Saturday, August 04, 2007

Are we really alone in this Vast Universe?

Of course this is an age old question, and a puzzle among mankind, and there are theories for and against the question of are we alone in the Universe. We have heard stories or watched movies where little green men walked around with their pear shaped heads and their beady eyes, bringing horror and havoc to those they encountered. We are all familiar with the movie ET of an adorable alien, and all he really wanted was to phone home. Thousands of books have been written addressing this very question, and I am sure thousands more will probably be written.

I wonder if one day with all the technology that we have, or will have, that these question will finally be answered. Personally, I hope we are not alone and I have many reasons why I think we are not alone in the Universe. This type of thinking has a tendency to upset some Christians as it goes against what they were taught to believe in according to the bible. This really does not bother me that much though, as I am agnostic, actually closer to atheist. But, I am a huge believer in history and science. Personally, I think it would be arrogant of me to think that there is no other intelligent life in such a vast universe. Science has already proven that there is some type of life on other planets, and new planets are discovered each time we turn around. For example,
Earth-Sized Planet Discovered in the Habitable Zone. And I really believe that with the universe so enormous that we have not even begun to really know or touch on what all is out there, and what it will bring to our future lives, or at least to the future lives of our descendants. Science many times has touched on the possibility that is some form of intelligent life outside the realms of our world as we know it.

Spend some time viewing
Ancient Mysteries, and try to explain to yourself how these mysteries came about and why they can never be totally explained. Is there a possibility that some other higher intelligent life had something to do with this? Ancient Art is by far one of the best sites that I visited that covers pretty much the same questions that I have about life outside our universe.

Giordano Bruno, who was an Italian monk over 400 years ago wrote "In space there are numberless earths circling around other suns, which may bear upon them creatures similar or even superior to those upon our human Earth." Sadly for him, he was burnt at the stake in 1600 while in Rome. I wonder what made him write this. Did he know something we did not know or was it just a guess, as it could possibly prove in the future to be a good guess.

This link of
Unknown Geoglyphs taken also from the Ancient Mysteries link is mind boggling to me. These images were discovered once airplanes came into our lives. How and why did these people construct such things, especially knowing that they could only really be seen and realized if one saw it from above, and I don't think this was done just impress the birds. Take a few minutes to look at Intaglios~Blythe's Giant Figures , another mystery that is best viewed from the air.

And then of course there are the crop circles that we have all heard or read about, or have seen documentaries on. Many have explained these as done by earth life forms, but there are just so many and found in numerous places. I believe that many probably were done by people that wanted to fool the public at large, but I am not completely convinced that all of them were done by life forms on earth.
Crop Circle Connector is a large site that has a great deal of information, history, pictures and much more on crop circles. A definite site to visit if you are curious about this phenomenon.

There is just so many amazing sites and so much history that still cannot be explained concerning the possibility of other intelligent life, and I have just hit on a few of the examples in reference to life forms outside our world.

Are we really alone in the Universe? hmmmm

And with all that said, I leave Here's Looking at You, Universe, an excellent write about what is going on at NASA and what other planets have been discovered. Nothing really about aliens, or intellegent life, but still a most excellent read.


  1. I've heard theories that the Egyptians were from another planet or at least were influenced by otherworldly visitors. To this day, the pyramids continue to perplex researchers as to exactly how the people did it without the aid of modern tools.

    I believe that life exists on other planets and I think that they have visited here on many occasions. There is so much real estate in the universe that I really would be surprised if we were the only ones here. I often wonder how people would react if aliens did visit us and made formal contact. Would we welcome them with open arms or cocked guns?

    About the Christianity disavowing the alien theory. I've run into that also. One time I was told that aliens did not exist and that even if they did that god would prevent them from coming here because this was OUR home. Even as a Christian, it didn't make sense to me that an omnipotent god would only create life on one planet and leave the others just kinda hanging out there.

    Good post. I bookmarked the links so I could read them more in-depth later.

  2. Hi Daria,

    Thanks for the comment. And you are right on the theories of Egyptians. Jim and I have over a hundred documentaries, and a great deal of them are on Egyptians, especially ancient mysteries of Egypt and Egyptians. They are just mind boogling.

    Jim and I discuss the possibility of intellegent life a great deal, and one of our conversations are the possibility that they are of higher intellegence of us, and our human life are experiements they draw data from. I know it sounds so far fetched to even think that, but so much about the things we have watched give us reason to at least theorize it. If aliens do decide to visit, I would hope that we would welcome them with open arms, yet I am sure many would not feel that way. Remember what happened with the original radio broadcast of WAR OF THE WORLDS by Wells? I would think people would react somewhat like that, even if they came with out threatening harm.

    Good point you made about Christians disavowing the alien theory.

    BTW, I added one more link to the end of the blog and it is really an excellent read.