Wednesday, October 18, 2006


My husband found this site and it is just amazing and will freak you out. Really neat since it is close to Halloween. You have just got to try it!! It only takes a second, but you will do it over and over again, as you just cannot believe it! Do computers now read minds or your thoughts?



  1. (Katie, I have no idea how many times you may be getting this, but just put up whichever one you want (or none of them). I'm so sick of blogger and their damn down time, that I'm thinking it's time to find a new home for the old blog. My blood pressure can't handle the stress of trying to keep things updated when I can't even log on. grrr)On to my comment on your blog post:

    That was fun. However... it's an old math trick. You'll notice a pattern in the symbols, as well as a pattern in all the numbers you get when you use them (they're all divisible by nine). Since every possible answer is a product of nine, each of those numbers will have the same symbol.

    Still, it's fun. It was a bit startling when the laughter came up. I was wearing headphones at the time! LOL

  2. Katie and Karen... noticed the down time as happens at night here... but get this: I also can't log into myspace, or yahoo 360...silence speaks...etc. I think traffic is getting out of hand. Many people are putting tons of videos, etc on their sites. Dunno if this is the problem. But it's definitely not just Blogspot!!!
    We watched MathNet w/kids...and absolutely loved things like this... this is What computers are alll about!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing, Kats!!
    Ps...if you guys want to read some new stories of mine... check out my account @ FW.. ; }

  3. Hi Ms. Karen & Mid,

    I replied to this myself a few days ago, and like both of you mentioned, problems occured. I thought it went through, and then when I realized it had not, I just pretty much said CRAP and walked away.

    I want to apologize for not commenting on yours and other blogs. I have just gotten so wrapped up in something I am working on, plus the new house. I think I need a schedule to do things at certain times for better organization.

    Ms. Karen, it is funny that you mentioned it was a math trick, as my husband spent hours trying to figure this out, and actually did after a long time with help from our daughter. The trick is sneaky, as each time you do it, it changes symbols. Now, that is smart.

    Mid, I am hoping to go read all your stories soon. I just love reading your stories.