts to feed her persecution complex. Not only that, she lifted material from this blog to make a point on hers but did not cite her source (All PROFESSIONAL freelance writers cite their sources.) nor did she provide a link back so that her readers could read the context in which it was written.

    You, Rose and whoever else are welcomed to comment here as long as it pertains to the issues at hand. Unlike Rose, Katie does not censor legitimate comments. However, if all you want to do is throw around meaningless insults you can do that at Invision Graphics or Todays-Woman where the site owners encourage such graceless behavior.

    Thank you and have a good day :)

  8. So this is Mugs? I guess I should have figured that out from reading comments on Rose's site.

    I thought it was a young child by what he wrote. Common examples of a child instead of writing you're write "your" which means in a sentence belonging to. For example, where is YOUR dog? Children many times write with statements such as buncha or wanna, or words as such.
    Children also comment while hiding their idenity as they might get themselves in trouble, and children also comment on blogs, forums, etc. as they have nothing better to do and need some attention. And the majority of the time they comment, it has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

    So, now my question is how old is Mugs? I am still guessing between 10 and 12. But then I guess I could be wrong as the age to belong to TW is 18 and above.

    So maybe he is in the right blog subject afater all, if this is Mugs. Instead of wanting to be an expert, or a superhero or President, he wants to be a child. Like I said, on the Internet you can be whatever you want!


  9. "Say what you want. The trick is to get people to listen to you and to not contradict yourselves in the process. Good luck."

    Uhmmmm, that's pretty much what's been going on here. Katie has been writing about the situation, and we've been listening. As for the condradictions, I've not noticed any, but I don't visit any of Rose's sites to compare information. However, what one person considers a contradiction, another may see as a simple error.

    This kind of thing happens a lot in courtrooms. Does that mean one person is right and the other wrong?

    They see what is in their line of sight. It may not be everything that happened, just bits and pieces of the whole.

    As for Mugs' age... I'm guessing 19. Old enough to flap his yap, but too young to really understand or care what it's all really about. He's only in it for the hoopla and/or bragging rights.

    Well, this old biddy is going to have coffee, read the newspaper (and not just the comics) then get ready for work. Or I just might give some whippersnapper a smack on the ankle with my cane.