Saturday, September 22, 2007


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What an honor! Again I have been awarded with a blog award, named BLOGGING STAR AWARD! My good friend Daria Black passed this award on to me, which was awarded to her from Rolando & his Wonderful Playground Blog!

First things first, with the two mentioned blogs above, thank you so much for such an excellent reading experience, information, etc. etc., that I have gotten from both your blogs. Great job, and both are exceptionally written and brings a great deal to the blogsphere in blog land!

With that said, I am excited to point out and award others of excellent writing, time, consideration and thoughts of other bloggers that I keep up with, and if one takes the time to read their blogs, one will see that it is evident that these bloggers spend a great deal of thought and consideration of what they place in their blogs, making them deserving of this award also, not to mention exception and needed reads, and why I choose to pass these awards on to them. I hope readers will take time to view the bloggers and the links provided, and you will understand why I speak so glowing of them!

When Daria gave me the award of Star Blogger, the first person I realized I wanted to pass such an award to was Terry, a good friend that I meet on Rotatrix Friends Networking site. I personally never thought I would join a social net working site, but glad I did, as Terry has been instrumental in helping me with many things, and sharing her knowledge with me and so many others in many areas. I so appreciate that, and that has made my joining of RFN even more enjoyable.

Her screen name of lifeiseasy alone is an eye catcher. She sports 3 blogs, and I want to mention them all as I have found a great deal of information with all her blogs that has helped me in numerous ways. But, I think I will give her "ABOUT ME PAGE" first. I feel the "About me" pages on bloggers always give readers a great deal of information, not to mention a great tool in wanting to know more and read more about the blogger. Terry has a excellent blog called NOT MAKING MILLIONS YET?? I think this is a very interesting and eye catching title. She is not making millions yet, but if you read the blog, you can see where her directions are aimed and headed, and how she is so consistent in sharing what she has learned so far, and how she wants to share and help people within their own personal quest! Her above mentioned blog gave me excellent ideas on how to do things concerning PAGE RANK! I did not even know that I had a Page Rank until she told me so. (Have since changed to Firefox, and have learned a great deal more and understand page rank a little more now!) Her next blog is titled Shopping and Blogging Tips which is full of excellent ideas and wonderful blogging tips. For true bloggers, this is an excellent blog, especially for new bloggers! In this blog, she has awesome and explainable ideas within her blog which gives readers much to explore on help and ideas to implement with their personal blogs. Her other blog is Lifeiseasy ADSENSE 101 and deals again with helping others with blog ideas. Again, she was instrumental of my own placing of adsense in RFN, and now actually making new money there. (Just a few scents of right now, but HEY, thanks again Terry for the few pennies I have now earned. They all add up in time!) I loved her last blog concerning Tags and Keywords placed in blogs! Very informative! Terry, you have some wonderful blogs here, and it is an honor to nominate you as a STAR BLOGGER! You have really helped me out in so many ways, and I am sure many others as that is just the type of person you are. Thank you! YOU ARE A STAR BLOGGER!

Next in my list is for KELI who writes the most humorous blog on Counterfeit Humans - How to Maintain Sanity over Everyday Stupidity. If you ever deal with stupidity in your everyday life, and need to find some humor in it, THIS IS A MUST READ BLOG! Keli's writing style puts you right into the story as if painting a picture. We all need a laugh in our personal daily lives concerning our own stupidity and the stupidity of others, and she has a way to place it right before our eyes. She is a must read of mine, as well as my husbands, and we always make sure when we read her blog that some kind of plastic piece of material is available to protect the keyboard and monitor(this mainly has to do with spitting in what ever is in our mouth, or for that matter, just the spit as if in a contest. Laughing causes spits, please remember!). Other reasons why? If we do not have the named protection, we have to sit way back to protect both (And this makes it difficult to read!). Keli's blog would not surprise me to find it under the true definition of ROTFLOL. By the way Keli, why I am thinking about this, I would love to see a blog about where your own stupidity might have come into play at some point! I think we all have our stupid moments, and I would be more than happy to give you some material on this concerning me. BUT NO FAIR in mentioning my name. LOL YOU ARE A STAR BLOGGER!

