Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finding Friends From Your Blogs

This past weekend, I wrote a blog about something that happened in my personal life. Very seldom do I write about my personal life, but this time I was glad that I did for many reasons. One of the main reason is because a new reader happened to find my blog and wrote a very heart felt comment on my blog, which meant a great deal to me. I checked this new readers blog out as I wanted to know more about her. As it turned out, she has three wonderful blogs. Not only are they wonderful, but they are so informative, well written and beautifully put together. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to her blogs and I really hope my readers spend some time viewing her blogs, as it will be well worth your time.

First of all, I was very excited to see that she is a
Capricorn , as I am also. I have discovered that the majority of people that I meet that are Capricorn's, I get a long with extremely well. Capricorn's are acknowledged by their organizational skills, practicality , and their self discipline. By viewing her blog, she evidently has all these traits.

Fishing Fiesta blog I found extremely useful and informative and will be spending a great deal of time at that blog as my husband and I love to fish. She has many excellent pointers in this blog, wonderful pictures and advice. I really think even professional hobby fisherman (or women) can learn a great deal from this blog.

The Earth And Weather Space blog is awesome. I love her caption of the "Average Person that Likes To Have Their Head in the Clouds" .The pictures and information here is just spectacular. She once again caught my interest with this blog as I am very interested in space exploration. It is evident that a great deal of time and research was put into this blog. WOW!!

All Kinds Of Information LURKS Here in this blog. Here, you will find a little of every thing in large amounts of life, nature, and so much more. A very practical, informative and well written blog that touches on so many things. The information one will find on this blog can be serious, humorous, and the A to Z of daily life as she sees it. The pictures she has placed here are just beautiful. I WANT her camera.

In ending, thank you Michele for commenting on my blog. I am so glad you did for many reasons. And one of the main reasons is because it has given me the wonderful opportunity to visit your beautifully written blogs and share it with my readers. I really applaud you for such excellent blog material, which is evident that you have spent much time and consideration, research and though before placing them on the Internet.


  1. Oh, thank you, my friend, for the beautiful dedication to my blogs. It was so well written, you had me blushing tremendously. It's great to meet folks that love fishing as much as my husband and I do. We spend almost every moment that we are not working, in the outdoors ejoying the fresh air and the beautiful sights of nature. It's so peaceful and serene.
    I thank you so very much for your kind words and you will be sure I will come to visit often to see how you are doing. I hope you are doing better after the last time we met in that sad post. Remember, it is ok to post about your personal life if you need to... we are friends and we care.

  2. this is an awesome blog here girlfriend.. I was truly spell bound by your words...you have to start to use PPP ... you have PR of 3 already ...wow awesome