Monday, October 16, 2006


This is ZOSHA, a 2 year old mix breed of pit bull, Pomeranian and lab! She belongs to our youngest daughter, which we have custody of her right now! (The dog, not the 21 year old daughter who lives where no dogs are allowed at the time!) Zosha is fat, dumb and happy, and sleeps and snores a lot on our back porch! Why? Because she is pregnant! Pictured below!!

Meet Silas & Precious! Parents of Zosha!
Silas is 3 years old, has a great deal of pit bull in him, and goodness who knows what else! Precious is 7 years old and her mother was 100% Pomeranian and her dad was a lab!

Precious is also fat, dumb and happy right now! As pretty evident below, she is also pregnant! She got this way 3 days before ZOSHA! (When it comes to luck, we must not have any, as both these dang dogs went into heat at the same time!!!!)

Silas is the king of the dogs! And father of both the girl dogs! When Silas is not sleeping, he is doing something that causes us alarm! Always! Although he is 3 years old, he still chews everything in site pretty much, and has taken over as number one in the family! That includes Jim and I! Why did we let this happen?

And if that ain't bad enough, just throw in the fact that all three dogs are alpha dogs! Especially Silas! Don't let anyone tell you that female dogs cannot be ALPHA dogs, especially if they are in heat or pregnant!

Zosha and Precious, even though they are mother and daughter, hate each other, and we have the destruction and scars to prove this! And each day, we play what seems to me like "musical chairs" to keep them from killing each other. Letting the dogs out to do their business is not an easy chore at all!! And a few times we have not succeeded, and had to save the dogs from ripping each others throat out! Twice we have had to yell at our daughters while the dogs were fighting that THROWING WATER ON THEM DOES NOT WORK!! Doing so just makes the dogs wet and smelly like a wet carpet! (Even our grown daughters, both pass the age of 21 had to try this at least once, because they saw that it worked on a movie!)

When Precious was young, she was just as sweet as pie and loving to all animals, even cats as evident in the pictures below!

When she had puppies of her own and she was tired, she was very patient, but now, with them being pregnant together, (mother and daughter) she displays the theory of EATING HER OWN YOUNG!!

This is what our back porch looks like now! (Actually, I love it, as it gave it more personality I think! Thanks dogs!) Before it was just cheap screen that has had to be repaired several times over, as if one dog was out in the yard, while the other locked in the back porch, they discovered that they could just jump through the screen! ARRG!

Katie has been busy SEWING SCREENS of all things!

And now, I have to sew again it seems as SOME DOG (Precious while she was outside) decided to eat through the screen, only to realize she could not eat the wood on the other side! As evident below!

Of course my husband, needing to do many things with a new move, still shakes his head that he had to pretty much put everything on hold while he cut and placed boards on our back porch so that the female dogs could not kill each other!!!
And Silas did not make things easy for anyone! He had to always be a part of the fight, never even thinking about whom he was sticking up for. He just had to get involved. Sometimes he stuck up for Precious, and sometimes Zosha. I think it depended on who was closest when he got involved!

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Well, Silas knows how to open doors by denting the door knobs with his teeth so that he is able to turn the door knob! (We are in the process of ordering glass door knobs now!)

For readers that know some of our history of our move of the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY, well, this falls under the bad and the ugly, and I have scars on my finger from a fight to prove this!! (and it is just now healing!)

But, with trial and error, things are getting better, and we have come up now with a pretty good routine of letting the dogs out to do their business without a fight!
Anybody want a puppy? They are due in 4 more weeks, and would make a great Christmas gift!!

I am thinking about putting a sign out in front of our house once they are age enough to give away that reads "FREE PUPPIES, and take the MOTHER'S & DAD TOO!!"
I could never do that, and if nothing explains anything better to me ever, it does now for my sanity! Once this ordeal is over, SPADE and NEUTER as soon as possible and hope we can survive!

I realize that it has been a long time since I have blogged, and have wanted to save the world from certain people, but right now, I am enjoying my new home and adjusting to "the country living" not to mention the dogs! (this is all new to them also, so I just have to smile and say OK! Choking them seems easier, but I love my dogs, and my life, and will get back to other things when I fill fit and good for me.)

In ending, is a picture of Silas not long after we got him, and his eyes are still close to this color of blue! Also is a poem I wrote about him that still fits pretty much today!!

Silas~Our Grown Up Puppy

Silas is our grown up puppy, with a
Long black wagging tail!
He makes us warm in bed, reluctantly
As we want the room as well.

Honestly, though, he puts smiles on our face,
And expects some embrace. Which he gets, even with my fits.
As we get older, our children still make their place~
And he also, does with his bark, his speak.

His bark is loud and obvious,
But his body language is louder.
Curling securely between legs, with the comfort of warm,
Makes you somehow forget fleas, but instead
Reaching love in emotions with pets.

Who am I kidding? Sweet dog kisses and slobbers on the face,
And anger with chewed up clothes, shoes~
And things you once embraced.
Anger and frustration, entered with Silas,
Or your pet as well, and their name or names! But love!

He is just a dog, and became somewhat my baby, my child
And the life of what I live with my husband. Who actually loves him as much as I.
Silas depends on us, and we, as him as well.
Never do we have to worry about what he has to tell.
His tail does that, and in his own way, his emotions as well.

His story is written with a wag of a tail,
And a wet ear, that has to be wiped off as well.
Or of a slobbered face, those kisses do tell.
Just a dog, a companion, and a child as well.
Only Silas can tell, and we listen!!

So, it is as we grow older~
That we let the ones that cannot speak tell us~
Of how we deal with our lives, and think about and
What our loved pets teach us!

Silas, our hero, in so many ways, saved
Us from depression in many days.
Kept us sane, while we thought we were going insane!
The story pets can tell!
And we should listen, and LISTEN well.

@Katie Fairchild
Jan. 7, 2005


  1. Wow, the dented door knob... wow...

  2. I can't imagine having two animals in heat at the same time!

    The door knob was pretty impressive, though. Did he learn how to do that all by himself?


  3. what an adventure...I'm glad you saved me from giving you some sound advise on preventing more puppies!!! LOL... Nice looking dogs...our daughter's boyfriend has a pit bull/mix who is sooo friendly and loveable. sooo, what else is new, Katie...LOL!!!