Sunday, July 22, 2007


Not long ago, Daria Black nominated me for THE THINKING BLOG AWARD, which really made my day, as I guess this means I make people think. Well, at least I make her think, and that is one of my goals of my blogs. To make people think! For more information on Thinking Blog Awards and how it was born, or originated, click here.

Now, I need to list 5 other blogs and give them the same award, which is really difficult for me to do, as there are just so many blogs out there that I enjoy and that make me think. In all reality, it took me several days to decide who I wanted to present this award to and why. I agree when Daria said, and I quote

"When I read blogs, I think about the person who wrote it. I think about not only what they wrote about but how they wrote it and why. In my mind, I create an image of them as the person behind the blog. This not only helps me to understand them (the blogger) as a person better but it also contributes to my understanding of humanity in general and, consequently and quite selfishly, help me create better characters because of what I’ve learned."

I pretty much feel this same way, but she just says it so much better than I could.

The blogs I have chosen are numbered, and the numbers really mean nothing or in anyway reflects that I like one blog over another, as they all are wonderful. Also, the ones I listed, I cannot expect them to list five blogs themselves, as some of these blogs are very busy doing other things, or they just might not wish to continue listing other blogs themselves, which I understand and appreciate.

Geri's Journal ~ Geri's Journal is a blog that deals with cancer (Tumor) and is pretty much a daily journal so that others that know and love Geri can keep up with her progress. This blog makes me think about how one deals with cancer, medical ups and downs, family love and support, life in general, and how we deal individually with our own thoughts when it comes to unexpected health issues. It really is a wonderful blog, and if anyone that has cancer or tumors, or knows anyone that has these health issues, I would recommend this blog for reading and thinking. I found out about this blog from a high school friend of mine, telling me about Geri's blog. Geri and I went to high school together and Geri lived across the street from me in a small town in Alabama. I care a great deal about Geri, and I think she has pretty much licked her medical problem, which makes this blog also an inspiration to others. (Hugs Geri!)

Devrie MySpace~Saraswati Understudy ~ Devrie's Blog always makes me think. She is very intelligent and an excellent writer and poet. I meet Devrie a few years ago, and have continued to keep up with her, as I always enjoy seeing what she has written. She writes about anything and everything that has to deal with life. She covers many subjects and has a unique writing style that gives the readers the ability to view her writing as if a picture was in front of them. She never leaves me confused about what she writes about and she always leaves me thinking about it.

EOPC Cyberppaths ~ Cyberpaths is a blog that I read everyday as it deals so much with what my goal is with Cyberstakers~What Lies Beneath. I get a great deal of my ideas from this wonderful blog. This blog is always well written and extremely educational and helpful when it comes to Internet Predators and how to deal with them. It is always news worthy and has helped hundreds of people. It is one of the most important and vital blogs I have ever seen on the Internet. Trust me, if anyone reads this blog, they will always go away thinking about it.

Sneakeasy's Joint ~ Kiril's blog is just over 5 years old, and covers many subjects from everyday living, religion, politics, family, hiking, etc. There is always something to read on his blog that makes me think! He also is an avid biker (bicycle) and if I remember correctly, he does not even own a car. His 4 year old BikeBlog, The Cycling Dude, is full of his stories about cycling in Southern CA., & his opinions on cycling issues, and is one of the premiere resources online for cycling links. Kiril and I meet back in 2004 when we both belonged to a poetry site, and became friends. Kiril is an excellent writer, and on Sneakeasy has shared his creative writing, and poetry, and is very expressive and thought provoking in all that he writes about. When visiting his blog, make sure you look on the side bar for CATEGORIES, as I am sure readers will find many things that are of interest to them. Excellent thinking blog.

Figmeant Writing Studio and Community ~ This blog was designed by Daria Black and is filled with writing tools and tips to help others get published. It is full of excellent information, educational sources and ideas in efforts to help writers. And it is so well put together with much thought and time. If you are wanting help with your writing skills or need information, then this is the site you should explore and expand on. An excellent thinking site, and one I expect to see much growth in. A must read and bookmark as far as I am concerned. Daria, please correct me if I am wrong, but I classified this as a writing blog. If it is not a blog, too bad, as I really wanted to award THE THINKING BLOG back to you on this wonderful site.

Well, that is the end of my list of five wonderful blogs that I have chosen for THE THINKING BLOG AWARD. I highly suggest that all readers check these blogs our, especially if you need something to think about. If you see duplicates of this, it just means that you have visited both of my blogs, as I decided to place this blog on both sites.


  1. Sorry so late but I wanted to thank you for the award back especially for the writing site. Finally getting it up and going was a long process but worthwhile when people and my friends especially find the information there of value.

    Thanks again Mrs. Fabulous!


  2. You are more than welcome Daria. And I forgot to add in my blog THANK YOU for nominating me. It really made me happy.


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  4. Thank you! I am honored!

    You have come a long way since the last time I checked you out, and it shows your growth as both a Blogger, and a writer.

  5. Just a note for readers who might be confused by the lack of links in my sidebar, after the glowing review by Kate:

    Part of being a "Thinking" Blogger, though, involves evaluating where you are, and where you want to go.

    People visiting Sneakeasy will find a recent scarcity of posts, but let me say there is a reason.

    People will notice that my cat, creative writing, genealogy, and other link collections are missing, and I apologize.

    Change is coming, and this change is good, as I leave the politics & war coverage, to people with more time, and resources than I & focus on my writing, and other interests, and opinions.

  6. devrie1:33 PM

    Wowie, you are so awesome! Great choices.

    I feel kind of funny now, though, with all my political jargon on my blog. I feel like I have a hidden agenda...and maybe I do. he he

    Thank you!!

    ..and it's great to see these bloggers again.