Monday, April 24, 2006

When & Where The Whistle Blows!

Lately in my life, (though it started with my childhood dreams), I think about the trains I hear on the busy streets of where I live now, and WHERE THE WHISTLE BLOWS that take the people on their different lives and where they are going, and where do they live and what do they think, and what got them to where they are now? How did their life and their times move them to where they are now, and if so different, how so closely related to our own lives, and traumas, and scares, and dreams that made us who we are now, in relationship to them?

With me, WHERE THE WHISTLE BLOWS in the long quite and slumber deep of the train, tells so many stories that we so strive to be able to reach many times in our own lives, yet, we do not, nor give reasons related to our personal lives, as it might be to hurtful. It might personally touch our souls, or make us think about things we are not ready to deal with, such as forgiveness, family lost, children, death and dying, and so many more things that we are not ready for. And the list goes on and on, and dealing also does! If we were on that train of WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS! I many times wonder if others think this way and reflect on their lives if the blow of whistle!

I just thought it might be a good thing to write in a blog, as I am sure many others think on this, and I (probably like others) could write a book or short story, (thinking of others lives) and stories they could give on their own pesonal thoughts, concerning this, regardless, on or off a train and humans abound and going somewhere!

WHO were the people on the train that we hear in our near slumber thoughts, or our busy life, or who in thoughts interrupts our hectic day! What is their life like, and why do they feel whatever thoughts of today, and what could they teach us? Would it be important, and would it teach us something important? What about our horrible feelings inside, yet good feelings in place~ could they have reached us? Or we them? Just something to think about! Do you ever think this way?

And WHERE are they going, and where will they lead us in our own thoughts? Where will we lead ourselves in our own thoughts thinking of theirs?

April 23, 2006~Katie


  1. This reminds me of when I am driving by homes with people standing out in their yards, or we're driving along on a trip and I look at cars going past. I see these people watch me drive by and I think, are they wondering about me? Because when I watch cars drive by, I wonder about those people.....kind of a Round Robin feeling! ; }

  2. I feel this way also Mid. The train experience really made me think as of late though. The whistle is just so calming to hear, and the train is not far from where I live. It is like the train is saying "We are here", and who knows where all these people are going and where they are from. I love the sound of the whistle.