Tuesday, February 28, 2006



It has now come to my attention that the person I speak of in this blog, realizes that she is the star attraction, so, as she realized it was her upon reading this blog. That pretty much happens a lot when we look into a mirror and see ourself. She even mentioned it in her blog and of those who knows who she is just Google her name with the word BLOG in it, or search the blogs here. It is easy to find. Of course she did not give a link for her viewers to see both sides of the story, but that is expected of her. Since I have sitemeter, she has been on more than a dozen times, and I noticed that all the time she has spent on this blog, she actually never read any of the links I researched on Trolls, Flame Wars or Cyberstalking, but instead posted links in her blog of her article on TROLLS, as if she is an expert on this. Oh well.

Also, since I am new at this, I would like to thank the people that set up links to this blog, and also for all visitors.

Folks, I have been very busy, but I do intend to make changes to this blog when I get the time, per suggestions of very insightful people. I appreciate your suggestions and I will be making changes soon. New links and added information will be available soon.

I also wanted to point out that anything you put on and over the Internet is not ever totally safe, even when password protected. My sitemeter was hacked by another party yesteday morning, but it was caught right off the bat, as I happened to be on checking it when it happened. The customer service was great and they got back to me right away and will be following up on this. Now, I wonder who wanted to get into my sitemeter and why that was so important to them. I have a good idea, and will also update on this.


  1. Hi Katie...From my observations of people, like the one you wrote about, nothing will ever affect them, esp by looking in the "writing mirror". They look in a fantasy mirror with only one image that reflects back--the one they want to have of themselves. (This mentality is often carried over into the physical realm, by posting glamour shots of themselves from previous years, instead of what they really look like now.)
    Therefore, no arguments or facts presented, will phase them, because they will always have a rebuttal. People like this have low self esteem, and the only way they can feel good about themselves, is to pretend to be better than everyone else; they can do no wrong in their eyes. They garner support/loyalty from unsuspecting people, or ones who have the same traits, and surround themselves with a false sense of superiority. The internet is great for all of this, because you can be whomever you project yourself to be, and you can fool those who are gullible and unknowledgeable, or unwilling to check out the facts for themselves.
    It is a sad situation, and a "no win" one from our side. But we have the satisfaction of knowing the truth...and that's what sets us free. Hang in there, because I think it is more important to be honest!

  2. Hi Mid, I agree with you totally with the majority of this. Sadly though, in the long run they will understand the saying "If life is a bowl of cherries, why am I always in the pits." Pretty much for the same reason of "What goes around, comes around." I LOVE QUOTES.

    It is a sad situation, but concerning "no win", to a degree you are right, but it also is not a "win-win" situation for them either.

    During my spare time the last few days, I have been doing more reading on this type of behavior. And, this is the most important thing, and will be one of the major things I outline when I get ready to do this project in full. And I am not just researching this particular story line, but others as well. This one is from personal experience that has gotten me on the road to this project, but there are many other awful ones close behind.

    Some of my readers via email feel it is OK to mention names, but I really do not need to. Personally, I do not really want to make things worse for either of these parties, but want readers that fall onto this to understand how simple this can happen, and be able to read the links should this be happening to them.

    Some may think of me as a troll, but that is not my goal, but just as a good researcher to get the facts straight, and by the things I find. I know this particular person hid behind MANY MANY names, and it reminded me that I need to go put my real name in and am going to do it today. Katie