Thursday, April 06, 2006


In one of my recent blogs called BREAKER~BREAKER, I expressed that I had a lot to write about and had thought about, dealing with hospital experience and blogs where I wanted to comment with open minded thoughts to narrow minded blogs. One of my readers said that they could not wait for me to "tell all" , as they were curious of where this was leading. BY THE WAY reader, thank you for suggesting that I change my title blog to KATIE'S LOGUE. It fits perfect! Sometimes pointing me in the MID dle gets me to the center of my thoughts, and ideas.

Anyway, this is a bit hard to do. Especially since I want to write on so many things, and I have to pick and choose what to write on. After much debate within myself, I decided to write on NARROW MINDED BLOGS that I cannot comment on, (per their personal blogs, as I am not allowed.) So, therefore, I will just comment as much as I can in one night to get the general idea across of what I hope to say and express!

This does call for examples. I wrote a blog concerning MYSPACE on
Child Internet Safety, and the next thing I knew, there was a blog having fits on this subject that I blogged on, as if I did not know what I was talking about, wanting to prove me or anyone wrong that voiced a different opinion on this. I pretty much go on my own personal experience and research to make a point! (Don't get me wrong, the writer did have good ideas concerning a rebuttal, but broken or links hard to find to express her point well left a lot to be desired.) The next thing I read on her personal blog was a link from MySpace on how to keep children safe within the link via SAFE TEENS (direct link from MySpace). Now, it seems to me, if you do not agree, or at least give consideration of what others have to say, do not include a direct link from the MySpace site, as it makes you look like you have NO IDEA of what you are talking about. Kind of like advertising them when you think they are so wrong, and then making them right! Confusing~VERY!!

Not long after this discovery, another blog was written by this same blogger (and daily reader of my blogs) concerning International Library of Photography (where many sites were in question and put on warning pages on her website)
, and included a site I am very familiar with that has some of my own pictures up on one of sites in question of PICTURE.COM. I even have 3 pictures published in their books ( Kitty Nursing Dog and Kitty & Dog In Love and Premature Kitty~2 weeks old ) that you can find in bookstores, but I did not buy the book as I did not want to pay (nor could afford) the expensive price just so I could every now and then say "Hey look, see my picture here?" AND, there does appear to be some pro's and con's with this particular site, and I do not really care, as no money was spent on my behalf, but, this site does use their advertising to get people they publish their pictures on, in hopes they will buy the books. Business at its best, and you do have the choice to become a part of the site, buy or not buy. On this note, I do need to point out that there are many frauds that are used with big businesses such as these, (and not associated directly with) that will try and make a good place look bad or find away to get your hard earned money through fraud and very sneaky ways, using the site. (Think eBay & Paypal, other known sites to understand) As a matter of fact, one of these fraud emails was used in one of my recent blogs concerning Spam, Scam Fraud Theft & Other Internet Horrors, and used as well on one of her warning pages. As far as I am concerned, you must do a lot of research (and I mean a lot, or I do) to know the good from the bad, and understand the relationship to it. I think it very sad, and unfair that many sites that started out with a good idea, found themselves in bad or dim light due to problems that were not even caused by them, but by fraudsters taking advantage of a good thing, that gave them a bad name. (or blogs written about them without adequate and responsible research.)

And I tell you what, I also do not believe in giving links to a place where the entire name of a place in question written about with when you click, it comes up to a article or blog written in derogatory statements about it, or search of finding links of your search, and the site in question does not come up, or you have to look for it in cache. I even did a short blog it this In Thoughts Of What I Research. This behavior I call narrow minded and with lack of research in regards to readers that are trying to read or find the entire story. Copyright questions might even come into concern, especially if the link given with their name is not even available to their site. (I have to give some thanks here, as a lawyer pointed this out to me as well.)

Since I am on a personal role here, lets talk about an article written by a blogger on POD PUBLISHING concerning the SLUSH PILE. POD Publishing - The Slush Pile, by Rose Desrochers. This particular blog was written on how great it is that books are now POD published, yet so many are so poorly written that they need to be slushed. Now, I am thinking, how many of these POD books from LULU, or other sites that are POD published DID she read? And what makes her an expert? And this blog is from one and the same of her other own personal blogs and online articles that encourages people to write no matter what, to continue on with their dream of writing, and to never give up! How the heck does she has a right to say these things in her blog to encourage, then discourage, that some books (posibbly your book might probably belong in the slush pile, according to her considerations). How arrogant and uncaring can this be? Not to mention confusing per her blogs and articles on never give up on writing! For example, interesting read of hers Self Publishing - Pod Publishing . By the way, I am the unmentional blog she is speaking of.

Also, this same blogger wrapper herself up in an Publish America contract without reading their contract well, and for months fought for PA, which actually started flame wars, (only to find out that she, herself was taken) and now only has nothing but bad things to say concerning PA, then she became partners with a site that if she had checked it out in any kind of research, would might have realized it was a bad idea, as there were already known problems with this site, yet took the chance to BE TAKEN, and she was, and now has tons of bad things to say about that problem. She never would have gotten screwed if she had NOT JUMPED the gun!
Or done a little research!

In ending and point I am trying to make, we need to be careful of what we do and what we become involved in on the Internet. And do not believe all you read. And do not believe me either. Research it yourself and find your own way. I ALSO am a published Poet and Writer and Blogger. Whatever you read that I wrote, is published on the Internet. And who knows, it probably belongs in the slush pile. Depends on the reader, I guess!! I could write so much more on this, but I need to shut up before I upset myself. LOL



  1. You know,there are some people who always have to have something to say, no matter what. If they don't have their own ideas, they "borrow?" from others. I'm not the least bit surprised at what you wrote. Some people just seem to clamor for attention, but when you turn an ear their way, all you hear is clanging metal. No song, no lyrics, no harmony or melody...just irritating, nerve grating, grinding metal. I would rather listen to an honest heart who may not sing on tune all the time, but at least has a song that says something important, and original.

  2. Hi Mid,

    I really do not mind people that borrow ideas, but at least develop on them. What bothers me is contridiction. For example, telling people to continue to write no matter what, and then say a great deal of the work belongs in a slush pile. (without reading the works.) Also, putting a site down, and then using a positive direct link from them on safety.

    If you are going to write on something that you believe is true, then I feel a lot of research needs to be done so that you do not come out looking like an idiot, and have all your facts straight before putting your foot in your mouth.

    I watched Capote last night (interested for several reasons, besides the fact that he was from Monroeville, Al where I was from, and also was a friend of family on my mothers side)yet did not know the total story on his researching IN COLD BLOOD. With the book I am writing, it will also take years to do all research (especially since the story continues) so that I at least know what I am talking about.

    Main point, if one is going to write something about a certain thing with some type of authority, they need to get their facts straight.


  3. It used to be respectable, if a little unorthodox, to self publish. Now the scammers have given self publishing a bad name. When I first began writing, I thought to self publish my books but now since no one is willing to touch them with a ten foot pole, I suppose I now HAVE to go through a commercial publisher. Oh well, c'est la vie.

    Oh by the way, Stephen King did in fact self publish his "The Plant", it was only after he had already made a name for himself. If Stephen King had tried to self publish in his early days, he would not have been as successful with it as he was in 2000 when he published it.

    Sorry, I just needed to clarify that just in case someone thought that self publishing was the easy way to go. Self publishing is infinitely harder, however, I think it does have the potential to be more rewarding.