Again with blog awards, I would like to mention Michele over atThe Rocky Mountain Retreat. Her blog is always an inspiration to me. She actually has 3 blogs. Her other two are on Fishing and Weather and Space. Make sure if you visit her blog that you visit her ABOUT ME PAGE for other links concerning her. Anyway, back to her blog at the Rocky Mountain Retreat. Her blog always is about everything and anything concerning life and so much more that we endeavor in our life. In other words, something for everyone, and never a dull moment! An exception blog where any reader can find something special that interest the reader. Thanks Michele for always such an enjoyable read with your blogs! YOU ARE A STAR BLOGGER!

Last on my list is to give the award back to Daria in regards to her other sites that she spends so much time and effort on. THESE are beyond words of how much it can mean to others to read her blogs if really interested in finding the ins and outs on so many things within blogs, writing tips, and in between it all. A little of everything concerning writing, blogging, life in general, etc. is found within her FIGMENT WRITING STUDIO and COMMUNITY, which is such a wonderful place to visit and explore! It is chock full of so much information, and the posts that really interested me most are her writing prompts, which evidently she has spent so much time on. The other that has meant a great deal to me is her JOB BOARD, where she has done a great deal of research in sharing with the readers, directions of her words leading readers to new possibilities. So much more is there besides the two that I mentioned. And if that is not enough, she has spent a great deal of time, effort and research on her site WEBERNET ARCHITECT DESIGN STUDIO, which by her PAGE RANK of 4 proves how much this site is viewed and considered. I am not surprised at all, as everything Daria does is done with over 100% effort, and a great deal of thinking and planning when doing so. YOU ARE A STAR BLOGGER!

This ends my blog. I am so thankful that I have such good friends that I have found via the Internet to give these awards to. I wanted to give the award also to Ms. Karen, but Daria always beats me to awards considering Ms. Karen Place! Other than Ms. Karen, I cannot imagine right now giving this award to anyone else other than the chosen that deserved the award so much and that I am happy to give it to! Not to mention that all these STAR BLOG AWARDS have helped me in so many ways of information, help, inspiration, laughs, and the list could just go on and on! LITERALLY!



  1. wow these are some awesome blogs to read ...I have to agree with you that you have some really great blogger 's friends :) and thanks so much for mentioning my little humble blogs too ... you rock girl ... your blogs should be published to book form ...

  2. Terry, thanks so much in your response of commenting. I pick and choose my friends carefully, and take time doing so. I have spent a great deal of time viewing your blogs, and therefore, I feel comfortable with a come back of YOU ROCK also.

    I have spent a great deal of time on RFN, and you are a leader there, as well as a social person that wants to help others. In my book (which by the way I am writing one) this means a great deal, and you are very deserving of this award.


  3. Thank you very much, Katie, for awarding me a Blogging Star! I humbly accept and am very glad you deem my blog worthy. And don't worry - should you provide me with material for stupidity, I always protect my informants. Thanks again for the honor!

  4. Oh Katie, Thanks. This is very nice of you to say such lovely and thoughtful things especially at a time when I need it so much. It helped to put a smile on my face and a little bounce in my step. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Thank you, my friend, thank you.

  5. Keli, you are more than welcome on the STAR BLOG award. Your blog makes me laugh so hard.

    Michele, You were upfront in my mind when giving this award. You so deserve it, and it really makes me happy to know that I put a smile on your face, especially the fact that it was needed. I love all your blogs.

  6. Hi Katie,
    I've given you the Spirit of Christmas Award.
    Spirit of Christmas Award

  7. Hey Katie, congrats on the award and thanks for the mention.

    Take care.