Wednesday, May 10, 2006

When Writing In My Blog Becomes Hard

I miss writing in my blog so much. My life has been so distracted of late with so many other things and does not allow me the opportunity to write as I would like to. I think about writing all the time, and the things I want to write about in the blog, but I am not like the majority of my blogger friends, as my words do not flow so easy when I write, and a great deal of thought in time goes into my writing, making me a much slower writer.

My mother, like so many of you I know as bloggers, could just pen anything on an instant thought, and it would come out great. I wish I had that talent.

My thoughts of late have been with a terrible court battle in place concerning my oldest brother and myself and my other three siblings suing him over a piece of property that belonged to my mother that he says she signed over to him (this all happened when she was incompetent and in final stages of Alzheimer's.) He was and had been for several years addicted to crack when this happened (and probably still is), and besides robbing her of every penny she practically had before she died, he wanted this property also due to oil rights. A great deal of money is in the land, and while it might be nice to have some money, we sued as we are still trying to protect her rights even though she is now deceased, and it is the right thing to do for many other reasons. This whole mess is heartbreaking, time consuming and very stressful.

I am so hoping that my time soon will allow me to write more on this and many subjects, as I feel in writing certain things, others can learn from them and find information and advice from my blogs. I try not to be real personal concerning my personal life, but this particular story is very important for others in this situation, and if I can ever find the time to write on it, it would cover so many important subjects. Drugs, elder care, law, forgery, and so much more. And besides this, I have so much more I want to write on. I wish I had the time, but right now I don't.

So, therefore my regular readers, don't think that I have just gone away, as while I might not be writing in my blog as much as I would like to, my mind is always thinking of what I want to write about. And also while I might not be writing, I am always reading my blogger friends entries, and as always, they are great!


The Cycle Of Addiction Concering Crack And Other Drugs

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  1. Oh Katie,

    I was wondering about you but I figured you were busy with ebay and all that. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. What makes this worse is that it's your brother. I hope things work out and maybe just maybe this lawsuit will be the thing that snaps your brother back to reality and force him to get help. If you need anything let me know. I've been busy too but never too much so for a friend.