Thursday, May 11, 2006

Children In Danger Of Pictures On The Web? Who Said THAT?

Children's Pictured On The Web? Is this a concern?

Well, I just had to write about this! I know that many readers are probably thinking (and I am also) that I would not be writing for awhile, but the missing blog bug has bitten me with a virus, along with my soul searching and researching, and a few beers probably helped also.

While or when I have time, I touch on subjects that peek my interest or have some relationship regarding the book I am writing about. And, if there is anything that caused me to think "hmmm", to my thoughts or the book in progress, I am going to point it out! Everyone needs to know some of the plot to keep interest!

An article was written on INTERNET SAFETY CALL concerning pictures of children on the web highway, as it could be dangerous. According to this article, the pictures could be altered, changed, re-arranged or possibly put the child in danger concerning information given. The author of the article went so far as to say that she would NEVER place her child's picture on the web in regards of protecting her children from danger, and you, she stipulated, AS A READER, should never place your child's picture on the Internet either! And states that putting a child's picture on the Internet is putting the child at risk, therefore we should say NO as responsible adults of subjecting our children in pictures on the Internet highway! (This was not word for word verbatim, but what I got our of the article personally myself). Since this is published as an article of her right for all to read and learn upon, I am allowed to use the link. Thank goodness for good lawyers that allow me to write without worry!

Teens and Blogs - Internet Safety Wake-up Call

The above link deals with many things in regards to protecting children, but if you read the entire article, you will see my point of how she points out that as a parent that YOU SHOULD NEVER PLACE a child's picture on the Internet! And goes into great detail of how babies and young children are in danger concerning their pictures within her article!

WHAT!! What is this I now see? On her poetry site she contradicts the article written above, as a picture of a child falls under "HUGS AND HOPES" on her well known poetry website, and could this be harming by publishing this child's picture? Other links to this are available, but decided to show the one obvious on her site, which by clicking it can show a beautiful child from infancy to older ages of the child, and gives parents names, and much more. And with a google research I found out much more on this child, as well as the parents. THANK GOODNESS I am doing this only as research! (OK, and to make a valid point!)

The link provided below shows the contradiction! And once you click the link of the child on her site, you can also click another link available that displays numerous children with their history, and a great deal of information that she writes articles about of not to give! Now, do not get me wrong, I personally see this site as something needed, and a great way to reach the public on children's disease, problems, etc. And I mean ETC. Wonderful site! I, myself, would place my child here also if the need was there, and I have actually saved it as a favorite place, and one that does need to be visited and very informative! But, my point is, do not express advice concerning children's pictures on the net and then advertise a site where many children's photographs can be found, and the child is not hiding behind a cat! NUFF SAID!

Todays Woman

I almost feel guilty on writing this concerning the adorable child and evident loved parents of the child, but I am trying to make a point. Again ROSE, if you are going to make a point on something, stick by it, or accept the foot in your mouth! And it might be a good benefit that you have a small foot to go in a big mouth, or at least something to think on before you write on things you hope to give others advise on~ There is a reason of why the quote of "Think before you speak" came into play! (and now with the Internet we have the capability to do all, think, research and speak. Let us be careful, as it can be abused!)



  1. And it might be a good benefit that you have a small foot to go in a big mouth,

    OMG Katie that is so funny. I'm going to laugh at that sentence for days.

    Every tool on this good earth can be used for good and for evil. It's all up to the person. There is nothing you can do to control the destructive impulses of some. Yes you want to do what you can to protect yourself and your loved ones but unless you plan to live your life locked in your house and never talking to anyone ever, you'll never be completely free of danger.

    Ah well I guess. C'est la vie.

  2. *snort* I've never seen anything well-written by Rosie and that was no different.

    I do agree that parents should monitor their chlidren's Internet usage --BUT --like indigo said, many things can be used for both good and bad purposes. You can't eliminate all things that *might* someday be used by someone for evil. Heck, you'd have nothing left. People just need to be responsible and thoughtful in their actions.

    Glad to see you blogging again, Katie.

    /back to lurking/