Saturday, September 30, 2006

Connected By Love And Life

I got an email today from my sister that a friend of ours had passed away from cancer yesterday. It was one of those swift cancers, where he died not long after he was diagnosed. My sister knew him much better than I did as they had been friends for 25 years. They went to the same Unitarian Universalist church for years, which is also where I knew him from. He was a super guy, and he will be missed.

My sister said that she saw him the morning before he died, and sang him a popular Unitarian Universalist song called Connections. It has a beautiful thought. It goes like this,

There is something between us that words can't define.
Existing in memory and outside of time.

Though we just can't forget with the passing of days,
There's still a connection that won't slip away.

CHORUS~ We're connected by love, we're connected by life, we're connected by stories and tears in the night. We're connected by memories, connected by friends. Feel deep the connection made strong once again.

I have opened myself to the sound of the lute
and where once I heard chatter, right now I am mute.
Rejecting the noise of the usual hour,
I feel in the stillness this union of ours.
(and then the chorus again)

She said it comforted him she thought. I think it probably did also.

Goodbye my friend, many are going to remember and miss you.



  1. Aww Katie, I'm sorry. This is beautiful though. I think when people are dying they fear they will be forgotten so I'm sure the song did comfort him and I'm glad your sister was there to sing it to him. Big hugs :)

  2. Katie, I'm so sorry to hear you lost a friend. But I love the song your sister sang to him. I hope it gave you the comfort it no doubt gave him (and your sister).

  3. Thanks guys for the comments. He really was a super guy. I have not seen him in years, but my sister kept up with him. Actually, they dated for several years before she met her husband of 16 years now. They stayed good friends. This guy was a big man, and in her email, she said he had gotten down to 100 pounds. I just could not picture it. She said he did not suffer much pain, and I was so happy to hear that.