Wednesday, April 05, 2006

LITERARY ESCAPE Is Back Up & Running!

Several of my dedicated readers know who Devrie is, and she had a wonderful site called LITERARY ESCAPE for several years, but do to come complications, she took the site down for awhile. Well, her site is back up today, and it looks like it will be great fun and a promising place for some R&R time.

Here you can post poems, have your poems and writings critiqued, and critique others, involve yourself in intelligent conversation, and experience a growing role with your writings.

The site is brand new as of today, and to me, I find that exciting, as I can become a part of a site that will grow over time. And, from knowing Devrie, I expect it to grow fast.

If you get the chance, please drop by and visit her site here

Good luck Devrie, and I look forward of being a part of this exciting adventure.


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