Monday, September 03, 2007


Daria Black has tagged me to answer THE SEVEN P's. I consider this a really good meme as it really makes one think about themselves. My next blog was intended to be about UU Religious Education, but I have not finished that blog yet, and so I share this blog with you for now. Below are my answers to this.

My Passion:

My biggest passion is my writing, as I hope it will reach out and help, encourage, educate, amuse and define to others of who I am. When I speak of writing, I don't mean in just blogs, but in emails, poetry, short stories, letters to my children, and other places as well. This passion lies also in my personal journals, as I have discovered that when I am able to write my personal feelings down, I learn a great deal about myself, both good and bad.

My Purpose:

Is to make a difference or impact in this world, and the lives of others, whether it be large or small. Helping, understanding and having empathy for others, and even just doing small things for others, has always given me a natural high. In other words, if filling my purpose in life helps others find their purpose in some way, then much fulfillment enters my soul.

My Pursuit:

Reason. I want to know the why and wherefore of things, as well as why things happen or do not happen. Even when it comes to myself and what I do with my life, I want to know and understand the reasons behind it. Searching reasons about life as a whole has always sent me on many adventures and through this I have discovered a great deal of knowledge.

My Position:

I am a mother, grandmother,wife, daughter, friend, writer and hopefully an educator.

My Pummeling:

Organization. I find it very difficult organizing all the projects I am working on, not to mention other projects I want to do in the future. Organization with me takes a lot of discipline on my part, and that is something that I am trying to work on daily.

My Progress:

Progress to me is reaching goals, or at least trying to. With that in mind, my past progress has been excellent, especially work related. Now my progress seems to go in cycles at this point in my life, mainly due to the organization mentioned above. I consider writing this blog as progress, as it was something I said I would do.

My Personality:

Is outgoing, fun loving, yet very serious at the same time. I have been in sales that were very productive 95% of my adult life, and I feel my personality traits had a great deal to do with my success in sales.

With all that said, I am going to tag Small Town RN, Michele and Kiril at Sneakeasys Joint.

I don't know if they participate in meme's but hopefully they will as I would love to see how they respond to this as all of them are great writers and thinkers.


  1. Some great and ambitious P's Katie! Glad to know about you.

    May God guide you through your journeys and purpose!


  2. Hey Roland. Thanks so much for the comments as well as the compliment. Wishing you also the best in everything you do. Katie

  3. Well, that was an awesome post indeed. There was some very pleasant traits that I have learned about you Katie. I shall see what I can do in the next few days about the Seven P's Meme.

  4. These are great Katie. You're right we do have a lot in common. I think you have achieved a lot of your purpose just being alive. You've certainly made a difference in my life.

    Hugs :)

  5. wow that was very insightful....this isn't just your average every day meme...I am going to have to put some thought into this..I will try and get it posted in the next couple of day....

  6. Michele and Small Town RN, I am so glad that you are considering doing this meme. I can't wait to hear of what you will come up with as I know before even reading it that it will be excellent. Reading your blogs already has given me the attention of knowing this. And not only that, but I am sure that others will so appreciate it.

    Daria, Thank you so much for your comment and wonderful compliment. You have no idea (Well, maybe you might) of how much your comment put a smile on my face. Thank you so much.

    Hugs to all.