Sunday, April 23, 2006


In My Sisters Garden
Things are planted so well,
Besides the flowers and vegetables
She has so much that she dwells and tells,
Within her life she plants in her special garden, of
Her life, her living, her God, her being!
The stories she could tell, whispered
In her Garden!

In her Garden, are stories that reach us all,
Of heartbreak, and heartache,
And things that touch us all,
Her siblings, her loved ones, her family
Her past, her friends, her love in of all,
So many ways, and stories she tells, the truth is
In her Garden!

Flowers bloom and strength resumes locked
In her garden, that touches her there
And feeds the family, and others as well
In so many ways with her thoughts
That has spoken to so many hearts that will remember the days,
That she expressed her wisdom to others, as well as herself
In her Garden!

From her garden, things of me have bloomed,
Thoughts on my life that she has taught me on,
And things I write in poem and phrase,
Pictured memories I have saved on things taught to me by her,
Of things that bring beauty and love,
Lessons taught to me concerning life,
Whispered in silence from her that touched me
From Her Garden!


I wrote the outline of this poem several days ago, as I took pictures of the few plants that grew in my yard, and thoughts of Delia in consideration of the beauty while I did so, as I would never have even planted them without her encouragement of how wonderful it was to just see them grow, even if they were alone for awhile, or took a year to grow! And this is dedicated to my sister Delia.

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